Paragon of Sin

Chapter 607: Prelude to A Shaken World

Creating a world. The aura of this incident could only be sensed during three different occasions, normally. Firstly, the creation of the fixed space at the beginning of a Starfield ’s life cycle, forming its central, external, and internal parameters. Secondly, the artificial creation of a World Realm by cultivators at the Realm World Phase, the Seventh Stage of the Astral Core Realm, or higher. 

Thirdly, and lastly, the formation of a Domain Seed shortly after ascending the Realm World Phase. The essential requirement to establish a World Realm. 

But in Immortal Yin, the first was impossible, the second was ill-advised and extremely difficult, and the third was also impossible. The third required the preluding event of an Astral Tribulation, yet no such thing was sensed prior to it. 

The first, for obvious reasons, was impossible. 

The only option left was the second, but Jun Baiyin would never allow something to begin. The formation of a World Realm directly within the folds of Immortal Yin was severely ill-advised, and could even devastate the planet if performed incorrectly. Furthermore, due to the Mystic Radiance Belt, the fixed space in this starfield was abnormally stable. Unless one was extremely adept at Spatial Arts or a true Ascended, it would be as difficult as climbing a burning mountain as a mortal. 

Just a few minutes prior to Wu Yu and Ma Sujiang ’s conversation, Na Xinyi was in her secluded cultivation room designed to be private and sealed for Core Disciples. She was excited that her treatment in the Dark Yin Palace was good, becoming a Core Disciple. While this was heavily attributed to her physique, she was happy that her physique wasn ’t just good for others to benefit. 

She sat in a lotus position and held the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill in her hand. It was within a sealed bottle, its aura and smell was restrained, yet visually it was quite gorgeous. The silver pill ’s radiance reminded her of Wei Wuyin ’s eyes. As she brought it to her, she couldn ’t help but remember the last time his eyes were close to hers.

Over two decades had passed since then, and it was the day she was turned into a woman. Her face blushed heavily as she touched her lower abdomen, almost as if she could still feel him inside her. She had to give herself a bit of time to recover from the memory, her breathing a little too fast.

Who would ’ve thought that she would become engaged to the man who saved her life, discovered her special physique, and had wanted to kill in the most gruesome way before. The world was odd sometimes. 

Whenever she thought about his demeanor, his personality, and his actions, the more she realized how rare and in love with it she was. He was truly different from other cultivators, he had a sturdy and stable heart. 

She slowly pushed away these thoughts, getting in a cultivation state, and slowly undid the seals on the bottle. Carefully, she opened the bottle and a faint aura that reminded her of the moment Tuo Bihan announced his ascension as a Realmlord radiated from it. When he unleashed his Worldly Domain that day. 

Her heart started to race. ”Can this pill truly form a Domain Seed? ” If so, this pill ’s value, she couldn ’t even begin to estimate it. But she didn ’t think Wei Wuyin was a liar. If there was anything she knew about him, he wasn ’t someone who would lie casually. 

With a deep inhale, she used her spiritual force to control the pill until she directly put it into her mouth. With a sharp swallow, the pill traveled down her esophagus and into her stomach. It started to throb and throb until it found its way into her Dantian, directly before her Astral Soul.

The silver radiance started to rapidly expand, until it covered her entire body in its color. From her skin, to her blood, her bones, even her cells such as her hair was changed into a silver color. It was literally eclipsing her entirety with its radiance!

She felt her breath be taken away, the air from her body was seized and even the moisture was no longer hers! Then, her Yin Astral Soul roared in defiance for a moment, wishing to fight against the silver radiance by instinct, yet it was unable to put up any decent struggle.

It was seized by the silver radiance, becoming entirely silver. Yet after it was taken over by the domineering color, it swiftly settled down. There were faint screeches of joy from it. Na Xinyi had never felt her Astral Soul experience any form of sentience, and this was the first time in her entire life that she felt it have any type of emotion! 

While it would react violently like any organ, it was just instinctual defense mechanisms, but it had never howled in joy before. But even though she was doing something similar, her hands touched her body as she felt the euphoria overwhelm her. 

Na Xinyu felt as if she was brought back to the moment that Wei Wuyin laid her down, kissing her softly, gently caressing her skin, giving her the utmost care. She recalled never feeling like that before. She felt noticed, loved, and desired. At that moment, all of Wei Wuyin ’s attention was on her and only her.

Not even her parents showed her such care, dismissing her due to her lack of talent. Her sect mates dismissed her because of her ordinary looks. Even her enemies dismissed her because of her weakness. She was nothing to them, and the first time she had ever felt wanted, desired, and cherished was on that makeshift bed. 

”Uughn! ” The euphoria spiked as she remembered that moment of penetration. Her voice cried out softly in a heavy moan. What type of sensation was this?! She found herself enthralled by her experience! 

