Paragon of Sin

Chapter 579: Sea of Beauties

Suddenly having the attention of nearly a dozen world-toppling beauties left him feeling strange, but he regained his composure swiftly. He wasn ’t desirous or envious of Wei Wuyin, he just felt it was a little interesting. 

Unable to speak through concealed transmission, Tuo Bihan didn ’t elaborate or inform them of Wei Wuyin ’s intentions. He didn ’t know why Wei Wuyin decided to not come along, but since he had, then the reason must be important. Instead, he said: ”He ’s alive and well. When we settle ourselves, I ’ll explain everything. ” 

His first sentence settled their hearts, especially Qing Qiumu ’s. She knew that the last one to speak to Wei Wuyin was Tuo Bihan, so hearing him say this alleviated her worries by a considerable amount. That cement in her heart dissipated as she pressed her hands against her chest, producing a tantalizing scene despite its innocence.

Su Mei stared at Tuo Bihan for a long moment. She only looked away to see Qing Qiumu noticeably calmed down. Then, her eyes regained their serenity. Everyone present was taken abruptly, but she was aware of the Imperial Summons that Wei Wuyin had issued. This likely meant that Tuo Bihan and Qing Qiumu, one of the people that entered the strange realm with him, were most aware of his current condition.

The others were similarly concerned, but they could only set it aside for now despite their raging questions. If there was one individual none of them should be worried about, it was Wei Wuyin. 

Tuo Bihan was caught in a dilemma. The majority of the names tagged to these special spatial rings were located here, but he wasn ’t certain if it was safe to deliver them at the moment. He was also unaware of how efficient travel was or how vast this new location was. If they were split up, how long would it take to deliver these rings? 

Yet Su Mei took the lead, ”We have three options before us, we should decide what everyone, individually, intends to do. ” Her words were steadily spoken, yet they caused the hearts of everyone to stir.

”How can we decide such an important matter when Wei Wuyin isn ’t here? ” Someone questioned. It belonged to a gorgeous, grey-eyed beauty with an utterly mind-blowingly tantalizing air about her that could enrapture the senses. With long, light-brown hair and full, lustrous pink lips, she stood out amongst the sea of beauties with ease. Her warm, rich, golden and buttery brown skin accompanied by a bountiful pair of perky breasts held tightly together by her robe highlighted that drastic difference. 

Na Xinyi could be considered Wei Wuyin ’s fiancé, so her asking this was well within her rights. 

However, Da Shan audibly scoffed in response. Her displeasure was clear as day. She didn ’t like that Na Xinyi was engaged to Wei Wuyin. Most of them were clearly aware of how Na Xinyi was attached to the hip to a certain Grand Prince, only segregating after Wei Wuyin claimed total supremacy and became the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn, even having the starfield renamed after him.

So she was an opportunistic woman without shame in her eyes. And while jealousy likely affected her feelings towards Na Xinyi, it didn ’t fuel her dislike of Na Xinyi. The fuel was Na Xinyi ’s decision only after Wei Wuyin established himself as an individual with a limitless future.

Da Shan spoke her mind: ”I don ’t know about you, but my life doesn ’t revolve around a single man nor do I need his input to make a decision for me. ” 

Na Xinyi deeply frowned, glancing at Da Shan as faint yin mist exuded from her eyes. It was a natural expression of her unique physique, yet a strange, uncomfortable feeling overwhelmed the crowd. 

”You wrote his name too, same as me. ” Na Xinyi spat out defensively. Wei Wuyin ’s level of importance couldn ’t be stated more. That being said, Da Shan ’s words struck a heavy chord in her heart.

”That ’s right; but I ’m his woman, not his slave seeking his every approval for fear of being abandoned. Unlike someone here, ” Da Shan, however, didn ’t retreat. She fearlessly faced this shameless woman, glared, and brimmed with battle intent. The two seemed ready to come to blows.

”Enough! ” Lin Ziyan shouted to halt the developing situation. She was one of the few that understood that Na Xinyi had agonized over the decision long before Wei Wuyin and Long Chen ’s paths started to rapidly diverge, with one rising and the other unable to match that speed. 

Wu Baozhai chimed in, ”Su Mei ’s right; we need to determine which of the three choices we ’ll take, either as a group or individual. While Wei Wuyin ’s input is appreciated, he ’s not here, and he wouldn ’t want us to twiddle our thumbs like inept damsels. ” 

Wu Baozhai was well aware of Da Shan ’s comment, and she was similarly aware of what it meant. ’Perhaps this is the difference between him and Wei Wuyin… ’

Unlike the situation where Long Chen vanishing left them helpless like chickens without heads, Da Shan and Su Mei ’s first instincts were to move forward without question. Wei Wuyin was himself and they were their own person. When she remembered how she acted when she was with Long Chen, she even felt embarrassed. At that time, it was as if she was living for him, following him, not moving in her own life unless he was the trigger.

Na Xinyi harrumphed, but her eyes flashed with a softened emotion. ’I ’m not just his slave, I ’ll be his partner—his wife; his equal. ’ Wei Wuyin and her had met when she was at her weakest, and he gave her a new lease on life, and reminded her of the importance of strength. While she hated him for so long, this was only because she was naive, angry at the world for her weakness. 

She swore to herself that she wouldn ’t be weak. To her, waiting for her partner ’s input wasn ’t a sign of being a slave seeking approval, but being considerate. However, Da Shan reminded her that she couldn ’t act like she had with Long Chen, and she needed a form of independence. So while Da Shan ’s attitude and words towards her was quite ugly, she felt gratitude for this much-needed reminder.

”… ” Everyone went quiet for a moment, contemplating their own circumstances. 

Qin Rui glanced at these capable, devastatingly beautiful women, looking at those screens with Wei Wuyin ’s name on each of them. She couldn ’t help but pout for some reason, finding herself a little frustrated and insecure. She also realized they were brought together because they wrote the name of someone that wasn ’t even present.

At this moment of deep thought, a soft voice resounded: ”Su Mei? ”

Su Mei was startled by this voice, finding it incredibly familiar. She turned and her eyes slightly widened with disbelief.

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