Paragon of Sin

Chapter 664 - 659: Grand Knight

were entrapped within a mass of ferocious might that threatened to crush them, so they couldn ’t even use Time Reversion to heal their injuries or use other means.

They banded together to resist. Venerable Slayingsword was barely staying alive, so it was all up to Venerable Bluecloud and Venerable Kun Yiming. Fortunately, the two survived. 

Wu Yu analyzed the environment and combat of wind energies. He observed the area, realizing these cultivators were violently fighting for the benefits the wind energies possessed. When he saw that the planet had vanished, his eyes betrayed his immense shock. 

”What?! ” Venerable Bluecloud exclaimed, a surge of spiritual power caused him to wince in pain. However, his eyes maintain themselves at the scene before him. The planet that held the Terra-Mystic Ore had vanished, replaced by twisting wind energies?!

And their subordinates were fighting each other for it?! What the…

Venerable Kun Yiming ’s eyes were focused on Venerable Slayingsword, a melancholic light suffused her gentle gaze. There was a hint of sadness, and she cared little for the ensuing developments as the body of Venerable Slayingsword was slowly dying.

Venerable Bluecloud turned to her to see what she thought of this, but what he saw was that she was entirely unconcerned by any of it, her focus was completely elsewhere. When he saw that familiar light in her eyes, he lowered his head slightly. No wonder she trusted him to join them for such a heavy fortune and returned after his foolish decision to continue his attack. She even sacrificed so much to protect him in the end.

He softly sighed.

Wu Yu didn ’t care about their relationships. He was going to interrogate them after checking out the planet after not finding Wei Wuyin on the Voidships. But witnessing this scene, he couldn ’t help but laugh out loud. Was it a test? Was he a decoy? 

But there wasn ’t a hint of dissatisfaction in his eyes. There was comfort in his heart knowing that Wei Wuyin was unharmed and safe. In fact, he was orchestrating things entirely. He brought him here from across starfields just to steal a planet from beneath the noses of three Ascended. 

Still, he was going to ask for some rewards for this act. Knowing Wei Wuyin, he might not even need to ask. However, now he had a problem. Turning to the three Ascended caught by him, he contemplated killing them off entirely. 

However, these three aren ’t useless Mystic Ascendants. While he was exhausted and his means limited, the fact they forced him to invoke his Demi-Mystic State told of their strength and ability. After all, just his raw power was sufficient to stomp out most ordinary Mystic Ascendants at the Second Stage, the Soul of Mysticism Phase, with relative ease.

It took them quite a bit of resources, talent, and effort to cultivate to this point. It ’ll be a waste not to outright kill them. While he didn ’t doubt Wei Wuyin ’s ability to recruit them, it was always best to negotiate in a dominating position.

Wu Yu wrenched the chains, tightening around their bodies causing groans to echo out. ”You all might have a chance to live. Perhaps even thrive, but we ’ll see if you have the awareness to do so. ” After saying those words, he directly sealed their Sea of Consciousnesses, rendering them unconscious.

Looking at the fighting ongoing, he contemplated for a moment. He formed a hand-seal. He expelled a wad of cyan-colored gas from his mouth. It slowly transformed into an incarnation of himself. 

The incarnation stared at the fighting and sighed. With an explosive burst, it started to intervene to ensure no lives were outright lost in the battles. While they might all be killed later, he had to make sure none of them escaped just yet. With a wave of his hand, a spatial ripple surged out for a hundred thousand miles. 

He directly sealed all spiritual transmissions, incoming and outgoing, only allowing messages from himself or carrying Wei Wuyin ’s aura.

After doing all this, he heaved out a heavy breath. He was pushed a little too far. Even his incarnation was only as strong as the weakest Mystic Star Phase cultivator. Fortunately, it could still curb the crowd. 

’Tolling away for your benefit. Once a Grand Monarch, now a Grand Knight. It isn ’t so bad. ’ Wu Yu couldn ’t help but reflect upon his life. He was a nobody until he met the King of Everlore. With his family ’s ancient inheritance and the King of Everlore ’s support, he rose to become a being beyond Mortal Limits, ruling an entire starfield, and being unrivaled for billions of miles. 

His confidence soared and he refused to follow the King of Everlore to venture for better pastures. His overconfidence led to his eventual downfall as he failed his Third Ascension, losing his body and being forced to survive in a ring for thousands of years. 

Now, he was once again alive with his potential amplified. Humbled by his failure, he swore to himself to never allow his superiority complex to drive him to failure. Only after coming to the Aeternal Sky Starfield, learning about the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, did he finally realize how stupid he truly was. 

The fact he could even become a Mystic Ascendant in such a backwater, desolate location like the Desolate Dragnet Stellar Region was only because of the King of Everlore. The limitations of the environment were terrifyingly strict. 

Wu Yu had thought that with his might, his unrivaled power, he could ascend alone. He was so, so, so wrong. There were far too many Mystic Ascendants far, far stronger than him at the time in this stellar region and yet they either horribly failed or could never progress.

That being said, he was confident that in this richer environment beneath a Mystic Radiance Belt, his chances to ascend would elevate considerably. Yet he would never abandon his alchemist again, especially someone with outstanding potential to push him beyond the limits of environment or innate talent. Even if it meant no longer being a Monarch that ruled over the world.

One day, Han Yuhei and all the other top figures of the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region will look up to him in awe, reverence, and fear. And that, that was enough.

Twiing! Twiing!

The familiar alerting sound of a spiritual message via a spatial ring ’s formation resounded.. Wu Yu inspected the incoming message with a cheerful smile.

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