Paragon of Sin

Chapter 653 - 648: Fate Of The Few

ked at Qing Qiumu with a smile, ”I thought you would be more disappointed that Wei Wuyin hadn ’t left you anything. ”

Qing Qiumu ’s smile froze briefly, but she regained motion quickly enough. She went to touch the hilt of one of her swords, saying calmly: ”I ’m not a part of his faction or his…lover, so why would I be disappointed? I ’m not entitled to anything. ”

Ai Yin looked at Qing Qiumu with a faint smile. While visiting Qing Qiumu to try to get a grasp on Wei Wuyin ’s location and details, Ma Zheng arrived before them and gave her a spatial ring that contained resources for her and the entire lineage of elves that originated from the Four Extreme Continent.

She was given a wave of explosive relief after realizing the Holy Son was alive and thriving, keeping her in his thoughts. After all, she had given her untouched body for nearly a thousand years to him in hopes of obtaining his holy bloodline. While that objective had become irrelevant with these newfound circumstances, when she learned that elves were still a suppressed race, and that it was even worse here, she felt afraid.

It was only natural to seek out your lover after, a pillar for the sky that carried hope, and that was Wei Wuyin.

However, when Qing Qiumu had seen the spatial ring given to her by Ma Zheng, alongside a spiritual message, Ai Yin could see the heavy disappointment within her eyes.

Ai Yin teasingly smiled after thinking up to here, ”Not entitled? Not even to a spiritual message? ”

Qing Qiumu ’s body trembled. She didn ’t respond, but the images of all those receiving messages that made them excited, thoughtful, or outright crying and emotional had left an impact on her heart.

’Is our friendship not worth a single message? ’ She clenched her right fist tightly. Even if Wei Wuyin owed her not a single qi stone, he should ’ve still left her a message to tell her that he was okay, right? The feeling caused her heart to ache.

”Well, it seems he thinks you are entitled to something. ” Ai Yin ’s words snapped Qing Qiumu out of her thoughts. When the latter looked at the former, she saw her holding out a spatial ring with a carefully-made etching that read: ”Kindred Spirit—Freed & Flourishing ”

When Qing Qiumu saw this, she immediately knew who it referred to. While it wasn ’t outright written, she had been saved by Wei Wuyin twice. She realized it was a play on words, a nod to their relationship and her thoughts towards her.

Her heart grew unfathomably warm. Before Qing Qiumu could even take hold of bearings, she found herself directly before Ai Yin. Her feet had brought her here instinctually, acting on her greatest desire.

She couldn ’t help but ask curiously, ”Why now? ”

Ai Yin ’s smile became gentle, ”The message I received from him was about you. To ensure that you remain safe until his name resounds. Only then, was I to give this to you. After the Grand Demonstration held by the Golden Life Pavilion, I think his name has spread far enough. ” She was shocked that Wei Wuyin was an Alchemic Sovereign, but she knew nothing of the King of Everlore ’s legend.

Furthermore, her born and raised bias regarding alchemists due to the Four Extreme Continent couldn ’t be abolished so easily. Still, she understood the significance of such a title. Just off the products he left for the elven race, she knew how valuable they were, and how precious Wei Wuyin was. Even better than a Holy Son!

Qing Qiumu was confused. She reached for the ring, resulting in a spiritual light infusion that she wanted even in her dreams. When she heard that familiar voice, her emerald eyes brightened to the utmost limits.

And then…she understood.


The Traceless Regret Valley was a secret realm with reinforced spatial bindings that heinously vicious criminals, despicable defectors, disgusting traitors, and idiotic rule-breakers were held.

It was a sealed prison with no hope for escape. It lacked any form of solar light emissions. It was a location without the slightest light, darker than night before the absence of the solar star. It was colder than a frozen tundra, but it was freezing, just sufficient enough to have one titter upon the line of being frozen to death and still barely surviving. Unfathomably uncomfortable.

