Paragon of Sin

Chapter 657 - 652: Karmic Detour

”Are we leaving? ” The feminine voice of Bai Lin coursed through Wei Wuyin ’s mind. The voice was youthful, velvety and soothing, yet there was that upbeat vigor within that added a slight mischievousness to it. Wei Wuyin felt it fitted Bai Lin perfectly. 

”Yeah, ” Wei Wuyin casually spoke out. His silver eyes with vertical slits of a dragon scoured the immensity that was the Star-Devourer, Tiangou. 

Bai Lin turned her gaze towards Tiangou, her gaze flashing a little bit of pity. There was another reason why she tried so hard to awaken the Tiangou, and that was in the hope of communicating with it through her unique means, something Wei Wuyin wasn ’t able to do. 

Wei Wuyin had informed her of its shout for help, and while it had destroyed her home, it was still a creature of nature. Her instincts were to eat, and Bai Lin knew hunger. The time she was alone, struggling to eat was still fresh within her memories. 

She turned towards Wei Wuyin. Those golden eyes reflected a distinct warmth, a gentle emotion, and her truest feelings. 

”We leave today, ” Wei Wuyin clarified as he removed his gaze from the Tiangou. He was unable to find a way to awaken her, and he had spent an entire year trying to deduce a means to do so. Even if it meant just communicating with it, none of his powers were effective. 

Whether it was alchemical, spiritual, or mental, there was no reaction whatsoever. It stayed in its hibernating state without any indication of its awakening. He had no idea when it would open its eyes again, but he knew that when it did, when he grasped enough power to help it, there might be something uncovered.

It could relate to his Bloodline of Sin, his Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity, his True Dragon Bloodline, or even Eden ’s origins. He knew there were far too many questions in this world that he would have to slowly discover answers to. 

He noticed Bai Lin ’s emotion-filled gaze and smiled, ”I ’ve set the foundation. I just have no idea how it ’ll turn out. Still, it ’s about time we meet the others. ” 

Bai Lin released a cry, burning excitement seething within her eyes. She wanted to show-off her new form to Xiao Bai and Su Mei, once more establish herself as the superior beast and receive her well-deserved praise. 

’I don ’t know how much I can affect while not being there personally. There ’s just too little knowledge of this other cultivation society. What if my efforts amount to nothing? Even with the Karmic Luck Surge and the fail-safes, is it enough to set the stage? ’ His thoughts were relatively reasonable. He wasn ’t able to predict much, just push certain pieces forward. How these pieces reacted, such as the Golden Life Pavilion ’s attitude and capabilities, was completely up in the air. 

Wu Yu might be insignificant in this new cultivation society. His efforts to protect the others might not be enough. What he feared was his moves being like a pebble in the ocean, creating no waves, only irrelevant ripples that ’ll inevitably disperse into nothing. 

From Wang Yutian ’s analysis, he didn ’t believe this cultivation society and its civilization was fragile. The Imperial Dawn Starfield was frail, weak, and declining. It was far different from a flourishing society that didn ’t lack powerful experts, environmental conditions, and developed history.

The ’what ifs ’ were far too numerous, the variables—unlimited. 

The Heavenly Daos might be supporting him, but he was well-aware that the Heavenly Daos were not all-powerful, all-knowing, and can ’t influence everyone and everything to its favor. 

If the Temporal Reincarnator was as the Black Skeleton suggested, then this individual had enough Karmic Luck Value to have the Heavenly Daos directly affect time itself, giving them a second chance alongside a portion of themselves. The Karmic Luck Value for that feat must be absolutely outrageous, yet that person still died.

If a person like that can die, then he knew that his Karmic Luck Value wasn ’t some heavenly shield that can prevent his death or those who are tied to his karmic fortune. Long Chen reminded him of the reality of this, recalling Wu Jiao ’s action of killing his allies directly in front of him. 

A calamity that is far too great can only be faced, the Heavenly Daos support was limited. If an expert far beyond Wu Yu acted against his subordinates, against Wu Yu himself, would the Heavenly Daos be able to save them? Would it even try? He didn ’t know and that uncertainty kept him on his toes, kept him constantly thinking, constantly trying to find ways to rely on himself. 

