Paragon of Sin

Chapter 577: Audience of Trillions

We ’re here! After a series of ups, downs, lefts, and rights, we ’ve concluded Volume 4 in a complete fashion. I want to say: thank you! For the support, the positivity, the well-wishes, the unyielding trust, and undying loyalty. If it wasn ’t for this, for you, who knows where I ’ll be. 

Now, let ’s delve into my thoughts about the volume, and my intentions moving forward. With Volume 4: Desolate Dragnet Region completed, we conclude a long, epic journey of Wei Wuyin ’s highest point in this Stellar Region, followed by the inevitable and heartbreaking end. A push to explore deeper into our ever-growing Paragon of Sin Universe. 

I grew extremely emotional at the end as I felt that this Volume perfectly enveloped all my intentions for this volume, and more. It highlighted Wei Wuyin ’s growth, as a person, as a schemer, as a fighter. I tried to encapsulate the essence of Volume 1, that sense of discovery and adventure. I realized that, with developing characters, scenery changes, and environmental differences, doing so will always be next to impossible. 

And that ’s not a bad thing. A story is always evolving, and while I can introduce various elements that were highlighted in previous volumes, getting that unique charm that older volumes have isn ’t practical. In fact, every volume should have its own defining charm, and I think each volume does. It makes them memorable. 

They will always feel fresh, changing, and that ’s what I ’m striving to achieve in Volume 5 as well. To create those unique moments where your heart races, or you feel awed, perhaps even add a little ’mouth-wide open and eyes bulging ’ effects. 

I feel like Volume 4 achieved that and more. The anticipation or what will happen, how it ’ll be resolved, etc. The death of Lian Yu was a shocker, I ’m sure. While far less than the Death of Long Chen, an almost expected event that everyone desired(including myself), it was definitely a defining moment. 

I was told one of the best scenes for an incredible reader in this volume was Wei Wuyin ’s epic move against He Yanglei. The epic scenes, lines, and developments, these are what defines a volume ’s charm. Making them memorable, and I love receiving feedback that Volume 4 was. Even if it was just one reader, I ’d still feel just as amazed.

We have exciting foreshadowing and set-ups for future arcs(as we ’ve always done every volume). We ’ve reached a point where all the foundational information has been settled, all the ongoing mysteries notwithstanding, the set-ups have been finished! The light at the end of the tunnel can be seen, but it is INCREDIBLY far away. Thankfully. 

All in all, I ’m completely content with what I ’ve done in these 250+ chapters. The longest Volume thus far. They always seem to be getting longer and longer with each succession. Don ’t know if that ’s a good thing, haha. 

For Volume 5, there ’ll be more focus on other characters. We have so many amazing characters with unique personalities to explore, so much depth and desire that hadn ’t been expanded upon, and this volume will ensure they receive their spotlight. Furthermore, some relationships could be solidified. (Wink, Wink).

The title of which will be:

Grand Cyclic Stellar Region!

A little update on Mental Health.

Near the end of last year, I reached a crescendo of life as many things kept piling on without end until I eventually broke. It affected my motivation, my creativity, and my will to associate with all things external, but I ’ve gotten considerably better. Partly because you guys are amazing, and partly because I ’ve been writing consistently, living life, and realizing what I want to be happy and pursuing it. 

I ’m far better than I ’ve been in years, but I won ’t just forget about my struggles. I know I can ’t let my guard down towards any threats to my mental state, and I ’ll strive to maintain my sanity and joy. 

Better than ever, but still vigilant.

