Paragon of Sin

Chapter 587: Recruit Four Types of Forces

that survive long-term are generally those who have the endorsement and backing of Mystic Tier forces, receiving means to extend the lifespan of those Mystic Star Phase leaders. 

The Mystic Tier was simple, and wasn ’t simply graded. There were only two classifications at most, and that depended on the force ’s structure and purpose. Some had no classification.

In the Aeternal Sky Starfield, there only existed four types of recognized factions: Clans, Pavilions, Sects, and Associations. Each of them were defined by their own hierarchy and functionality. 

Clans were not necessarily bloodline-restricted, but a group or faction ruled by a single main bloodline. It resembled a Monarchy intermixed with traces of Democratic practices and divided power amongst representatives with patriarchs, matriarchs, elders, and councils formulated and divided by bloodline or strength. They resembled nations, but their lifeblood was the bloodline that established it, hence the name: Clan.

When a Clan fell, or were overtaken by an internal conflict, the scene was very similar to a rebellion of a nation or a coup d ’etat. The ruling bloodline ’s main tree is either replaced by a lesser purity or removed altogether.

Clans in the Mystic Tier were divided into two ranks: Noble, & Imperial. 

Those at the Noble-rank have ’true ’ Mystic Ascendant Realm cultivators, at the Second Stage of the Mystic Ascendant Realm, at the minimum. As for Imperial-rank, it wasn ’t very defined by their minimum requirement because it usually required being the strongest existence in the starfield. Therefore, Imperial-rank depended on the limits of the era. It would generally refer to the strongest Clan.

Pavilions, in their simplest forms, were businesses. They operated on business principles, oftentimes neutral, connected, and extremely wealthy. They functioned for the purpose to facilitate the needs and convenience of the other forces while expanding their reach. They even operated and maintained a variety of starfield-wide events and rankings.

Pavilions in the Mystic Tier were divided into two ranks: Chrome and Golden. 

This wasn ’t defined by their overall strength, but their reach. If they reach at least five percent of the overall Aeternal Sky Starfield, they were considered Chrome, and if they reached ninety percent of the Aeternal Sky Starfield, they were Golden. 

It was clear the monopoly of business was defined. There were only two Golden-rank Pavilions and four Chrome-rank Pavilions.

Sects established themselves off unique cultivation methods or doctrines, functioning in certain ways to grow a powerful and were often highly competitive. They, too, had bloodlines within their ranks, and were often jointly ruled by several clans with a similar purpose. The majority of sects were products of mergers of lesser clans that sought to survive in chaos. 

Sects in the Mystic-tier had no division of ranks. They were all classified as World-rank, explicitly outlining their reach, but developing a sect was a difficult venture that required a strong unity. Sects had the highest failure rate due to internal conflict out of the four forces. 

Despite that, they were considered the most terrifying because, if strongly united, sects eclipsed the other forces in power and scope. 

Lastly, Associations were specialized forces that offered a variety of unique resources or skills. There were assassination associations, alchemist associations, forging asssociations, talisman associations, and more. They were defined by their specialty, and thrived on exporting their speciality and importing resources. 

They had no ranks, and were defined by the two tiers. If an association was in the Mortal Tier, then they ’ll be referred to as Mortal Associations, and the same rang true for Mystic Tier.

After explaining it all, San Luoyang said: ”While there are hundreds of thousands of Mortal Tier forces in our glorious starfield, there are only sixteen Mystic Tier forces that exist throughout the entire starfield. They are referred to as the Eight Noble Clans, Three World Sects, Two Golden Pavilions, Two Mystic Associations and the Imperial Clan.

”However, these are only the ones within the Aeternal Sky Starfield that have settled in our space. Keep that in mind, ” San Luoyang cryptically warned, but those who were keen realized the implications. These youths ’ expectations were at an all-time high, seeking to join these forces that had cultivators that rivaled those like Grand Monarch Wu Yu and the Divine King Han Xei!

However, San Luoyang ’s next words shattered all their hopes in mere moments.

”Out of these sixteen forces at the Mystic Tier, only the Everlore Association is present here today tor this recruitment. The rest are Silver and Gold-rank forces. So, let ’s see if you have the qualifications to join them! ” San Luoyang smilingly said.

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