Paragon of Sin

Chapter 642 - 637: Grand Demonstration Light & Mist

”… ” A collective silence ensued after the announcement of these two breathtakingly grand figures. Two Mortal Sovereign Alchemists?! The ones who were most shaken by this reveal was none other than New Everlore. They were raised on the legend of the King of Everlore, the sole Mortal Sovereign Alchemist in their entire history.

While some could assume the starfield was incredibly advanced, the legends of the four hegemonic figures told of creating planets, traveling across the stars, and performing insane feats such as creating literal Solar Stars that they basked in, thrived with. It wasn ’t outrageous to believe there were other figures who could do similar things.

But the legend of the King of Everlore was not even on the same level. He was the ’sole ’ Mortal Sovereign Alchemist after eight thousand full years! The only ones who they even remotely believed had a chance to reach that legend was the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn and Princess of Everlore! The former even defeated the latter without any question, cementing his status in their hearts.

Yet two Mortal Sovereign Alchemists were shown? TWO?!

They were in disbelief. Some even felt that this was a lie. Others thought that perhaps, just perhaps, this starfield might be far more advanced than their own. Due to being moved onto this planet, left to their own devices, they were just ignorant of many matters.

Wu Baozhai was one of them. Her heart fiercely raced as she observed the two figures through her spiritual sense. Is this real? She lost herself in her thoughts like all the others, but this was only momentary. A dissatisfied snort echoed throughout her mind belonging to Wu Yu.

”Don ’t be fooled by these people, ” Wu Yu reminded her. He was well-aware of the peak-tier, ninth-grade Alchemical Product that was concocted by Wei Wuyin himself. As someone who understood the rankings and divisions of alchemists clearer, these two seemed outstanding, but if they were to meet Wei Wuyin, someone who could be easily be classified as a Grand Alchemic Sovereign, these lowly Official Alchemic Sovereigns would be unqualified to carry his shoes.

That little vixen? She might not even catch his eye. What were they so arrogant for? Just seeing their haughty expressions and stances as if everything and the world was unworthy of their steps was infuriating.

Wu Baozhai was taken aback by Wu Yu ’s words. They were actual Mortal Sovereign Alchemists! How could she be fooled? What was there to be fooled by?

Wu Yu snorted dismissively, ”Have you forgotten Wei Wuyin? ” After saying this, he explained to her the divisions and requirements. When he proceeded to elaborate on the vast difference between them, their ages, cultivation bases, etcetera, Wu Baozhai ’s expression flushed a little.

Her heart started to race, but not for the reasons Wu Yu expected. The image of Wei Wuyin in her mind became sharper, more defined, and larger than before.

On Origin, there was someone else who was experiencing great fear, and not for the common reasons. Lin Xianxei felt as if her entire world was crumbling a little. At first, she grew relieved from those words refuting the possibility that this pill could bestow a stronger, better Domain Seed than Lin Ming ’s. She, too, felt it had a cost and was unlikely.

But when she heard Ma Sujiang and saw the two Mortal Sovereign Alchemists, especially with the Twilight Alchemic Sovereign ’s presence, she felt her world start to shatter little by little. All of Lin Ming ’s advantages, all of which, went up like smoke. Even his Apex-level Wind Intent wasn ’t unique enough.

He Yanglei and Tang Xingyun had become Holy Children because they comprehended Apex-level Intent. They weren ’t even officially recognized Chosen by their respective forces. It ’s this very reason why Timelord Duhan might ’ve changed his opinion of Lin Ming, but his mind didn ’t explode with shock. It was expected for Chosen to be an elite amongst hundreds of trillions of other genius cultivators, so if he didn ’t have this much, he didn ’t even have qualifications to fight for the Chosen title.

She thought his age would be beneficial. After all, with a Domain Seed, he could reach the Gravity Emission Phase in ten years! That ’ll give him immense time and advantage over others, especially since the Chosen King Competition was adjusted by age.




If this pill existed, if it could be bought by the wealthy and talented, all of these advantages would be completely negated! He had already lost the Devil War Realm that could ’ve trained his subordinates. But that ’s fine. He already lost the Elementus Cache that had numerous resources that could develop him and his force. But that ’s fine.

Independent strength can bring capable subordinates and wealth.

He now lost his only advantage? That ’s not fine!

How could her world not be crumbling?

