Paragon of Sin

Chapter 583: Letters Left Behind Su Mei & Na Xinyi

Elation of the purest form flowed through Wu Baozhai ’s heart as she recalled the details of Wei Wuyin ’s spiritual letter, the joy of Wu Yu ’s lingering excitement, and the plans she had devised for the future once more regaining their footing. Despite being wary of this dimension, aware that withdrawing any object from a spatial ring was subject to disappearing, her spiritual sense could still sweep through the ring ’s contents. 

As she did, her heart found well-organized areas in the ring with bottles and vials with inscribed names. There were quite a few with descriptive cards attached, and they informed her of name, grade, tier, and effects.

Furthermore, she saw several chests and boxes stacked as well. Wu Baozhai was curious by this and inspected a chest, discovering that, from the descriptive card, that chest contained five hundred Astral Ocean Pills. Her heart pounded fiercely as she observed this chest. 

There was a bit of dryness within her throat, and she even swallowed. But when she was reminded of the other chests, she counted them, realizing their number reached thirteen, and there were even boxes. She hurriedly inspected a box and found a pair of aquamarine-colored ores. They were the size of a beach-ball. 

’Aqua Iron Ore? ’ This was an astral-level material used to forge astral armaments for water-attributed cultivators. Some cultivators with unique methods could even refine it to increase the potency of their water-attributed innate energies. 

As for the Astral Ocean Pills, these precious things are a high-tier, eighth-grade alchemical product that was an advanced version of the Great Astral Sea Pill and its lesser form, the Astral Sea Pill, said to be a hundred times more effective than the latter. They were renowned for expanding the Astral Core, increasing the World Sea in quantity and quality. 

A single one in the Imperial Dawn Starfield was enough to purchase an entire planet! Wars could be started over this, and only Qingye Yun, the Grand Association Master of the Alchemist Association, had only concocted a few times in his lifetime! Each time provoked stones as geniuses bid for it!

However, they required a Soul Idol Phase Cultivation to properly refine, and she had only obtained one as a Valkyrie. Instead, she was given more Great Astral Sea Pills. She knew the others might ’ve had more, likely due to their intimate relationship or history with Wei Wuyin, but she couldn ’t investigate it. 

To see five hundred given to her, furthermore, not a single one was beneath the peak-grade, her heart pounding and mouth drying was an inevitable occurrence. The fact there were more boxes, chests, bottles, and vials were even more terrifying! Wu Baozhai knew that Wei Wuyin had given her these products for the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s foundation, but in truth, this was for her.

After all, he could ’ve given it to Tuo Bihan or a Prime Imperial Sage like Qin Rui to manage, but he allowed her to do so. A faint warmth surged in her heart. 

Just as she was about to set aside inspecting the rest of the products and materials for later, planning to reorganize and reassure the members of the sect, her senses were attracted to a single bottle. The pill in this bottle was different from the rest, because the pill floated and exuded a silver light that reminded her of Wei Wuyin ’s gorgeously enchanting eyes.

’Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill? ’ As she saw this pill, her interest was invigorated and she inspected the descriptive card laid beside it. As she read the first sentence…


The second…

Ba-dum! Ba-dum!

The third and final sentence!


Her heart wasn ’t just pounding, it was thundering in her chest as her eyes widened in complete and utter disbelief! She even had the urge to scream out ’impossible ’ and rub her own eyes in incredulity! This couldn ’t be real, right? It shouldn ’t even be possible?! RIGHT?!?!

A wad of saliva traveled from her mouth through her throat heavily, and she felt her fingers faintly tremble. 

While she now knew that Wei Wuyin was a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist, always knew he was an incredible talent that could define an entire era, but wasn ’t this a little too much? This broke every belief she had established in cultivation and then some!

Wu Yu noticed her violent reaction, sending a mental message in the most concealed manner possible to her. ”What ’s wrong? ” 

Those two words snapped Wu Baozhai out of her thoughts like a flick of a switch. Her expression calmed with a few breaths, and she regained a neutral expression. She had utterly lost her composure, unbefitting of a Grand Princess. She calmly replied, ”Nothing. ”

She retrieved Wu Yu ’s rings and calmly placed it around her neck, the spatial ring for Wu Yu had vanished, clearly sucked into Wu Yu ’s ring. 

”… ” Wu Yu was suspicious. Did Wei Wuyin leave her an enormous amount of resources, or perhaps a way to deal with him in case he became unstable or unreliable? He didn ’t believe that Wei Wuyin had the ability to do the latter, but there was always a possibility. Fortunately, he never intended to act against Wei Wuyin ’s task, so he didn ’t need to worry. In fact, it was good if he did plan for the possibility of such a scenario. 

Wu Baozhai calmly integrated with the Myriad Monarch Sect members that wrote down the name of the organization, speaking in a loud, vocal manner that was empowered by her innate energies. It seemed the strange space didn ’t react as long as various forces weren ’t used. 

After an hour in informing the Myriad Monarch Sect members their right to choose: stay or depart for their own, stay with their clan, or attempt to join another force with a more prevalent and established base, she sent Wu Yu a mental message that she couldn ’t hold back anymore.

