Paragon of Sin

Chapter 675 - 670: Dangers Of The Dark Void

Two months later. 

Wei Wuyin lazily slept on Bai Lin ’s side, comfortably wrapped around her warm wing. The heat emitted from those feathers of hers was incredibly soothing. Only when one was nestled between them would they be able to truly enjoy such a fantastic feeling. 

Bai Lin ’s breathing was steady, and her eyes were closed in a calm sleep. The man and beast rested atop an earthen sphere that floated within the void-blank space, sitting upon the motherlode of treasures.

The horrific dangers of the Dark Void, especially within the void-blank space, was numerous, but the two were completely unfazed by such dangers. The earthen shell that kept the Terra-Mystic Ore rotated in the same location. Furthermore, Wei Wuyin had an absurd amount of Karmic Luck Value, he didn ’t believe that staying mostly stationary would provoke any calamities that could threaten them.

While the Heavenly Daos were fooled on a regular basis, not being entirely reliable, but when it came to keeping their Blessed safe from the worldly forces without extreme variables, it could be praised with applause. They hadn ’t come across a single abnormal event since arriving.

Soon, a figure flew through the Dark Void and raced towards the earth sphere with purpose. The figure arrived at the earthen sphere, its aura vigorous. This prompted Bai Lin to open its eyes, regarding the figure and then giving a slight snort. She closed her eyes, unconcerned.

Wei Wuyin was awakened by the aura ’s approach, a hint of dissatisfaction between his brows. For cultivators of his level, especially with his level of mental energies, sleep was an irrelevant act except during times of severe mental exhaustion. However, it was relaxing to dream.

In your dreams, you could be anything, do everything or anyone, and have the happiest of endings. To have such dreams disturbed, anyone would be a little frustrated. 

”Young Lord… ” Wu Yu was unable to say a single thing at the lazily, sleepy glare he received from Wei Wuyin or the utter disregard from Bai Lin. That creature that was just a mere crane he could squash with a thought even in his spiritual form had truly grown into its own. Her aura and size had grown, doubled for the latter, and more unfathomable for the former. 

There was a feeling of danger when she locked her gaze on him, but it was as brief as her glance. This instinctual feeling wasn ’t dismissed by him. He truly regarded Bai Lin as a being that could threaten his life. In comparison, the three Ascended hadn ’t even tickled his instincts despite his severely exhausted and weakened state. 

Wei Wuyin softly sighed, wiping off the sleep in his eyes and stretching his muscles that were covered in hexagonal scales. Bai Lin tactfully removed her wing, giving Wei Wuyin his freedom. Rising, he walked towards Wu Yu.

”Took you long enough. What happened? ” He didn ’t expect that Wu Yu ’s tasks would take him two months. Furthermore, he didn ’t expect Wu Yu would fly here by himself. 

Wu Yu had a bitter smile, ”I did as you wanted, but it was a little complicated. I had to participate in a brief conflict between the Golden Life Pavilion Branches. ” There was a hint of disgruntled emotion within his tone. It wasn ’t directed at Wei Wuyin, but another.

”Participate in a conflict? ” Wei Wuyin was taken aback.

Wu Yu explained, ”When I arrived at New Everlore, I made my way to the Endless Prosperity Domain through a series of Void Portals. After all, the territory of the Aeternal Sky Starfield is massive and I wouldn ’t dare travel openly. When I did, I realized there was an ongoing civil conflict between the branches of the Golden Life Pavilion. 

”The conflict seemed to have the First and Third Branches facing the Main and Second Branches, fighting for some controlling rights. The details are quite iffy, and I wasn ’t able to gather the full picture, but a competition was held by the two Earthly Saints of the Golden Life Pavilion. It included the junior talents to the senior powerhouses. They could even invite foreign experts to participate.

”When I arrived, I had been pulled into it. They wanted me to fight to represent the Soul of Mysticism category. They even put me in a disguise and heralded me as your Envoy. I was clearly pulled into a scheme to represent you and they didn ’t try to hide it. ” 

Wei Wuyin interjected, ”You won? ”

Wu Yu grinned, ”Win? That might be understating the outcome. Haha. Don ’t worry, I didn ’t bring shame to your name. ”

Wei Wuyin nodded. It would be a little humiliating to suffer a loss without being present, even if it was through a proxy. 

”It wasn ’t just me. That Ma Zheng of yours acted. I ’ve never seen such a powerful being before. He devastated his opponent in such a manner that I felt embarrassed for that Demi-Mortal Lord. If you saw it, you ’d understand.

”The competition took a long time to complete and settle. The First and Third Branches suffered considerable losses in the junior competitions, but they still eked out some salvation by forcing a stalemate through some archaic rule. ” Wu Yu ’s gaze became strange as he said the last sentence, looking at Wei Wuyin oddly. 