The secret realm had a droning sound that was endless, sporadic, and prone to random bursts of mind-exploding noise that could be felt throughout the entire body, like worms swimming through the ears into the body. This noise was like the sound of a banshee ’s horrific screech. It was difficult to obtain the slightest bit of sleep here.

That was just the ambient environmental conditions. That was merely the beginning.

There were numerous cells within this secret realm of darkness, horrifying chill, and chaotic noise. Within one of these cells was a woman, completely naked, her body revealed to the world if it wasn ’t incredibly dark. She was shackled to a spinning wheel, crucified to it.

As it spun, lines of slim and abrasive rope would intermittently whip towards her once delicate skin. It was thin so only small lines of blood were formed, yet it reached deep and touched even the nerves. These whips were launched twenty times a minute, randomly and without any warning. They could come from the front or behind.

After 24 hours, an infusion of life energies would pour into her body, healing her completely. Then, the process would continue.

Sleep deprived. Constant pain. Unable to tell the time that has passed except when healed. Torture. Absolute torture. This was merely the beginning, because when the cycle reset, so did the punishment change.

Whips, drowning, being burnt to the utmost limits of the body, stabbed by blades, being eaten from the outside by poisonous insects…

Lin Xianxei ’s eyes were dim as she underwent this without stopping. She now realized why most criminals that suffered this and survived came out…different. Most reformed, others suicidal.


If she had to guess what it felt like, this would be it.

Step. Step. Step.

She only heard steps, unable to see. Her cultivation had been sealed, her innate energies drained, and even her foundation was slowly being siphoned away by this abuse. Yet those steps were familiar for the last few days. It was her caretaker, her overseer who fed her and ensured she remained alive.

Furthermore, to remind her why she was here and tell her how long she had left. After all, if they wanted to deal with all problems, places like this wouldn ’t exist in any society. All criminals would ’ve just been killed and forgotten. They wanted her to feel regret, to suffer for her actions, but still be of use.

”Lin Xianxei; you have twelve years and three hundred and fifty-one days left. ” The female caretaker proceeded to move forward as if she could see, and fed Lin Xianxei a pill. With a gluttonous fervor, Lin Xianxei ate the pill.

It was a pill to sustain her cultivator body ’s natural needs. If one refused to take it, they would eventually die from the lack of innate energies to fuel their bodily functions. Unlike mortals, cultivators needed far more energy to survive. Usually this would be dealt with by slight effort to cultivate, but not here.

And she refused to die here.

The caretaker was about to leave, her steps moving away, but Lin Xianxei called out: ”W-wait! ”

The footsteps stopped.

Lin Xianxei felt relieved. She hastily asked: ”Can you tell me…can you tell me how Lin Ming ’s doing? Please. ”

Her plea didn ’t go on deaf ears. The female caretaker felt the raw emotion in her voice and it pricked a string in her own heart, desiring to see her own lover, the one she worshipped, and the one she served. As a newly assigned overseer, she wasn ’t that experienced and bendable to certain rules.

She answered: ”I don ’t know much, but the False Chosen…I mean, ” realizing she might ’ve been insensitive using the derogatory title given to Lin Ming by the majority, she changed her address and continued, ”the Archaic Chosen is doing well. I heard he defeated a few geniuses that challenged him. ”

Lin Xianxei felt a sigh of relief. Lin Ming was still her best opportunity to change her clan ’s situation. He couldn ’t fall.

”…Thank you. ”

”… ” The caretaker was silent for a moment. Then, she asked her own question: ”Do you have any idea where Wei Wuyin might be? ”

”…? ” Lin Xianxei was sent into confusion. Why was the caretaker asking that question? Was she sent to interrogate her? But that didn ’t seem right. The Earthly Saints should ’ve verified that she was telling the truth earlier.

”…Never mind.. ” The caretaker walked away, leaving a series of fleeting steps behind.

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