<3 – Scheduling! Approaching the End of Volume 4 was extremely emotional, and near the end, I had slowed down the pace of uploads, even made them chaotic. It allowed me to process my emotions without pressure, pushing forward and knowing what I wish to achieve going forward. I still want 21/Weekly to be the standard going forward, especially considering how I hope the timeline for the novel will go moving forward, when it ’ll end, etc. But I won ’t give any promises. You can always expect 1 chapter a day. Always. (Unless it ’s during decided breaks/Afterword). With the maximum goal being 3/Daily, barring any bonuses from Prizes from Discord Quizzes or other juicy accolades we achieve. I post updates on my discord, and is fairly active so if you have any questions, don ’t be afraid! – Now, I thought about what to include in this Afterword to fit the word count to justify the coin purchase, so I ’ve decided to include a draft(A alternate future of Volume 4) in this chapter.  To give some context:  San Songli(Who is not the Temporal Reincarnator, San Yongli), is one of Wei Wuyin ’s women. San Songli is one of the two San Clan False Realmlords besides the San Clan Emperor. And he takes her out on a date! This happens in the now destroyed Starfield.  As most of you know, I have a habit of rewriting arcs to enrich them, but I think this was a chapter that was quite nice. While I do intend to do a date chapter in the future, it will likely not have San Songli(Of course) or the destroyed starfield(lol), it won ’t be this one. It ’ll be greater, grander, and more romantic. Still, enjoy! Also, don ’t talk about my naming sense! It ’s baller, poke-baller. – In the Tri-Vision Starfield, there were a myriad of astronomical bodies, including several mysterious planets, planetary satellites – a few of which exceeded the size of some planets, and three suns that formed their own perfect orbit. However, within the Tri-Vision Starfield, there was one location that was considered absolutely forbidden. This forbidden status was declared by the King of Everlore himself, and even Starlord level experts avoided the planet in the heyday of the starfield. Therefore, even today, there was no brave soul who would dare venture into the planet. And if they did… They weren ’t alive to tell the tale. In the Tri-Vision Starfield ’s northern quadrant, a planet rotated on its axis quietly. It wasn ’t particularly large. In fact, it could be considered rather small when compared to the various planetary bodies within the starfield. It was a small, blue planet. It gave off an icy sheen and billowing mist that even left its atmospheric limits. It was called Glaceon, the forbidden planet of ice.  At the edges of its atmosphere, a void portal formed and two figures walked out. The icy mist lingered. Wei Wuyin carried a faint smile as he regarded the planet below. San Songli ’s gorgeous figure trembled slightly. Her blazing red eyes flashed in shock and a hint of fear. ”Glaceon! ” She quietly exclaimed. As a fire cultivator, the icy aura left her feeling vulnerable and in danger. Subconsciously, she stepped back. Her own fire aura started to simmer to counteract the icy aura of the planet. ”Why did you bring me here? ” Her fiery gaze met Wei Wuyin ’s calm smile, and her heart contained doubts. However, while she was one quick to jump to conclusions, she wasn ’t an idiot. If Wei Wuyin wished to bring her harm or end her life, he had the strength and means to do so by himself, there was utterly no need to bring her into an environment that could weaken her. Wei Wuyin knew she would react like this, so he remained calm. ”This is the location of our date. ” ”… ” San Songli frowned. Location of the date? If she got any closer, her body would instantly freeze to death. Even Starlords wouldn ’t dare enter this planet due to its abnormally low temperature. Its icy surface was naturally exuding a mist that can bring things to absolute zero.  She had never gone on a ’date ’ before, so she didn ’t know what to expect. As a woman who originated from an upper-class cultivation family, she had never needed to entertain a mortal ’s attempt to date. Her relationship was decided by her family who selected a suitable suitor with sufficient talent, looks, and status. As long as he was bearable, she would ’ve accepted anyone who fit that criteria. In the end, her selected husband had fallen behind on the difficult road of cultivation and turned to dust, while her children, children ’s children, and children ’s children ’s children had either perished or neared old age. After all, she was over two thousand years of age. ”Is this what a date is? ” She questioned, her tone somewhat cold. In fact, the cold made her cold due to her fiery attribute. ”Haha, ” Wei Wuyin chuckled lightly. He calmly explained, ”I was thinking about what I should do for our first date. Should we explore the world and see the incredible sights? Should I create a grand display, fireworks, majestic animals, and the works? Should I try to impress you to the limits of your imagination or even