Wei Wuyin felt something was off. ”What was the rule? ” 

Wu Yu awkwardly laughed, ”The rule is specifically allowed in the case of a team winning the Mystic Ascendant category but losing the majority. The final victor can be determined by an All-Alchemic Clash. ”

”An All-Alchemic Clash? ” Wei Wuyin realized where Wu Yu ’s expression stemmed from. As if to echo his thoughts, Wu Yu continued: ”Yes. It ’ll be settled by the Mortal Sovereign Alchemists of the two sides. The reaction of the Main and Second Branch was quite vivid, even distorted into ugly sights. It was amusing. After all, the First and Third Branch had used your name. That Ma Zheng is quite shameless. ”

”… ” He hadn ’t even set foot on the Aeternal Sky Starfield, and he was being drawn into some civil conflict? The Golden Life Pavilion was to prove themselves to him, not embroil him in these troubles. 

”What ’s the purpose of all this? ” Wei Wuyin felt this was such an odd move on Ma Zheng ’s part. Perhaps it was a matter that was a long time coming, and his existence had only accelerated things. However, he wasn ’t sure what all this was for. To obtain ruling rights to the Golden Life Pavilion? Feels like this would splinter the entire pavilion into two. 

Wu Yu was swift in his reply: ”You ’ll be quite surprised. It ’s all to obtain a unique treasure! ”

”Oh? ” Now this was surprising! He had thought it was an attempt to seize the rights to rule or take leadership of the Golden Life Pavilion, not for a treasure. The term treasure wasn ’t used lightly in the cultivation world. Because it didn ’t relate to just some absurdly powerful weapon or exceptional tool, but an item of unfathomable means.

While in the Scarlet Solaris Sect, everyone had assumed that he was in possession of a cultivation treasure due to his rapid advancements and high battle prowess. Of course, it was only attributed to his lucky chances from the Heavenly Daos, hard work, and comprehensive talent. 

”What ’s special about this treasure? ” 

Wu Yu shook his head, ”I don ’t know. All I know is that its a treasure. Even its origins are concealed, and I tried to pry it from their lips, but they were tightly sealed on the matter. Ma Zheng did say that if you arrived, he ’d have no issue informing you. ” 

”They ’re not expecting me to arrive? ” Wei Wuyin was confused. They used his name, but what Wu Yu had just said suggested that Ma Zheng wasn ’t relying on him. Was there another play involved? Was this competition even important?

Wu Yu smiled at seeing Wei Wuyin ’s thoughtful expression, ”I thought the same. It seems to be a perfectly performed smokescreen. An incredibly powerful one too as the Golden Life Pavilion branches are deeply focused on this matter. It seems that Ma Zheng isn ’t so simple. ”

Wu Yu proceeded to explain the details of the competition, informing him that the All-Alchemic Clash wasn ’t for some time. Three years, in fact. This gave him plenty of time to decide if he wanted to participate. However, this competition was likely far from vital for Ma Zheng ’s final plot. 

”Here, all the materials and even more. Ma Zheng didn ’t skimp on the supply. ” Wu Yu handed him a spatial ring filled with astral-graded materials, enough to fill a small world realm. It was varied and vast. He was startled for a moment. The amount of resources here exceeded the Elementus Cache. There were some materials he didn ’t even recognize. 

Ma Zheng had happily supplied Wei Wuyin resources. This especially included materials meant for the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill. His intentions were abundantly clear. Likely this amount of wealth was insignificant to the Golden Life Pavilion as a whole. The desire to obtain the full support of the Golden Life Pavilion was growing.

”Maybe I should participate, if only to strengthen Ma Zheng ’s position. It might help his plans along, ” Wei Wuyin contemplated. The moment this thought formed in his mind, he furrowed his brows. What if Ma Zheng ’s plan was for him to arrive? No…it shouldn ’t be.

Wu Yu ’s arrival through the Dark Void hadn ’t been deliberately done. He would ’ve preferred using Wei Wuyin ’s Void Portal, but the Bing Clan had noticed him somehow. They were demanding answers, so he absconded away using the Golden Life Pavilion ’s Void Portal, reaching the Treasured Light Starfield and made his way over. However, he assured Wei Wuyin that there was no evidence of his crime or identity being leaked. They were suspecting him based on his strength, nothing more.

When Wei Wuyin heard this, his expression became sullen. The Bing Clan now had suspicions. 

Regardless, Wu Yu was now here. He could leave the Terra-Mystic Ore in his possession. Without this mountain on his shoulders, he was free to travel as he willed. 

”Where will you be going? ” Wu Yu couldn ’t help but ask. Could he be venturing to the Aeternal Sky Starfield? 

”At first, I was going to, but… ” 

Wei Wuyin looked at his right arm. Six days ago, he received that familiar sting. 

Karmic Luck Value: 15,138.1 → 14,220.5.

First Calamity: Survived – 7/7.

Second Calamity: Claimed – 1/1.

Third Calamity: Suppressed – 43 Years.

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