Paragon of Sin

Chapter 644 - 639: Grand Demonstration Conclusion

for themselves.

This was clearly the Golden Life Pavilion ’s intentions. But he still felt odd. If those three forces that had better alchemists amongst them were to obtain the pill, wouldn ’t the monopoly from the Golden Life Pavilion be ruined? It seemed somewhat odd that they would reveal such a terrifying pill.

However, Ma Sujiang merely smiled at this. It wasn ’t just because of Ma Zheng ’s desire to act in Wei Wuyin ’s interests, but because Ma Leihan had tried to inspect the pill. He was unable to discover any details regarding it. Even his guesses were outright wrong.

The essences, materials, and energies were so perfectly intermixed and transformed that none of their alchemists could correctly guess a single material used. Even if they randomly assumed, they couldn ’t determine its functions or how to apply it.

It ’s not that it was decipherable, but it was certainly not simple. There was something strange about this pill. Without the recipe, it was utterly impossible to know what was used and how it was used, but with it, it was as if it was the easiest concoction method imaginable.

They had jointly used multiple Grand Alchemic Emperors and their two available Mortal Sovereign Alchemists to concoct it according to the recipe and the respective notes left behind, and despite failing seven out of eight times in six months, they were capable of concocting a single low-grade Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill.

This was absolutely impressive. The alchemists were startled at how terrifyingly precise and self-explanatory everything was. It was outrageously detailed. As long as they followed it exactly, there was very little error and it was exceedingly swift to concoct. They even knew when they failed based on the notes detailing minute shifts to indicate failure, so they could just stop and reset.

They wished that every concoction method was as explained as this. They could all become Mortal Sovereign Alchemists. Unfortunately, due to their combined effort, none of those Emperor Alchemists gained recognition to become Mortal Sovereign Alchemists. Still, it was quite beneficial to them.

They even decided to change up how they approached note-taking and concoction method designing. If Wei Wuyin knew that his precise notes overturned a standard of the Golden Life Pavilion ’s Alchemic Dao, he would feel honored.

As for the difficulty to decipher, that wasn ’t deliberate, just a happy coincidence.

With the Grand Demonstration over, the various forces and those who spectated it were amidst their fervorous discussions and speculations. They were hyped! The possibilities of this pill hitting the market, being given access to by the Chosen of the starfield, even being purchasable by those who weren ’t very talented, was absolutely mind-shaking!

The words Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill, Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn, Wei Wuyin, and breaking conventions of cultivation were being spoken more times than one could even imagine in every passing second. News even started to spread to those less fortunate, and even bronze-tier forces were given the news.

Hundreds of trillions of cultivators were discussing, some for the sake of being a part of this new wave, and others out of ignorance, but some were truly enthralled by this piece of news.

Others, however, such as those in Origin, were experiencing slightly different emotions from those names. Because the investigations soon yielded results…

Lin Xianxian had dark expressions as she observed the three figures that had just shattered through her skyship ’s defenses as if they weren ’t even there. They landed on the skyship as if they didn ’t even consider her of any importance, as if they owned it.

Those that followed her, those others from the Lin Clan all grew meek and respectful at the presence of these three figures. Their gathered presence was legendary, and each one commanded an unimaginable degree of authority and respect, including having outstanding origins themselves.

One of these domineering presences was a hooded figure dressed in a nine-colored outfit that was perfectly symmetrical in design with a white-colored character at his heart-region. It read: Guardian.

Han Yuhei!

He was at the center, clearly the most imposing figure amongst the three, and the other two seemed to accept this positioning.

Han Yuhei ’s facial features were concealed, but he spoke so powerfully that the entire skyship shook with every syllable. The breaths of everyone grew stifled in their chest.

”Is Wei Wuyin our Chosen? ”

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