Paragon of Sin

Chapter 573: As If Searching

tellar Region. When a cultivator reaches the Earthly Saint, helping a Spatial Resonance Phase junior forge an artificial Domain Seed is well within their ability. I ’ve done so twice myself. However, it needs support from various mystic-rank materials or alchemical products. ” Wang Yutian said with a little shrug in his tone. It was clear that he didn ’t find this odd.

But Wei Wuyin fell silent. His product was a ninth-grade, and could perform the deed itself. From his experimentations and mental calculations, this was its effect.

”What about the flaws? ” 

”Flaws? Oh. The Domain Seed is hard to stabilize because the Soul Aura used to forge it belongs to the Earthly Saint. Its the purging of this Soul Aura that is required, lest all sorts of issues will manifest. That other Chosen child will suffer a lot of complications. A lot. ” Wang Yutian emphasized the issues. While he didn ’t list them, he ensured that Wei Wuyin knew it was numerous and disastrous.

Because of the Engorging Foundation Evil Method, the Soul Aura of three individuals were intermixed with the Domain Seed of Lin Ming, including himself.

”… ” Wei Wuyin went silent. He had used the Soul Ash of Divine Jade and Spiritual Mana to help facilitate the merging of one ’s Soul Aura based on their Spirit of Cultivation, the fragment of their Soul Aura present within. After thinking about the other additional materials, contemplating the various methods used to concoct his product.

”…FUCK! ” Like a bolt of lightning, Wei Wuyin ’s shouted in frustration. With gritted teeth, he looked visibly vexed.

”What happened?! ” Wang Yutian was startled by the outburst. 

With deep inhales and steady exhales, it took quite a while to calm himself down. After Wei Wuyin ’s mind settled, he couldn ’t help but let loose an amused chuckle. 

Wang Yutian thought Wei Wuyin was going insane. What was going on in that mind of his?

In fact, Eden was releasing throbbing pounds of mental energy throughout his Sea of Consciousness. It, too, was vexed. 

”Nothing. I just realized I made a mistake in my allocation of materials in a recipe I created. If I changed the method used, and added a bit more, I think I could ’ve solved the issue that prevented me from concocting peak-quality products. Haha, ” Wei Wuyin shook his head. During his concoction process, he could only reach the theorized high-quality product for the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill. He was rushing, so he didn ’t have time to delve into it, but he finally understood why he couldn ’t reach the peak-quality.

The peak-quality would, in theory, conjure a genuine Worldly Domain, not a False Worldly Domain, and be able to merge with the Domain Seed manifested by the Realm World Astral Tribulation. The end-result was Worldly Domain that would terrify the world!

Unfortunately, he couldn ’t figure out what he was missing, but now he did: Attunement. If he used a little more Spiritual Mana via a better fusion method, it was all but guaranteed. The vexation originated from this tiny change having a massive difference, and both he and Eden missed it.

”… ” If Wang Yutian knew the specifics of what Wei Wuyin was talking about, perhaps his entire belief in alchemy might be overturned. A ninth-grade pill that can flawlessly perform the task of an Earthly Saint? And it was conjured by a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist under the age of fifty? What were those mystic-rank alchemists doing with their thousands of years?!

Putting that aside, Wei Wuyin decided to concoct peak-quality Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill and forge four Domain Seeds for his Astral Souls later. With the Primal Yin Energies and contained comprehension he ’d obtained, including the forged Domain Seeds, he had no doubt that reaching the Gravity Emission Phase will be far, far easier. 

As for the low and high-quality products sent to the others, it should be enough. At least they should be devoid of complications, experiencing all the benefits with no disadvantages. 

”We ’ve gotten sidetracked. What about this Star-Devourer? You said its strange that its in a desolate stellar region, why? ” Wei Wuyin was reminded of his first question, returning back to it.

”Oh, that? Right. I said before that a Star-Devourer typically resides in better environments, and that ’s because, like other things in an functioning ecological system, there ’s a reason for any type of creature to exist. The Star-Devourer exists to prevent an over saturation of solar stars from emerging. At least, that ’s the prevailing theory of their existence. But this isn ’t a problem in desolate stellar regions, that ’s why they ’re called ’desolate ’. So it ’s like an apex predator entering an area with little to no prey. Its just not practical.

”The death of a Star Core Phase Cultivator sends out their Star Core that ’ll eventually become Solar Stars in the far off future. But if too many gather in close proximity, they can start to collide and produce a terrifying force, generating an explosion far greater than a detonation of a single Solar Star. It ’s capable of wiping out entire starfields. We call these events Scarlet Collisions. 

”These Starlet Collisions aren ’t limited to just two Solar Stars. Even three, four, or thirteen can collide at the same time. Its an astronomical phenomenon, like a domino effect, and the gravitational force produced by two Solar Stars gathers more nearby in a certain range. I ’ve been told of one having over three hundred stars in one collision. It was called the Great Scarlet Divide, and it destroyed half a Stellar Region, splitting it in two, in an extremely short period of time. ”

”… ” Wang Yutian ’s words caused Wei Wuyin ’s heartbeat to accelerate. The memory flashes of starfields that were utterly devastated emerged in his thoughts. While he knew they weren ’t due to Scarlet Collisions, the thought of this abruptly happening while he was sleeping, cultivating, or basking in his life was a terrifying thought. 

”But desolate stellar regions rarely have Star Core Phase cultivators, so they don ’t produce enough to feed a Star-Devourer or warrant one existing in it. That ’s why its so strange, and from what I can see, this Star-Devourer has already eaten some Solar Stars along the way, as if casually satiating its hunger while looking for something, and has been here for a long, long time. If it was truly eating, then this tiny stellar region would ’ve died out in a few decades, ” Wang Yutian stated, highlighting the oddity once more.

Wei Wuyin ’s heart halted for a moment. He lifted his gaze and observed the approaching white dot that seemed like a miniature star at this moment. 

Searching for something…

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