beyond? ”But then it hit me. I don ’t want to be superficial. I ’ve long since shown you what I can offer you. My status as a Grand Imperial Sage of the Myriad Monarch Sect, Mortal Sovereign Alchemist, and an inherently strong cultivator. A date shouldn ’t be me bringing out my biggest resume and presenting it to you or setting up a grand ploy to bring you wonders. ”Everyday you ’re with me, everyday after you ’ve truly accepted me, all the things I can do or have will similarly be yours. ” As he spoke, he stared at San Songli directly in her beautiful eyes. To him, these words came from his belief in their future. San Songli ’s frown lessened, but she was still a little curious. Wei Wuyin ’s smile grew larger. ”So, I decided the best course of action is to find the most comfortable place for you, a place where you can truly feel at home and relax in an environment to your utmost liking and we can just…talk. ” San Songli was taken aback. ”Talk? ” She asked. Wei Wuyin nodded, adding: ”And eat, of course. ” ”Eat… ” San Songli truly felt that Wei Wuyin was incomprehensible. ”Then why bring me to the environment I ’d hate the most? ” ”Well. In truth, I scoured for a year to find a suitable place, and this planet, Glacieon, was the most suitable. ” Wei Wuyin answered. ”…what? ” She had absolutely no idea what Wei Wuyin was saying. How could a planet covered in year-long frost aura of absolute zero, a place of absolute death, also be the most comfortable place in the Tri-Vision Starfield? ”Haha, well. ” Wei Wuyin stepped forward and looked down towards the icy planet. ”I spent the next two years devising a unique astral art. Have you heard of ’Terraforming ’? ”  San Songli nodded, ”It ’s changing the atmospheric and astronomical state of a celestial body. ” Terraforming was an astonishing possibility that astral cultivators could achieve when they developed their Star Core. The Four Ways Continent was terraformed from its base state of land to what it was via various essences and energy infusions over a period of time. However, it required a very long period of time and dedication to even hope to achieve it, as a planet was far too vast and intricate to do so quickly. Only self-created continental flat earths were easier to change in this regard, taking centuries instead of millineas.  Wei Wuyin reached his hand out and quietly said, ”Do you trust me? ” San Songli paused, her eyes tracing Wei Wuyin ’s body until she focused on his outstretched palm that seemed to invite her in. As a cultivator, she inherently grew a natural paranoia and vigilance towards others, and this type of state of mind had kept her alive and allowed her to reach her current heights.  Despite that, her mind was telling her that Wei Wuyin was trustworthy. She only hesitated a little before she steeled her heart. Regardless, to her, Wei Wuyin was a man that shouldn ’t be measured using common sense and his intent and desires were unfathomable, so she may as well accept it. After all, she was already here. If she didn ’t possess a little bit of trust in him, why be here? She reached out and lightly grasped his palm in her jade-like hands. Wei Wuyin ’s smile grew ever more brilliant. ”Let ’s go! ”  He clenched a little harder on the palm and descended towards Glaceon ’s outer atmosphere. The icy aura and frosty mist lingered, yet Wei Wuyin ignored it all. San Songli unconsciously circulated her cultivation base, causing her body to emit a blazing heat, yet it did little before the icy aura.  As they entered the atmosphere, she felt her entire body start to stiffen from the pervasion of the planet ’s aura. However, as she saw the surface of the planet, her eyes couldn ’t help but widen. It was… It was…beautiful. The surface was like a field of icy diamonds for rocks, cliffs, for land! The entire surface was as if it was composed of crystals and lingering within these crystals were the manifestation of an aurora borealis that radiated all sorts of delicate and astonishing colors. San Songli had lived for two thousand years and had yet to ever see such a sight. The way the light reflected on the surface of each crystal made the surroundings become a cascade of colors that shimmered. She had forgotten the cold as her hand reached out and touched the various rays of light. Her flawless palm meeting those dazzlingly gorgeous lights created a picture-esque scene of an immortal fairy touching divinity. Wei Wuyin had his mind focused elsewhere, but when a ray touched his face, he subconsciously turned his gaze around… Thump! His heart thumped with so much power that it stopped for but a breath. The sight of San Songli carelessly inspecting the lights and how they refracted from the icy diamond like mountains and surface to land on her body created a perfect picture. One he would never forget. He had nearly forgotten himself, but the icy chill once more sobered his mind. Laughing a little to himself, he turned towards the approaching diamond surface and pressed his palm forward. Astral Art: Utmost Elemental Shift. While true terraforming was