Paragon of Sin

Chapter 652 - 647: Golden Auction Light Of Ambition

erent for the Mystic-Rank Grading System. The Mystic-Earth grade was suitable for second through fourth stages of the Mystic Ascendant Realm, while Mystic-World grade was suitable for fourth through eighth stages. The Mystic-Heaven and Mystic-Soul exceeded the limits of the Mystic Ascendant Realm. As for the first and ninth stages, this was deliberately excluded due to their peculiar states. The former often had ninth-grade listed as their suitable product, while the latter wasn ’t understood enough.

Tian Guyan deeply frowned. His imposing gaze shifted to the concealed figure. The Mystic-Will Convergence Pill was a product used to converge Mystic Intent around yourself, increasing the ease at which one could comprehend it. It was useful for Ascended and non-Ascended alike.

It was this very pill that allowed him to reach the Demi-Mortal Lord Phase, after consuming two of these products. He knew their worth, and they were outrageously valuable. Even Earthly Saints would fight for those products.

The value of alchemical products, however, were outrageously inflated due to their scarcity. This problem held true even in the Everlore Starfield. Even if the materials for a seventh-grade product was worth a few hundred qi essence stones to concoct, the value of the seventh-grade product would still exceed an astral stone, roughly a million qi essence stones.

This was why alchemists were all absurdly rich, at least for their levels.

He didn ’t bid further. It wasn ’t because his maximum bid was reached, but the concealed figure had sent him a spiritual transmission of her maximum bid potential. It was too ridiculous. He didn ’t find her words to be deliberately meant to scare him off either, knowing that alchemists were all like this.

Defeated, he looked away with a carefree gaze. The only ones that could reclaim the face of the Aeternal Sky Starfield were the two associations. If the Imperial Clan had prepared more, if their wealth was more centralized, not divided and tied into certain political figures ’ pockets and continuing conflicts, they could certainly outbid any force.

Unfortunately, their investment into the maximum bid just wasn ’t enough. Well, as long as Tian Yinwu didn ’t get it or that half-sister of his, Tian Guyan was sitting very relaxed. As a Demi-Mortal Lord, this pill offered him no use.

Many expected the Everlore Association to enter the war, bidding to uproot the Ninestar Sainthall ’s bid, but shockingly, there was nothing but silence. A few even tried to find their representative, but they couldn ’t. Were they not present? Or were they hiding and stating a stance?

Thinking about it, there ’s a possibility that the Everlore Association might ’ve already started researching a way to create a similar product. This invigorated people ’s interest, igniting the hope in their hearts that they might be able to afford one. Their faith in the Everlore Association was unfaltering.

Two hours.

Ma Sujiang announced, ”The Golden Auction has concluded! The winner of the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill and the priority purchasing rights for it is the Ninestar Sainthall! ”

”… ” There were still many that held ugly expressions. The force that didn ’t belong to their Aeternal Sky Starfield bought it? If what Liu Fei said was true, wasn ’t this giving them a head start to become the ruler of them all?

The dark thoughts of others were born. Enmity was born. Caution was born. All directed towards the open ambitions of the Ninestar Sainthall.

Ma Zheng frowned, realizing the dark expressions and dusky light in the eyes of those glancing at the concealed figure. ’The schemes never stop, huh? ’ Thinking back in hindsight, it now seemed strange that Liu Fei would make such an announcement.

The Liu Clan…

With a soft sigh, Ma Zheng placed such thoughts away. There was no need for an old man like him to integrate himself in such sinister plays any longer. His time was near. As for how the Ninestar Sainthall handles these matters, that was on them.

”Little Brother, better luck next time. ” Tian Guyan sneered as he directed his voice towards Tian Yinwu. His spiritual incarnation vanished.

There were a few figures that glanced at Tian Yinwu with pity, a hint of regret. If a genius like that had this type of product, wouldn ’t he grow wings? But Tian Yinwu kept a neutral expression, undisturbed by his half-brother ’s sniding comment.

Ma Sujiang ’s eyes carried a wisp of worry. She wondered if there was a way to obtain a Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill. As a businesswoman, she could invest in Tian Yinwu. Right? This would pay dividends in the future…right?

Tian Yinwu lips arched upwards slightly, one infused with a feeling of triumph, before he dissipated. Ma Sujiang felt that her eyes were fooling her. Did he just smile?

With the curtain closing, the final winner being declared, the world went into an uproar after a series of news were released. Firstly, the final bid on the auction. It was stupendously high, reinforcing the already floating idea that this pill shall redefine the world ’s standards.

Secondly, the official sale price for the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill had been determined and announced. While the pill and its temporary priority rights sold for fifteen hundred mystic stones, each product was still reasonably priced at 880,000 astral stones.

While still outrageously high for a ninth-grade product, it was affordable. After all, some Gold-tier forces lacked a single mystic stone. Not just in terms of having one, but in liquid wealth overall as well. The value of an small-sized, astral-graded planet was worth over three mystic stones. You can ’t expect these forces who shared these types of planets with other forces to have such expendable wealth to begin with. But now they were still capable of affording it if they went all out.

Lastly, the stock minimum was announced. There ’ll be eight Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pills available every decade, after the priority period passes. Most would have to wait roughly three decades for one. That being said, it was a minimum, not the maximum. There could always be more.

This gave others hope.


Several days later, Ma Zheng and Ma Sujiang sat at a bench. A relatively joyful park filled with kids was there. Their parents were cultivators, enjoying time socializing and gossiping about news. The two were extraordinary, but seemingly ignored as if they weren ’t there.

Ma Sujiang was dressed much more simply than before. She had many different flavors and wore them all well. Even now, she gives off a gentle feeling in her blue robes.

Ma Zheng remained the same, his aged face possessing a pair of eyes that reflected the vicissitudes of his lifetime and wisdom.

”The Main Branch…are you sure this is fine, father? ” Ma Sujiang asked, a hint of worry in her tone. The Main Branch of the Golden Life Pavilion kept troubling them for the concoction method for the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill, and to meet the creator of this recipe, but Ma Zheng refused both demands.

There were moves to reduce Ma Zheng ’s authority within the Golden Life Pavilion, even attempts to strip away power from their Ma Clan. All because of their refusal to share the concoction method or reveal the creator ’s location to them. She didn ’t expect their moves to be so vicious. There were also those other clans within the Third Branch that were readying to grasp their position.

There was already a plan being finalized to replace her former position as Assistant Manager with an avid competitor of theirs, someone within the Third Branch. With her father being at the edge of his lifespan, they were clearly demanding that he groom that person as his successor in the event of his death.

It was a blatant threat.

The opening that her removal presented them with an opportunity to reject her from taking over the Third Branch. She felt somewhat guilty. She wasn ’t foolish enough to think it was her father ’s decision that landed him in this position.

Ma Zheng remained entirely unconcerned. ”When he arrives, everything will be dust in the wind. Why waste time on these minor matters? ” After that, he coughed. With a few out, his breathing and complexion regained some normality.

Ma Sujiang ’s trimmed brows furrowed with indescribable worry. She could tell her father ’s condition was worsening.

Ma Zheng deeply inhaled, looking at the little kids playing with innocence in their eyes and joy in their movements. With a slow exhale, he smilingly said: ”My final sights aren ’t on the Third Branch. I think it ’s time for the Ma Clan to start regaining what was originally ours. ”

Ma Sujiang ’s eyes widened. She had never seen the light of ambition in her father ’s eyes before…it was unexpectedly….refreshing.

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