Her memories of before evokes her emotions, and her deepest feelings. All of them. All the times when she was given no respect, not even a glance, and dismissed by her peers, instructors, and family, yet culminating in a man finding her and revealing that she was special.

It was the beginning of a fairytale for her! She would be his, and they would venture against the world together! But Wei Wuyin let her go.

She was lost.



She felt used and discarded, dismissed by even him despite the way he made her feel on that day. While she later realized that he had his own difficulties, and that others wouldn ’t have given her that fairytale ending, at the time, she was enraged at being used and thrown away like garbage.

Her vengeful hatred stemmed from this, and she hated people, but mostly men. Yet she later found Long Chen, and that fairytale was rekindled. She thought she wanted him, but as she basked in her current euphoria, she knew she just wanted what she got from Wei Wuyin: to feel wanted, desired, and cherished.

But this evolved after she journeyed with Long Chen. She realized a fairytale was a fairytale. She was turned into a foil for someone, and she didn ’t get any respect. It reached the point where if Long Chen was removed from the equation, what was she?

She didn ’t want herself.

She didn ’t desire her life.

She wasn ’t cherishing what she was.

This all changed when Wei Wuyin made that promise. He said he would take responsibility, make her his wife, but he would support her in her dreams and desires, not be her sky, but her pillar. This led to her understanding her own individuality, and what she wanted the most in this world.

To be known, to be respected, to not be dismissed for being herself!

”Ahn! ” She felt a bursting surge of sensual pleasure again, feeling the cascade of pleasure bombard her every cell in her body. 

After that day, she knew Long Chen wasn ’t what she wanted. He was merely a tool to satisfy her pathetic insecurities, a suppressor to face the world herself and claim what she most desired. He was just a proxy for that, nothing more. She was blinded by her own self, but no longer!

Her entire body was completely silver, matching the shade of Wei Wuyin ’s eyes, and the soul fluctuations emitting from her were abnormally pure. She hadn ’t realized it, but the essence of her soul was currently being grafted onto the pill, replicating her Soul Aura. This was why her truest self was being brought out to the forefront, including her most defining memories.

The euphoria was just a side-effect of reliving that moment with Wei Wuyin, coursing through her entire sense of self.

When Wei Wuyin devised the pill, he noted the issue with the Soul Aura inconsistent with Lin Ming ’s. As an alchemist, he immediately deduced that this would lead to extremely devastating consequences. He was familiar with how the change of self can cause cultivation problems. When he lost his memories, his mind sealed, his physical body utterly devastated, he was unable to manipulate his two Spirits of Cultivation, King and Ori. 

He could imagine the severe consequences of conflicting Soul Auras. So he devised a way to graft a cultivator ’s Soul Aura using Spiritual Mana and Soul Ash of Divine Jade, inspired by Qingye Ying ’s Meridian Grafting Method concept. With this, infusing it into the Domain Seed would imply perfect control!

After all, there would be no resistance when interacting with it!

Na Xinyi was too enveloped in her memories, unaware that her body was surrounded by elemental energies, multi-colored Primary Light, swirling gravitational forces, and refined spatial energies infused with Spiritual Mana, creating a unique substance similar to Spatial Force. They kept manifesting around her body, and these energies exuded the unique aura of a world ’s creation!!!

They were all drawn to a silver pill that was within her dantian, slowly but surely funneling themselves into it. The Domain Seed ’s essential framework wasn ’t just formed out of nothing, but was the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill itself!!!

In a way, the pill was the Domain Seed!

The entire process took only a few minutes before the radiance receded, vanishing into the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill, no, Na Xinyi ’s Domain Seed! 

As she heavily breathed out, her breath was hot and her eyes were teary. Even her facial complexion was outrageously flushed, as if she had just been thoroughly ravaged by her lover. She touched her lower abdomen, this time feeling her Dantian.

She was entirely distracted by the Domain Seed within her, forged with her Soul Aura, and she felt its stable and firm connection to the utmost. It was linked to her Astral Soul, and it cuddled the Domain Seed with joy and excitement, releasing faint sounds of pounding throbs. This wasn ’t a verified sign of its sentience, but that it was instinctively happy to have this companion beside it. 

All the profundities for the cultivation stages were within this Domain Seed, and it seemed ready to suck it like a newborn baby to its mother ’s tit. It wanted to slowly obtain its nourishment!

Na Xinyi was unable to notice that a few meters before her, within her sealed cultivation room, were three tall figures, the space around them sealed and concealed from her every perception.

All three figures had intense expressions on their faces, especially the dark-grey haired figure. 

But while they were observing Na Xinyi without her notice, she interacted with her Domain Seed, and her Soul Idol manifested behind her vaguely, showing the signs of a grey-colored crystal with nine-rings. Her body lifted slightly from the ground as her Worldly Domain unfurled!

It encapsulated the entire room.

”Ah! ” Na Xinyi ’s head snapped forwards and noticed three vague figures in front of her. She shouted in panic!

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