nearly impossible, he had devised an idea of using his Heart of Elements Intent to initiate a shift. While he couldn ’t impose this will on the entire planet, an area of a few dozen kilometers was definitely a possibility. Therefore, he selected an icy mountain that stood high and proud and surged his astral energy within. A magnificent change occurred. The icy mountain didn ’t shatter when it came into contact with the astral energy infused with intent, nor did the lights dissipate. Instead, a flame seemed to be birthed from within the mountain that didn ’t melt. This flame was icy-blue but it strangely emitted a heat that seemed to interact and co-exist with the icy-aura. In fact, it fed off and fueled itself on this icy aura. San Songli ’s distracted eyes were drawn to the icy-blue flame and the diamond mountain. She was startled when she realized the temperature of the surroundings were increasing unceasingly.  ”This… ” the icy-aura that lingered on her body was drawn to the mountain containing this gorgeous flame. In a flash, they landed on a flat portion of the mountain. It seemed to have been perfectly carved and the location was the perfect place to view the various lights emanating from the surroundings, and yet it wasn ’t too blinding. A perfect location to observe and rest. ”I don ’t have the ability to change the entire world yet, but I can at least make this place… ” he didn ’t finish as he smiled. He could already see that icy-blue flame emissions of heat enter both of their bodies, providing an eerily comfortable feeling within. ”How is this possible? ” San Songli asked in bewilderment. When Wei Wuyin said he had found the place most comfortable for her, she felt he was lying, but the newly emitted heat and its respective aura was truly the best she had ever felt. She felt at home. In fact, if she let herself completely indulge in this feeling, she may even be moaning. It was as if every fiber of her skin, hair, muscle, and nerves were being given the most delicate massage. Wei Wuyin rubbed his nose when he thought about how he should answer. This wasn ’t only because of his intent, but about a thousand astral formations and arrays constructed from the gentlest fire materials in the entire starfield. He had to pay a mountain sum to procure so much, had to come down here personally as no one outside of himself could even survive a few moments in this death trap, and spent months setting everything up. Not only that, it ’ll only last for about a day at most. The energy and materials were being rapidly consumed. If he could, he would terraform the entire planet, but this planet exuded the Absolute Zero Intent over every inch of its surface. It would take centuries to do that. Not only that, it wouldn ’t be as comfortable as right now. The best he could do due to its extreme nature of ice was transform Absolute Zero to Absolute Hot, thereby changing this planet into the fourth star of this starfield. That would be literal hell. Even then, it wouldn ’t be sustainable for long, becoming a pseudo-star until the planet ’s star core inevitably burnt out. Once more thinking of the price that could buy another Myriad Monarch Sect, he felt like coughing blood a little, even if he was obscenely wealthy. ”How about we keep that as a mystery for now? ” Awkwardly, he chuckled. San Songli was a talented cultivator in her own right with immense experience. She could feel that the astral art earlier wasn ’t the core reason for change but the trigger. There were a lot of arrays and formations set-up that activated and she felt an immense amount of fire energy from within the mountain itself. She gazed suspiciously at Wei Wuyin for a moment, but witnessing his expression, she decided to not press. Wei Wuyin changed the subject as he waved his hand forward and a table for two appeared in a blink. It was already set with plates and various utensils. He had several of the highest renown chefs in the entire starfield cook and finish the meals seconds before he arrived on Planet Everlore. All of which were San Songli ’s favorite meals and desserts. Of course, he had to do some dark bribing to get this information discreetly. It was true what they say: Money can buy everything. If he had ill-intentions towards the San Clan, he was shocked how easy it was to obtain crucial information or bribe traitors. The clan was nearly rotten from top to bottom. He had even obtained the finest wine that was aged nearly four thousand years, and it was San Songli ’s favorite type. This was a struggle to acquire and he even met with a few fakes, but with some luck and wealth, even that was obtained. To be honest, the wine itself cost a literal fortune. The seller could buy a planet or two. Even Wei Wuyin felt his heart clench at this very thought. Despite that, it was all worth it. Because when they sat, when he revealed the meals and the wine in this unique and beautiful environment, he got to see something he would never forget. A smile. A genuine smile. It was all worth it.

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