Paragon of Sin

Chapter 663 - 658: Vanishing Planet

te brilliance. The light lasered into the planet ’s crust, containing a penetrative power that permeated thoroughly.

Wei Wuyin ’s plan was simple yet outrageous to even conceive. After finding the mystic-graded ore and the earth it inhibited, he realized that it was impossible to seal it using Void Crystallization, and considering other factors, the act of mining it would be extremely difficult. 

He didn ’t have that much time. However, thanks to Bai Lin ’s act of confidently consuming the unknown without much qualms or fear, he inadvertently discovered that the ore and earth weren ’t the same—the earth was mortal-grade, the ore was mystic-grade. 

After taking a piece, he analyzed that normal earth closely, and while he was unable to sense the existence of the ore, finding it beyond his means as an Astral Core Cultivator, he was capable of interfacing with the mortal-grade earth surrounding it. In fact, it contained the natural earthen energies of any planet.

While slightly denser, a little more durable, earth was earth in his eyes. And there laid the idea. After using his senses to perceive the qualities of the layers of earth, he discovered a network of absence by elimination. While the ore contained earthen energies, the quality of such was still beyond him to exert any sort of control. This was likely due to the Mystic Essence or Mystic Intent infused heavily within, a power he hadn ’t yet grasped.

After a series of tests, he further discovered that he was unable to affect the mystic-grade ore with his Grand Earth Intent, an Apex-level Intent! So he tested his Elemental Origin Intent, but met the same obstacle, yet found out what he needed to know. 

He had confirmation. 

Now, he was going to put his idea into practice.


The inhabitants on the planet had their discussions cut short, their bodies noticing the increased vibrational activity beneath them. The experts flew upwards, sending their spiritual senses to the planet. 

”What ’s this?! ” A Timelord expert shouted, discovering that a light source was being spread widely throughout the surface of the planet. Its once lifeless, lightless surface was becoming brighter.

”Escape the planet! ” A Realmlord shouted in panic. They grabbed their lesser allied cultivators nearby, as many as possible, and shot into the vast Dark Void in a hurry. The cultivator felt that the Mystic Ascendant had returned, acting on the planet itself. 

It wasn ’t just him. The others still contemplating their plans were rushed into action. They grabbed whoever they could and took them out of the atmosphere, their Worldly Domains invoked to produce a sustainable environment for the others. They didn ’t even stop after breaking the atmospheric layer, shooting far off into the distance in a hurry. 

Who would dare to stay on a planet that could be subjected to any form of change or punishment by those who exceeded the Mortal Limits of cultivation?! Fear and panic overwhelmed them and their survival instincts kicked in. Some were even planning on begging for their lives, willing to swear extremely restrictive oaths if it meant being able to return to their families, bed their wives, and see their children again. 

However, what they saw after traveling for hundreds of miles, turning around out of just curiosity, shook them to their core. The entire planet was painted in white with multicolored flares. What was happening?

While they safely observed the changes, Wei Wuyin was clenching his teeth as his eyes shot forth rays of Elemental Origin Intent infused Elemental Shifting Primary Light. At the moment, Ori was stressed to its limits! 

He wasn ’t just coating the surface of the planet in his Elemental Origin Intent, but the entire planet from its core to its surface. There wasn ’t the slightest gap! He was exerting his entire cultivation base that he could. 

With a thunderous grunt, the light from his eyes thickened as it erupted into a beam of compressed power. He was shooting his elemental force into the planet now, pushing it all into the planet. 

There were many times where individuals would say that a certain World Sea was enough to engulf a planet many times over, but that was solely via a very thin layer, stretched to its limits. It was in the same manner that the skin of a human could stretch an unimaginable distance. 

But to actually fill an entire planet with astral force was an unimaginable feat that required an obscene amount of astral force. And with his four Astral Souls, he was pouring everything he had into it! With Ori as the central unit, the others provided it with all of their astral force. 

”Argh! ” Wei Wuyin shouted out. The act of pouring so much power out so quickly was extremely painful, his meridians had to withstand the continuous surge of astral force. If it wasn ’t for their reinforced state by countless alchemical products, he would certainly explode numerous times over. And if his draconic transformation wasn ’t evoked, his flesh wouldn ’t bear such an outpour of power. 

In the matter of seconds, the entire planet was tainted by his astral force, permeated in every nook and cranny imaginable. 

”Now! ” All four Astral Souls shouted out in a perfectly synchronized manner.

Reminded by them, Wei Wuyin explosively shouted and infused every last portion of his Elemental Origin Intent throughout the entirety of his astral force. With it spread everywhere, to every location through this power, he activated the unique aspect of the Elemental Origin Intent!

Elemental Shifting!



The planet of earth had exploded out into a torrential tempest of gusting wind, spawning into a series of gigantic spiraling currents!

But Wei Wuyin didn ’t stop there. His Celestial Eyes noted the still solid material present, about to be thrown wildly away by the torrents of wind.  The job wasn ’t done yet. 

He interacted with his Centralized Gravitational Mass, the Black Hole! The gravitational force within his body went into full effect! Those bits of ore were drawn to him at mind-blowing speeds! 

The others were unable to even understand what was happening before they were sent tumbling chaotically by the vicious windcurrents. When they regained their sense of balance and reorient themselves, they were shocked to discover that the planet…

Was gone….

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