Paragon of Sin

Chapter 651 - 646: Golden Auction Bid Of The Sky

Huang Xiaolong ’s bid was an astronomical leap from the previous bids. Despite only bidding a single item, the value was a little over double the last bid from Bing Tian. Those in the audience, those spectators that had long since accepted their roles as observers, were startled by his bid. According to the rules, he would have to pay five percent of his bid, losing seven mystic stones and six hundred thousand astral stones, whether he won or not.

Chen Yilo and Bing Tian ’s gazes were extremely unfriendly after their initial shock passed, finding the smiling Huang Xiaolong irritating. They shot him looks that hid none of their dissatisfaction. Unfortunately, he was merely a spiritual incarnation, and his cultivation base was not below theirs, affording him the ability to casually shrug off their spiritual pressure.

Unable to give the other party a loss, the two soon sat defiantly. Their actions would be seen as foolish and childish if they remained in conflict after being outbid. Therefore, the two settled their mutual dislike with a glance and receded back to their seats. The price of hundred and fifty-two mystic stones exceeded their maximum limit, leaving them unable to compete.

Ma Sujiang was a patient host. The two-hour period to finalize the bid was left open. The struggle to enter was clearly causing the atmosphere to tense. They didn ’t wish to be outbid by a stronger and richer force, suffering a massive loss for just speaking out. Just the seven mystic stones were capable of purchasing two small-sized, astral-graded planets. Losing that was no small amount.

Ma Sujiang couldn ’t help but give this foreigner a closer look. Huang Xiaolong ’s reputation was outstanding and he was widely renowned as an exceptional cultivator, but he was an independent cultivator without an established force, having merely a few disciples and servants to tend to his assets. To enter this fight for the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill with such an outrageous bid meant he believed the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill ’s priority was only at the level to have High-Lords to participate.

No one currently expected Earthly Saints to intervene. They often controlled the majority of their respective forces ’ wealth, and their personal wealth was absolutely flourishing. If they were to act, the price for one hundred and fifty-two mystic stones would be blown out of the water. Still, this price was a little outlandish, even in her eyes.

The Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill might provide unimaginable benefits to the younger generation, but it was absolutely useless to Ascended or Realmlords and above, those established cultivators with their potential mostly expended, their talents excavated for all to see. It felt absurd.

If it was a concoction method, she could see this Golden Auction reaching greater heights, but just a single pill and a priority purchase rights? Yet her thoughts were too immature. The Golden Auction had only just begun.

An hour once again passed by, tensely as others were anxious about every passing second. Most of these juniors have never even seen a mystic stone, yet these powerhouses were spitting them out without hesitation. Some felt a burning urge to consume that pill. If these forces believed its value was so extraordinary, then how amazing must it be?

Was it just like everyone said? Just like Alchemic Sovereign Liu Fei said?

The owner of this pill will decide the next ruler of the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region?

The thought invigorated the beating hearts of the hot-blooded and inexperienced. It was infectious and the spiritual auras of many flared, even amongst the Ascended elders in the field. There was a distinct feeling in their hearts that told them that they were witnessing a grand moment of defining period.

The time passed. There was only five minutes left.

”Five minutes before the bid is finalized, ” Ma Sujiang announced. She couldn ’t help but be internally shocked by the long silence. Was the first Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill truly going to be left to a foreigner cultivator from outside of their starfield?

Was the Imperial Clan not taking action? The World Sects? The upper-tier of the Eight Noble Clans? There was also the Everlore Association and Godforge Association. Were they not going to take action?

Did they believe that they could strike at Huang Xiaolong? Benefit by aggressive tactics? Such thinking was highly flawed, and no one with any bit of intelligence would resort to it. Because if they were willing, then other powers would definitely take action using the chaos to hinder them. Moreover, if driven into a corner, Huang Xiaolong could just have his disciples refine it or destroy the pill outright.

The consequences of offending a High-Lord for an abysmal possibility at obtaining what you desired was quite brainless.

Three minutes.

Huang Xialong smiled. The value of one hundred and fifty-two mystic stones, his Mystic Origin Liquid, was enough to create the shock factor he desired. Before the others could contemplate the risk, he would sweep away with the pill like a bandit in the night. A blazing glint flitted through his eyes betraying his excitement.

Others might think the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill was just world-shaking due to its effects, but what was truly heaven-defying, absolutely mind-blowing, was the principles behind its effects. The unity of soul and external forces. The integration and fusion of varied forces into a phenomena that was the Domain Seed. The lack of rejection of a foreign substance.

The true experts understood that these principles would benefit cultivators even in the Mystic Ascendant Realm. If he could study it, he felt his ability to devise an insidiously powerful spell would be at the horizon. The pill itself was just an added bonus.

Two minutes.

”My Boundless Martial Sect bids three Martial Divinity Spheres. ” A soft voice, unbefitting of the tyrannical and overbearing reputation of the Boundless Martial Sect echoed throughout the audience. The eyes of everyone shift, alongside heads and necks, as they careened their way to find the source of this voice.

