Paragon of Sin

Chapter 572: Another Life

Red Dove City wasn ’t extremely developed or advanced technologically. It was situated in a relatively lackluster location with few low-yield essence stone mines stationed nearby. There was a steady workflow that made it self-sufficient, but the agricultural aspect was its bread and butter. 

The city had a few plantations that set it apart from others, being well-versed in exporting. It grew various herbs, including the herb that established its name: Red Dove Sage. The was used as a cooking additive and material for Foundation Establishment Realm-level alchemical products. The most popular product was the Meridian Stimulating Pill. 

Wei Wuyin arrived at the unguarded gate, noticing that its circular-shape was distinctively different than he remembered. It had been more than twenty years since he last came here. When he did, the ground was soaked in blood by his men, by his saber. 

He softly touched the changed gate, remembering his wrathful return. The scent of blood that attacked his nostrils, the screams of despair and pleading cries, and the anger. The anger was the most memorable moment.

It was the only thing he felt, completely raw and unabated by the slightest of gentleness. 

”Is this your home? ” Wang Yutian ’s voice interrupted his thoughts. Rightfully so as the rage that had once vanished had somehow reappeared, and even his silver eyes were slowly being dyed in a vengeful red. 

Those words broke him out of this ensuing hole of memories. But he didn ’t answer for a long time, standing there for over an hour as he looked at the gate. Time seemed to lose its importance at this moment, seemingly becoming inconsequential. 

”It was. ” After saying those two words, he entered the city with steady steps. The buildings were all open, some restaurants had plates of food and cups of drink still out in the open. The sudden and abrupt relocation of the citizens of the city was apparent. 

He arrived at the main street, observing the unlit, ten-feet tall lamp poles that would be illuminated at night. 


A young boy, no more than three years old, with short black hair and silver eyes had his legs and arms wrapped around a lit lamp pole with a decorated lamp at the top, the darkness of the night being dispersed by the faint burning radiance within. There were beads of sweat trickling down his forehead as he tried to pull himself closer to the flame.

”What are you doing? ” A voice echoed out behind him. It was soft, gentle, and maternal. The warmth it radiated was comforting, yet the questioning tone held a little amusement at the boy ’s antics.

”I ’m trying…I ’m trying to get it! ” The young boy grunted as he slipped down the pole powerlessly. His concentration being broken led to his downfall. However, he didn ’t quit as he tried to climb again.

”The lamp? You think its pretty? ” The voice asked.

”Yes! Yes! ” The boy gritted his teeth unyieldingly as his attempts led to eventual failure once more.

”Why do you want it? We have plenty of pretty things at home. ” 

After failing one last time, the boy slipped down on his buttocks and stared at the flame within the lamp with a disgruntled pout. ”Dai Lin said she ’s scared of the dark, and she likes pretty things. If I can get it! ” 

”Oh? Little Dai? I see, ” the voice was quite amused. ”Then work hard. ”

”Momma! Can ’t you get it for me? ” The boy asked with a heavy pour of pleading in his voice. 

”If I get it for you, then it ’ll be as if I got it for Little Dai. You don ’t want that, do you? ” The warm voice neared closer, the fragrance that it contained was enchanting, relaxing the mind and soothing the restless heart. 

The young boy grunted, ”No… ” 

”Good. Now, ” the voice urged.

The young boy took a deep breath and rose back up. The concept of giving up, of allowing others to accomplish your goals, wasn ’t a principle he held in his heart. With a few more leaps and climbs, getting the hang of it, a decorated lamp went missing that day.


Wei Wuyin ’s eyes were fixated on the lamb at the top of the pole. While it lacked the festive decorations, the design was the exact same. He kept moving, passing the various street stalls that had cold food and warm drinks lying around. There were also all sorts of trinkets sold by peddlers.

”When I was young, I would often come here to buy random trinkets. I collected things I ’d never seen before, put them in display cases and kept them in a small room. ” Wei Wuyin ’s words flowed naturally, recalling his habits.

”Why? ” Wang Yutian asked. 

”…I swore to myself that I would find all these things myself one day. Not buy them, just a reminder of my dream to travel the world one day. ” 

”Did you? ” 

Wei Wuyin wistfully looked at the empty streets, then lifted his gaze towards the horizon in the distance. ”It ’s a funny story, actually. Everything I collected was destroyed long ago, but I did travel the world. When I lost myself for almost a decade, I traveled with the help of my sect and collected all those things and more. I guess even though my mind wasn ’t me, I was still me. ”

The ’him ’ in the Eden Earth Sect traveled a lot after completing his Alchemic Soul and obtained status. His desires somehow leaked and he was brought to various countries of the Myriad Yore Continent, saw all sorts of things as he practiced the Alchemy. 

Wei Wuyin kept walking until he arrived at the central square. This was the location where public executions and city-wide announcements were held. A somewhat skinny man with despair written on his face emerged in his mind. That man then said the most ridiculous thing as his last words, resulting in an uproar of laughter. 

In the end, the man was saved by him and brought away. 

”Du Ling… ” That moment had changed his viewpoint of people, of life inside him. The sorrows he felt prior had been washed away as he came to that realization. 

The lovable chubby butler had found a family and became an Outer Elder of the Scarlet Solaris Sect. Prior to the abrupt departure, Wei Wuyin kept religious tabs on him to ensure his happiness. The guy that could only speak his most nonsensical desire facing death had established a family, having a litter of children, and a harem of his own.

Years ago, he was extremely tempted to bring him away to travel after leaving the Scarlet Solaris Sect, but he stopped himself. Du Ling wasn ’t a talented cultivator, and he was living his greatest dream. Ensuring his continued safety and prosperity of his ever-growing family was enough at that time. 

Wei Wuyin had wanted to wait until he overcame the Calamity of Hell, knowing that he could do so, before he returned to bring Du Ling to a grander world. This was especially so after learning that Du Ling had attempted to end himself three times after his disappearance. It was Su Mei who kept him alive, gave him another purpose in life, and helped him become an Outer Elder.

If he were to vanish again…

”…We ’ll see each other again, one day. ”

From the square, Wei Wuyin could see a tall mountain in the distance to the east. It was once covered in faint violet-colored mist that gave off a demonic feeling, but now it was simply a lifeless mountain.


A teen boy, roughly thirteen years old, arrived at the base of a mountain covered in violet mist. The mist exuded an aura of discomfort, yet the boy ’s silver eyes radiated a desire for adventure. 

”Wait! Wuyin, wait! ” A young teen girl, human, delicate, and pretty was running behind him. Her expression was pale as she arrived, her breathing a little haggard. She clutched against the boy ’s arm with both hands, ”We can ’t! The savage demons exist there! ”

”Savage demons? That ’s what those old farts say. What ’s beyond isn ’t something we ’ll know until we see it ourselves. ” The confident tone in the young boy ’s voice was in full force, suffused with excitement. The unknowns of the mountain invigorated his senses and pounded his heart.

”No! Wuyin! We can ’t… ” The teen girl pleaded, fear apparent in her eyes. 

”Dai Lin, don ’t you trust me? ” With a bright, attractive smile that could swoon the hearts of most women, the boy turned and asked.

”I..uh… ” Stammering, the young girl ’s pale complexion was overrun by a pinkish blush. She was already swept in his pace, unable to extricate herself. 

”Then, let ’s go! ” 


That was the day his life changed forever. 

A life filled with heartrending partings that ’ll last forever.

His legs soon brought him further into the city until he found it. The location where most of his childhood memories were. It was also the location where the most painful memories started.

The residence that he, his brother, and his parents once lived in.

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