While she was feeling as if all was lost for the limited time they had, Lin Ming was deeply frowning at this. The two Mortal Sovereign Alchemists! He was fascinated that he could see them. These were figures on the same level as the King of Everlore!

Lin Xianxian felt her face burning slightly. All her words were likely going to be proven wrong, and she felt a little awkward. She glanced at the elder that had echoed her words with a little anger. That elder became meek. In the end, she didn ’t say anything.

”It seems the Golden Life Pavilion is about to show the world new limits, ” she smilingly applauded the Golden Life Pavilion ’s efforts. The others nodded, agreeing that this was good for the world. But every last one of their hearts were pounding furiously at the sheer possibility of this being true! They might have nodded, but the majority of their focus was on the demonstration.

After Ma Sujiang finally finished introducing the two, she asked: ”Shall we begin? ”

The two Mortal Sovereign Alchemists lightly nodded. Clearly, Ma Sujiang might be acting as the host for this demonstration but the status of the two afforded them her total consideration. She moved to the center of the platform. She waved her hand and a young girl, no more than fifteen years old in appearance, and less than thirty-years in age.

She was an incredibly talented Ma Clan cultivator by the name of Ma Luling. She was a prospective Chosen, having cultivated a Nexus Astral Sword Soul. The Nexus Variant amplified her quantity of astral force within her, tripling its limit at all times. If they were going to demonstrate such a valuable pill, obviously they would use their own clan members who ’ve been thoroughly cultivated by them.

Ma Luling was incredibly excited, but exceptionally diligent. She respectfully bowed to the Alchemic Sovereigns, but only received a slight nod from Ma Leihan. Their attitudes were quite clear. Even a prospective Chosen from his clan could barely enter the eyes of Ma Leihan, let alone Mu Yura.

Ma Sujiang wasn ’t bothered by this. Mortal Sovereign Alchemists were renowned for being exceptionally arrogant. After all, there were only 34 in a starfield of quadrillions of living beings. It was justified.

She kept moving along, calling forth a cart that moved on the stage. It held a medium-sized jade box that glistened with light. It was expertly crafted with dragons and phoenixes circulating around it, animated as if they were completely real. Their dance resembled the immortal dance described in folklore and fairytales.

It was awe-inspiring and mesmerizing to behold. It entranced the spiritual senses of everyone. The box ’s purpose was to focus the spiritual senses of everyone towards it, and it perfectly performed its job.

Ma Sujiang moved to behind the box, ”Before I remove this pill, I ’d like to first credit the Alchemist who concocted this specific product, given to us to use to show you today. The Alchemist who concocted this was also the same one who designed the pill, created it. ”

Those words perked up everyone ’s attention. They thought it was a combined effort of multiple Alchemic Sovereigns. But it was a single person? Was it the Ennea Hall Alchemic Saint? That was the only figure they could think of who could create a peak-tier, ninth-grade Alchemical Product alone and provide it to the Golden Life Pavilion. The Sky Zenith Alchemic Saint of the Imperial Clan and Evergod Pill Alchemic Saint would never do so.

Ma Sujiang hesitated for a moment. She glanced at the corner, seeing Ma Zheng. She was worried about revealing this detail, because she doubted it herself. It was only because Ma Zheng that the pill had his aura in its essential core that it had to be concocted by him and only him. Furthermore, the pill ’s age was only ten months at most.

Ma Zheng nodded to her.

She calmed herself down and rid herself of unnecessary thoughts, continuing: ”Some of you may know of this individual already, and for those who don ’t, you surely will. He was born in the Everlore Starfield, became a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist before the age of fifty… ”

King of Everlore?

The same name popped in the minds of everyone. There wasn ’t a single person who didn ’t flicker to this name.

But…that doesn ’t feel right.

Didn ’t the King of Everlore become a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist after a hundred? What was this?

Wu Baozhai felt her heart stop.

Lin Ming ’s eyes widened.

Su Mei smiled.

Xue Yifei felt her heart pound non-stop.

Na Xinyi was tensely gripping her chair.

Da Shan had the largest grin.

The other Ascendants who had already refined the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill knew the truth for a while, and the Valkyrie were long since told. They didn ’t expect that Wei Wuyin would make this move.

The spiritual senses of everyone figuratively kept their ears open, wanting to hear the name of this figure.

Ma Sujiang took one last breath. ”…The Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn, the Neo-Dawn Grand Alchemic Sovereign, WEI WUYIN! ”

”… ”

”… ”

”….Who? ”

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