In the end, these thoughts could only reaffirm his belief to rely on himself, not the Heavenly Daos. The faults of Blessed and their inevitable failings shall not affect him—he couldn ’t let it.

Bai Lin moved in front of Wei Wuyin, lowering herself to take his position. Wei Wuyin faintly smiled. Bai Lin was more than just a mount, and he absolutely didn ’t need one. He was a hybrid himself, being a beast and an incredible cultivator. He even had wings, but he didn ’t dare to say this.

Bai Lin would certainly flip on him if she was no longer his partner in the sky, if her usefulness was reduced. Fortunately, in his heart, Bai Lin was never useless. He settled himself on her back, mounting her, and she cried out a screech of joy. They both were visited by their old memories, a wave of nostalgia washing over them.

Once upon a time, a crane, a man, and a saber slayed numerous cultivators in a brilliant display, fearless and imposing. They were of one heart, one will, and one mind. They were once again together. 

”Kree! ” 

Bai Lin erupted in golden-scarlet flames. The temperature was warm, the aura gentle, and the flames harmless. Wei Wuyin even felt faint life energies infusing into his body, increasing his lifespan by a tiny amount. For every second consumed, roughly a tenth of a second was recovered. 

Bai Lin unfurled her wings, her white and golden feathers flourished their beauty. Unfortunately, no one was able to witness this phenomenal sight. 


She took off. They moved at incredible speeds, blitzing a golden trail through the Dark Void. Her speed was far faster than even the top-speed of his Voidship. Wei Wuyin was used to this. Bai Lin ’s speed certainly exceeded Starlords of legends. Her evolution into a Genesis Beast was not without its improvements. 

During these three years, Wei Wuyin had even used a variety of bloodline-enhancing and physical energy improvement products for her, kept over the years of his concoction efforts. She enjoyed the best treatment since her return.

Before she underwent her Nirvanic Transformation, she wasn ’t very strong. She might ’ve been able to fight a lower-staged Astral Core Realm cultivator at best. He was even curious of her current power, but he somewhat feared facing her flames when they were destructive, so he didn ’t dare test it on himself. 

This was even with his outstanding cultivation foundation and current strength. The feeling of danger was just present whenever she showed off her power. Her bloodline abilities likely no longer fits within the Mortal Limits, yet it might just be slightly immature.

They flew for several tens of thousand miles, streaking through the Dark Void in just a few minutes of time. Her speed was quite impressive, yet it barely reached far in the ruins of the Imperial Dawn Starfield. By Wei Wuyin ’s calculations, traveling to the location pinged by his spatial rings at this speed might take several years. If not a decade.

Traveling through the Dark Void was not simple. The Dark Void was massive! The issue wasn ’t the starfield ’s space, but the space between starfields. They were like chasms of nothingness, an absence of light and life. They were great dividers that made travel even more arduous, Kratos called these areas: Void-blank Spaces.

Inevitably, he softly sighed in his heart. ”Bai Lin, I ’m going to open a Void Portal. Be ready! ” 

”Kree! ” She didn ’t mind using a Void Portal to travel. She was just happy to fly as two, piercing through the space together. That was enough.

Wei Wuyin clapped his hands together. The void force within him became vigorous. He closed his eyes, sensed the distance, direction, and location of his spatial ring. He locked onto Ying ’s. 

If he was still on assignment, then this would give him the freedom to observe the situation and learn about this unfamiliar world. As he gathered the void force necessary, his eyes brightened as he felt the lock. With the rise of his cultivation, of his bloodline strength, and his own skill in usage, he found it relatively easy to produce a Void Portal.

The issue was the cost. However, with some calculations, he realized that his current foundations would only use up roughly 70% of his total reserves of astral forces to accomplish this feat, this included the support from Eden, King, and Ori sharing their energies. The sheer volume of power was unfathomable for a little Astral Core Realm cultivator to pull off, especially due to the Mystic Radiance Belt ’s unique strengthening of fixed space. 

With a faint smile, he proceeded to push outwards as a Void Portal started to manifest a few hundred miles ahead. They were flying towards it at incredible speeds. 

Just as he was about to finalize its creation…


Karmic Luck Value: 15,348.2 → 15,138.1.

First Calamity: Survived – 7/7.

Second Calamity: Claimed – 1/1.

Third Calamity: Suppressed – 43 Years.

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