”Is it possible for a cultivator at the Soul Idol Phase to develop a Domain Seed? ” This question ate at her, feeling that it was ludicrous even saying it. It was like asking if a Qi Condensation Cultivator can manifest a Soul Idol. It shouldn ’t be possible, right? 

Wu Yu was still enthralled on his plans of regaining his original body, returning to his peak form, but Wu Baozhai ’s question broke him out of it. ”What? Domain Seed? ” He went silent for a long moment, considering it.

”I don ’t think so, but our world is incredibly vast and fantastical. If two or three Spirits of Cultivation can be forged and fused with one person, then who ’s to say cultivation has any clearly defined limits? ” The Sacred Elven Queen was renowned for fusing three Spirits of Cultivation while assailing the Astral Core Realm, so he was aware that conventions in cultivation can be broken.

Even Wei Wuyin was a prime representation of that, somehow having the means of an Alchemic Astral Soul yet maintaining his combat strength. Whether by method, bloodline, or spell, it was always possible to upturn conventional beliefs of cultivation. 

Wu Baozhai took a deep breath, and calmly exhaled. The Grand Monarch was right. The Dao of Alchemy had always set their own limits, even having ways to forge a tenth spatial ripple or soul ring. If this Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill said it could do this, then it was likely capable of doing it. 

The excitement in her heart bubbled.


Tuo Bihan left Wu Baozhai, returning to the group. He still had fifteen more rings to deliver, excluding his own, and most were here. When he returned, they were all still deliberating their choices.

Da Shan announced, ”I ’ll be taking the third option. I ’ll test the so-called might of the geniuses of this new starfield. They can ’t be that impressive, and if they are, I ’ll surely not back down. ” Her words stirred the hearts of quite a few present, feeling the same. Which one of them wasn ’t filled with pride and confidence? Which one of them weren ’t regarded as geniuses and talents even before Wei Wuyin showed up in their lives?

In a new environment, they all held a firm belief that they could establish themselves. With the beautiful demonic giantess speaking out, the others started to echo her sentiment. 

Su Mei glanced at Da Shan. This fierce woman had fought Wei Wuyin in physical combat after he visited the Extreme Demon Mountain, and she was suppressed, but her reputation prior was terrifying. She showed outstanding battle potential during the Grand Spirit Trials and a fearlessness to face all challenges. There was a hint of recognition in her eyes. 

”Me too, ” A fiery voice filled with passion followed. It belonged to Hong Ru, who turned to look at the icy white-haired beauty, Xiao Bing, next to her. Xiao Bing held her hand tighter and sweetly smiled, indicating her clear meaning: ”Wherever you go, I ’ll go. ” 

”The third option is our best option to establish our own foundation, etch out our own future. While I cherish the Myriad Monarch Sect, and I ’ll always be a disciple, I don ’t think Wei Wuyin would agree with us following it. We ’re Ascendants, first and foremost. Our main purpose isn ’t to develop the sect, but ourselves. ” A voice filled with determination resounded, drawing everyone ’s attention to note another beauty that had gone unnoticed.

Her screen had two names: Wei Wuyin & Su Mei. 

She was Wen Mingna. The woman who gave off a strange, vast, and unfathomable feeling spoke out! Those a part of the Valkyrie were well aware of Wen Mingna ’s identity, but not much about her cultivation or abilities. She didn ’t spar with others, but she always gave off an incredibly dangerous feeling that others felt was impossible to measure.

Prior to their Valkyrie status, Wen Mingna was a princess from the Wen Country of the Myriad Yore Continent. She was with Lin Ziyan and Wu Baozhai when she arrived as a participant. Her willpower was something else as she disfigured her face. 

Her firm words resonated with most. 

”I wholeheartedly agree, ” Tuo Bihan interjected. The eyes of everyone turned to him. ”I need to speak to each one of these people privately. I have a message left behind by Wei Wuyin for you. ”

Tuo Bihan ’s words caught them off-guard. But he listed out the names: ”Su Mei, Na Xinyi, Da Shan, Xiang Ling, Wen Mingna, Lin Ziyan, Xiao Bing & Hong Ru, and Qin Rui. I ’ll need to speak to Xiao Bing and Hong Ru together. ” 

”… ” Everyone was startled. Messages from Wei Wuyin? When? Why? But regardless of who, their hearts started to pound with excitement. This was especially so for Na Xinyi, after being told that Wei Wuyin would always consider her.

Mei Mei spoke out at this moment, breaking the silence: ”Where ’s Wei Wuyin? ” Her concern was genuine, and she elicited faint glances. 

But Tuo Bihan only stared impassively, realizing there wasn ’t a ring meant for Mei Mei, and he wasn ’t really certain of their relation. There was a ring for someone named Ying, but there was a note to say that he shouldn ’t publicize Ying ’s presence, merely be near Na Xinyi, Su Mei, or Xue Yifei, and say the word: ’Shadow ’. 

Su Mei turned to Mei Mei, ”You shouldn ’t be concerned. He ’s certainly fine. ” She was the only one who truly understood Wei Wuyin ’s feelings for Mei Mei, so she consoled her before moving towards Tuo Bihan. ”Let ’s find a space to talk. ”

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