It belonged to a small girl. She looked no older than ten year old, an absolute doll, porcelain-like, white-faced, and completely innocent. She couldn ’t even sit in her seat properly, her legs swinging as her feet were unable to touch the ground. With twin-pigtails, her forehead covered by flat bangs, and her flamboyantly pink hair, she gave off a very girly feeling.

This was further accentuated by her floral dress, dainty figure, and large, limpid eyes.

”… ”

Not a single person, however, amongst the elder generation had this particular feeling. What they felt was a crushing spiritual pressure that distorted some of their incarnations. A few had their incarnations outright dispersed just by gazing at her bright white smile. Their original bodies bleed from their eyes and ears.

The juniors weren ’t affected. Some even felt that this girl was a little too cute, wanting to pinch her cheeks and carry her in their arms.

Ma Sujiang felt her heart quiver. A genuine powerhouse has taken their shot!

Huang Xiaolong ’s pupils shrunk. Without a single word, he bowed before taking his seat. It was as if he had never spoken. Even though he didn ’t originate from the Aeternal Sky Starfield, he would be a failure as a High-Lord if he couldn ’t recognize that spiritual pressure.

An Earthly Saint!

”That should be enough to take this, right? ” The little girl asked curiously, her voice the definition of innocence.

Ma Sujiang remained calm outwardly in the face of this Earthly Saint. After Ma Zheng ’s reminder, she hardened her will to expect this Golden Auction to have some incredible figures descend.

”I apologize, but the Golden Auction has rules that even I must follow the letter. If in two hours, a bid is not made in response, then the product will be yours. ”

The little girl puffed her cheeks, showing her satisfaction. A few female disciples aww ’d at this, wanting to hug the little girl. Their seniors were sweating bullets, trying to remain composed as their spirited incarnations displayed various signs of instability, from flickering to outright dissipation and reformation.

A few looked at Ma Sujiang with a pleading look, absolutely begging her to take action.

However, Ma Sujiang hadn ’t interfered with the actions of Chen Yilo and Bing Tian, so why would she say anything now? She dismissed their gazes and continued, ”The Martial Divinity Spheres are valued at one hundred and twenty mystic stones each, totalling the bid at three hundred and sixty. ”

”… ”

The juniors were fiercely taken aback. They reeled in disbelief. So expensive?! While the experienced elders, those who could keep themselves stable with a little effort, had greedy lights in their eyes.

Martial Divinity Spheres were very similar to the Yin-Yang God Spheres conjured to help cultivators comprehend the Sixth Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm, the False Reality Phase. However, it was related to physiques. A single Martial Divinity Sphere can greatly help a cultivator establish their own physique, embarking on another branch of cultivation.

The Martial Path.

This physique was different from innate physiques, such as those of Na Xinyi or Qing Qiumu. It was proven that having a type of physique was a greatly beneficial factor to ascending and even greater requirement in reaching the Demi-Mortal Lord Phase, the Third Stage of the Mystic Ascendant Realm.

Most cultivators would use their Star Core to refine their physiques. This required time, effort, and immense resources. So much time, effort, and resources in fact that few could fully form a physique before their eventual time-limit to assail the Mystic Ascendant Realm arrived. The Golden Gate Pavilion had calculated once before, totaling the cause and effect of a thousand years worth of cultivators, and attributed 73% of all unsuccessful ascensions in the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region to insufficient martial physique standards, including 98% of all Demi-Mortal Lord failures.

It wasn ’t easy to develop a physique. If it wasn ’t innately gifted to one by the heavens, one must acquire it through other means.

The Martial Divinity Sphere was like a treasure to acquire Martial Physiques. It is to be greatly noted that Martial Physiques were merely one type of physique, not the same as physiques such as Na Xinyi ’s Multi-Point Yin Physique or Qing Qiumu ’s Wood Yin Essence Physique.

However, one could see that a single sphere was still lacking in comparison to a drop of Mystic Origin Liquid.

”I must apologize to the Hell-Crushing Titanic Queen, as I must place myself in direct opposition. I bid four hundred mystic stones. ”

Unlike before, there wasn ’t a nearly two hour wait before the next bid. A figure spoke out, and shockingly, it belonged to a junior!

The crowd ’s eyes moved once more, being drawn to a figure with softly curved cheekbones, bright hazel-gold eyes, sword-like eyebrows, and a confident, charismatic smile that lacked an ounce of arrogance. Each strand of his black hair shined with a healthy luster as they were styled using a two block with bangs.

He was handsome! He was beautiful! He was beautifully handsome! Outrageously so! Dressed in a pure white robe, he gave off a transcendent feeling as if he was an Immortal descended from another plane of existence.

The hearts of many females went aflutter at the sight of him, their bodies heating up, their loins moistening. Despite being a spiritual incarnation, his otherworldly demeanor leaked through and benefited his presence. He carried the grace of true nobility with the air of a ruler-to-be. He was attractive to a zenith degree!

The little girl, referred to as the Titanic Hell-Crushing Queen, turned her eyes to this young man, her left eyebrow lifted curiously. ”Tian Yinwu? I see. ”

Four words. She said those four words and proceeded to pout. She turned around, her eyes betraying her dissatisfaction.. She wanted to bid, but her maximum bid had already been surpassed.

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