Paragon of Sin

Chapter 661 - 656: An Attempt To Silence

felt his body, mind, and spirit concede without a single thought.

”You were all affected by his Spiritual Spell. Be wary, this man has terrifying spiritual power with a pervasive aura. ” Venerable Bluecloud said, exuding a multi-blue light that encapsulated the two. It was a spiritual ward mustered by his strongest spiritual power with his most intricate spell—the Sky-Shielding Spirit.

Wu Yu noticed this. ’He ’s a spirit-type cultivator. ’ A faint smile on his face. Cultivators like this specialized in spiritual spells, utilizing their spiritual strength in complicated and impressive ways. While their Spirit Units might not match their opponent, their usage of each individual Spirit Unit exceeded others, bringing out their greatest strength. 

Facing those of equivalent spiritual strength, their spells would absolutely devastate their opponents. Their adeptness at affecting the body, mind, and spirit, including the senses of all three, were dangerous.

Seeing themselves protected by Venerable Bluecloud ’s spell, their hearts eased and their eyes flared with a battle spirit that had been reignited. Their will to kill resurged! 

Venerable Slayingsword touched his spatial ring, bringing out a sheath that was quite curved. As he placed his hand on its hilt, touching the base, which was a spherical bottom, the Sword Intent from his eyes emanated ferociously outwards. It was incredibly sharp, absolutely lethal. 

With a low-shout, he pulled out his weapon to reveal a pulwar-type sword. Its curve was exquisite, its length exceeded three meters, and its edge was deadly. 


Wu Yu ’s eyes became serious. Sword Cultivators were always existences that required caution against. And that sword was definitely not simple, its design and length was something he hadn ’t seen before. 

Venerable Kun Yiming spread her arms apart, and a pair of silver-colored wings seemingly forged from flexible steel was conjured onto her back. Another mystic-grade armament! 

Venerable Bluecloud sat in a lotus position, a multi-blue cloud manifested beneath him. It was roughly ten meters in width and five meters in height, and solid enough to carry him. He formed a strange hand-seal, his eyes becoming entirely blue, from his sclera to his pupils. 

”Go! ” Venerable Kun Yiming acted first. Her speed was swift as she transformed into silver streaks of light, becoming thousands of identical clones as she blitzed across the distance of tens of thousands of meters in a matter of moments. 

Wu Yu ’s eyes widened slightly. With a step back, he shifted a thousand meters, then his eyes flared with spiritual light as he observed the thousands of streaks of light. His expression changed as he was unable to determine which was the real one at a single glance.


A sword howl resounded!

Wu Yu ’s mind felt a pressing danger incoming. A sharp feeling pressed against his neck and he hastily slammed his fist thunderously forward. A sword light at speeds even faster than Kun Yiming arrived before him, as if it was deliberately slamming against his fist, the two collided and his sleeves were sliced apart. 

Wu Yu didn ’t even flinch as his left hand was lacerated by the sword energy. He stepped forward this time, flickering towards one of the approaching clones of Kun Yiming. When he arrived, Kun Yiming ’s eyes widened in surprise as she hurriedly sent a fist forward in haste.

Wu Yu lanced his fist towards her with no mercy. It pierced through her fist, then impacted her face amidst her shocked expression, causing her skull to explode violently in a mess of blood, bone, and brain matter. However, upon seeing his attack go through, his expression changed as he felt over a thousand piercing lights pummel his broad back at the same time.

With a stuffy cough, he spat out a bit of shining blood and was sent barreling forward. His body became like a loose bag of sand as he spun and twisted chaotically through the Dark Void. The figure of Kun Yiming that was punched and seemingly killed earlier vanished into multi-blue light, taking the form of a blue cloud that spun and dissipated! 


The assault hadn ’t stopped! 

Venerable Slayingsword had taken this opportunity to follow-up on Kun Yiming and Bluecloud ’s joint deception and assault, using his curved blade to slice heavily towards Wu Yu. His entire body was engulfed by sword energies with intense Sword Intent as he shot towards Wu Yu ’s barreling form, getting closer. There was an indescribable power within that Intent, distinctively beyond Mortal Limits of normal Sword Intent.

Kun Yiming was mixed within thousands of clones that surrounded Wu Yu, following after him, and seemingly ready to support Slayingsword at the ready. Despite their hasty team-up, their actions were synced and well-executed. 

Bluecloud had a faint smile on his face as a long streak of sword energy bore down upon Wu Yu. If this connected, it would be lucky if he wasn ’t sliced in two. 

Wu Yu ’s aura was chaotic. Those eyes of his reflected the scene of endless stars, observing the sword energies that sought to claim his life. As it approached, he withdrew a book. A faint smirk formed on his lips. 

Venerable Bluecloud ’s eyes became unusually focused, tiny like needlepoints. He hurriedly sent out blue-colored spiritual light that pierced through the void at astonishing speeds like arrows, aiming not towards Wu Yu, but the attacking Venerable Slayingsword!

Venerable Slayingsword felt a wave of deadly crisis bombard his senses almost instantly. A fear pressed heavily against his heart as he tried to recall his sword energies that could split apart an entire planet, yet it was too late. He felt death was near.

Kun Yiming reacted instantly. She accelerated towards Venerable Slayingsword, her thousands of clones transforming into needles that violently shot towards Wu Yu. Her real form was revealed, but her speed was far, far greater than before!

Wu Yu noticed this, his expression unsightly as he twisted his body with finesse and ease, realigning himself and executing a movement art. With a shadowy flicker, he moved tens of thousands of miles away in a single breath. 

The needles pierced where he was, missing him entirely. The blue spiritual light swirled around Venerable Slayingsword protectively and Kun Yiming had arrived next to him, grabbing his shoulder and flying back to Bluecloud.

In what could be described as a blink of a mortal eye, an earth-shattering exchange of tactics, danger, and narrow escapes occurred. The entire Dark Void was an utter mess as streaks of silver light, blue ripples, and sword marks lingered on fixed space for hundreds of thousands of miles. 

Wu Yu had regained his position, observing the trio with eyes filled with an indescribable darkness. Tricky deceptions, sneak attacks, and a well-timed lethal finisher. These three weren ’t ordinary Mystic Ascendants. 

Even his own plan of action was seen through and reacted swiftly, the Myriad Monarch Canon, his own Mystic-grade armament, was in his hand. After deliberately to falling prey to their tactics for a decisive opportunity, he wasn ’t able to finish the greatest threat of the trio or deal any damage.

He wiped the blood off his lips, his eyes terrifying to behold. 




Three Voidships moved into position, surrounding Wu Yu in a triangle formation, their cannons on the ship were blazing with various lights with fully primed states. All aimed towards a single figure. 

”Enough of this. ” Wu Yu ’s expression was dignified, severely dignified, and his aura started to actively seethe for the first time. At his glabella, a faint mystical glow that resembled endless solar stars in the night sky was born!

When the trio saw this, their eyes widened in shock, surprise, and fear!

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