Paragon of Sin

Chapter 588: Recruit Ten Forces

g the scroll and reading its contents. It was truly detailed and carried the names of thousands of forces at the Silver-rank, with ten forces at the Gold-rank. 

The other two forces were absent, and there was no information regarding them. Clearly, these Gold-rank forces just had to select a single cultivator and complete the deal they made with the Everlore Association. However, didn ’t this contradict what San Luoyang said? 

She was confused, and she wasn ’t the only one. However, San Luoyang did not clarify or explain the contents of their deal. The ten Gold-rank forces seemed to be openly accepting more than one member.

Su Mei was mostly right; this was compensation for the Everlore Association ’s inability to halt the destruction of the Imperial Dawn Starfield. It was their responsibility to protect it, yet they could only save the myriad intelligent lives that exist there. 

As for the Gold-rank forces, they had a choice: Select a member to promote to their highest discipleship amongst the youths or open the doors to all of those present. Exalted Truekill and Exalted Heavyheart clearly chose the former, with the others choosing the latter. 

Su Mei didn ’t bother reading the Silver-rank forces. She was looking for a competitive environment with the greatest resources available, so she sought after the Gold-rank forces. Her thinking was in line with the vast majority. If only because of the resources.

In the Imperial Dawn Starfield, during all eras, the stronger the respective force, the higher their disciples potential. Which one of these youths were unaware of this fact? This was expressed in not just territory, but resources, and various Creationist.

Typically, higher-ranked forces had greater forgers for better armaments, skilled Architects that resources to establish grand cultivation arrays for a better environment, and top-tier alchemists that provided alchemical products as rewards or just basic benefits. 

In the Myriad Monarch Sect, the lowest ’official ’ disciple was at the Astral Core Realm, and each of them were given monthly cultivation stipends that could put all other forces beneath the hegemons to absolute shame, even some stipends for their most elite disciples couldn ’t match it. They had access to much better resources, methods, arts, spells, and cultivation environments.

After all, the Sky Palaces above the sixth-level of the five extreme mountains were filled with astral essence! And all this was far before Wei Wuyin had ever entered the sect, creating such a vast disparity that the four hegemonic forces highlighted and dominated as the top forces for several eras without pause! 

Even when the Myriad Monarch Sect was ganged up on, nearly destroyed, there were no other forces outside of the other hegemons that could rival their means and repository. This didn ’t count the Alchemist Association, however. 

Therefore, she delved into the details of the Gold-rank forces. There were two sects, one pavilion, two clans, and five associations. This shocked her for a moment, especially after considering the purpose of these associations.

The five associations specialized in talismans, beast nurturing, mercenary assignments, herbal development, and research of arts, spells, and methods. 

When she read this, her mind was flowing with all sorts of disbelief and intrigue. She had never heard of associations that totally focused on things like this, and usually sects, pavilions, or other forces would have devoted departments. 

When he looked further into the Association specialized in Mercenary Assignments. She realized they performed bodyguards for persons or events, escorting merchants and goods, and even participated in wars for a price. There were likely even assassinations, but that wasn ’t detailed.

Herbal development caught her eye, because according to the information listed, it required wood, water, or light cultivators who have specialized Spirits of Cultivation to become greater than an entry-level member. They were tasked with accelerating, nurturing, and providing the growth of herbs used for alchemy or medicine. 

There were even details regarding the type of desired Intent. If one comprehended any of the Nine Meadow Intents individually, they could instantly become core members of the association. She couldn ’t help but think about Qing Qiumu, as she was the most talented Wood Cultivator in their generation.

The others were easily understood. 

Besides the Mercenary Association, called the Fairlight Mercenary Association, the other four didn ’t fit her goal. The one pavilion was called the Clear Water Pavilion, and they operated in the Elementus Domain, in the eastern region. 

The scroll detailed the explanation of Domains, something she was deeply curious about as San Luoyang had mentioned entering three Domains as the second option or in case of failure.

Domains were locations dominated by one of the sixteen Mystic Tier forces. The other Mortal Tier forces all existed within one of these sixteen domains. They were similar to Astral Territories in the Imperial Dawn Starfield. They outlined borders that represented ruling rights. 

Just from reading the list, she realized only three domains were listed as locations for all the Silver-rank and Gold-rank forces. They were the Everlore Domain, Elementus Domain, and Skyrend Domain.

The Everlore Domain belonged to the Everlore Association, but it was amongst the smallest of the sixteen, not being territorial or needing to be. The Elementus Domain belonged to the True Element Sect, and it was the eighth largest Domain, but had the smallest domains amongst the Three World Sects. The Skyrend Domain belongs to the Liu Clan, a member of the Eight Noble Clans. 

When Su Mei read Skyrend Domain, noting the name of the Aeternal Sky Starfield, she felt that this Liu Clan was not simple. It was also ranked eleven amongst Domain sizes.

Despite the Domains marking borders and territories, Su Mei discovered that the herbal association was backed by the Jiang Clan, another of one of the Eight Noble Clans, yet was situated in the Skyrend Domain, ruled by the Liu Clan. 

This caused her to understand that the territorial situation was quite complex, likely a result of all sorts of deals and conflicts. 

Since the Clear Water Pavilion was a merchant group that provided rare liquids alongside other cultivation necessities, she removed that as an option. She didn ’t wish to become a shopkeeper or worker, even if it meant being drenched in wealth if her decisions and investments paid off. It was too passive.

The only real options left were the two sects. As for the clans? She didn ’t even think about it. Being a talented female cultivator amongst a bloodline-ruled nation will only provide struggles, distractions, and the feeling of always walking the tightrope, unless one was ambitious and open to climbing the leader through status and schemes, not might.

The sects offered a familiar setting, and the competition was fierce. Furthermore, there was one that suited her own cultivation quite well:

The Solitary Saber Sect.

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