Paragon of Sin

Chapter 616 - 611: Endless Prosperity Domain

The last few months had been very life-changing, eye-opening, and wish-fulfilling for quite a few who came from the Everlore Starfield to the Aeternal Sky Starfield. The richer environment, developed civilization, and given opportunities were seized with a gusto by those with ambition. The new world was filled with new life.

But for a single figure amongst those inhabitants weren ’t unfamiliar with this new world. In fact, they spent the majority of their lives here, and even later died in its ensuing chaos. 

This person ’s story was one of tragedy, but also of happiness. The origin of which began in the past of two timelines. Yet to diverge, they started the same. 

It all started at the San Clan, in the still named Tri-Vision Starfield exactly thirty-four years ago from the present. The exalted figure, praised and worshipped as the second strongest expert of the starfield, the female San Clan False Realmlord, San Yuwen had just learned she was pregnant. Despite her age that exceeded a thousand, her body experiencing menopause, she was still pregnant. 

The discovery left medicinal sages and alchemists baffled. Yet her body seemingly reversed in age, renewed in its ability to give birth. The father was a closely guarded secret, yet rumors abound.

The prevailing theory was that the San Emperor had beseeched the greatest alchemical minds to concoct a pill to revitalize his sister ’s body, impregnating her with a pure-blooded heir for the San Clan ’s legacy. 

In the end, it mattered little as the San Clan was the ruling family of the Tri-Vision Starfield, and incestuous relationships weren ’t uncommon amongst certain beastmen lineages and elven lineages. While it was less common in humans, it wasn ’t unheard of. A spicy bit of gossip was all it was.

But that pregnancy led to the eventual birth of a baby. But this baby was said to have died during childbirth, suffering complications that led to their demise. The False Realmlord, San Yuwen, was utterly devastated. She went into secluded cultivation, leaving the managing of everything to the San Emperor. 

A decade later, the news that the San Empress had adopted a child, roughly the same age as the deceased child would have been, began to spread. Her name was San Yongli, and she was heralded as the little princess of the San Clan. She was absolutely gorgeous, considered the top beauty of the entire starfield.

But despite that, she was rarely seen by those outside of the San Clan. Yet her reputation kept growing, with many details of her habits of playing around and not focusing on cultivation spreading wildly. She was considered talented, yet had no patience for cultivation. She dilly-dallied on the laurels of her family ’s dominance.

This continued for three decades. At that point, the Everlore Association ’s San Clan arrived after a certain event. The San Clan was forced by the hegemonic forces into a decline, especially after the San Emperor was killed by a young man named Long Chen. Their ruling rights were challenged, and they had no means to resist.

At the precipice of their destruction, they were saved by their Main Branch. It seemed the San Ancestor was extremely mindful, ensuring he had many descendants that left with the King of Everlore during his venture while he remained. They established the San Clan of the Everlore Association, and the former servants of the King of Everlore, became one of the four ruling factions of the Everlore Association.

San Yuwen, however, refused to leave. She stayed in the Tri-Vision Starfield, but her daughter, San Yongli, was energetically excited, utterly electric in her desire to follow this prestigious clan.

Her story continued, her beauty stellar, and her life kept being supported by external powers. She relied on their reputation, her beauty, and their power as she ventured throughout the world and caused all sorts of trouble. But the Aeternal Sky Starfield had to accept it. 

The San Clan was not a force any organization could casually afford to offend, especially after this mischievous young woman had the support of San Luoyang, a Prime Alchemic Mortal Sovereign. It was a nightmare, yet it came to an end after a meeting.

A fairytale began, with love and delight between the Imperial Clan and the Everlore Association, yet filled with bitter struggle and complex machinations. 

Breaking off from the Everlore Association, she became the concubine of a Royal Prince of the Tian Clan, the Imperial Clan of the Aeternal Sky Starfield. But after severing her backing, with her low cultivation base and already defiled body by the Royal Prince, her relevance dwindled. Her promised position of a wife had been relegated to a concubine.

But San Yongli ’s thoughts were simple: she dared to love, so she dared to risk it. 

But the whirlwind didn ’t stop. The fight for the throne of the Aeternal Sky ’s Imperial Leadership had begun. The Princesses and Princes fought fiercely for the throne, leaving the starfield in hectic chaos as bloody wars were launched, planets left in ruin, and World Realm ’s destroyed. The death toll reached billions with ease.

San Yongli was a mere concubine, hidden away in a World Realm hoping for the eventual end of this bloody battle to be with her beloved, yet the World Realm ’s Core was destroyed by a sinister scheme, and she…she along with it.

At the age of 99, she died…

On the planet Third Sky, ruled by the San Clan, San Yongli sat on a rock, a freshwater lake before her. With pebbles in her hand, she tossed them, skidding them across the water ’s surface. 

She no longer wore her hood, her face revealed before the world. She was gorgeous, enchanting like the morning sunrise. Her long, white hair was like a cascading waterfall of heavenly water. Each strand glistened with a healthy glow, its whiteness didn ’t seem remotely plain.

Her irises were radiantly crimson in color, as beautiful as treasured rubies, and as brilliant as the solar stars within the night sky. Her eyebrows were slightly thick but not too much. They were as dark as night and seemingly painted to perfection by a heavenly architect. Her pale-pink lips were full, as soft as water itself. There wasn ’t a single feature that lacked symmetrical perfection, from her slender fingers, to her long legs.

Most notably amongst her exceptional features were her chest, they were tightly upheld by a firm brasserie, and her size exceeded even Qing Qiumu and Na Xinyi! Yet it was held by a slender waist, firm and toned. 

Dressed in black, short-sleeves, and form-fitting pants, she carried a wistful expression. Between her brows was not a lick of ignorance, but valiant might, giving her a heroic yet intelligent demeanor. There wasn ’t an ounce of laziness in her bones, completely eradicated by her tragic past.

”I won ’t make the same mistake again, ” she tossed another rock. It skidded eighty-nine times before plopping. Her skill with stone skipping was legendary. 

”And what mistake is that? ” A warm voice sounded out.

San Yongli closed her eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath before fixing her expression. She faintly smiled, turning to face San Luoyang with bright eyes. ”I ’ll never allow my starfield to be destroyed by a Star-Devourer, ” she answered.

San Luoyang walked over, standing beside the boulder. ”I know it ’s unexpected, but life is filled with the unexpected. What matters is that you ’re alive, you and your mother. As long as you have light in your eyes, you- ”

”You can achieve anything. Your destiny is still yours to decide. ” San Yongli finished San Luoyang ’s words. This was a famous saying that San Luoyang had always told her before, whenever he berated her for slacking in her cultivation efforts. This distant granduncle of hers was caring, and even now, they still shared that familiar affinity.

Even though things change, some people don ’t.

She genuinely smiled, her bright white teeth on perfect display. That arc was heart-snatching.

San Luoyang grew dazed by this sight for a moment, he coughed slightly. ”You should smile more, ” he commented. Its been nearly four months yet San Yongli had never smiled genuinely, and this was the first time he felt her smile was earnest and real. It caused even his old heart to be moved. 

San Yongli noticed her actions, which caused her smile to fade. She touched her face, that gorgeous face that attracted the love of her life, and allowed her to experience true love. Yet it wasn ’t enough. She lacked strength, foresight, and intelligence before, but not again.

This time…things will be different…just like everything else.

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