Paragon of Sin

Chapter 566: Neo-Dawn Eclipses All

Without warning, and mysteriously without any evidence of a culprit, beasts and beastmen of the starfield vanished like a story out of the apocalypse. From the baby fishes swimming in ponds to unborn eggs, even mosquitoes, had vanished! The continental flat earths and planets went absolutely mad with panic and fear!

Were the demons going to be next? Humans? Elves? Who had such means to take every living beast without anyone noticing? It was downright terrifying, and no one wanted to leave their homes. Those who had wives and husbands of beastmen were searching frantically, they even resorted to extreme methods of facing enemies that might ’ve had a hand in it.

But when it was revealed that it wasn ’t limited to just a single location, flat continental earth, or planet, the world descended into a quiet state. There was almost no conflict during these days, and everyone feared they too would vanish at a moment ’s notice.

People cherished their unknown remaining time, settled their differences, and sought to reveal their feelings to the ones they loved. While some were rejected, others found love and contentment. An unintentional consequence of such abrupt disappearance without explanation. Still, a foreboding atmosphere fell on the continent.

On a voidship, Lin Ming and Bai Yuxi were standing at the railing as they observed the starfield. Lin Ming was staring at the floating continent that lingered quietly in the distance. This was his home—Myriad Yore Continent. 

There was an emotional glint in his grey eyes, nostalgic remembrance within. It was where he met Senior Sister Lin, where he changed his destiny and discovered his talent. He was exposed to a greater world early on, and he always knew that he would leave, but to know that it was so soon caused a wisp of bitterness to be born within his heart.

”Is there really nothing that can stop the Tiangou? ” Lin Ming absentmindedly asked Bai Yuxi. While he had asked this once before, he was unwilling to accept this. Why was the Star-Devourer approaching?! It wasn ’t fair that his home was about to meet its end.

Bai Yuxi glanced at the handsome side profile of this young man beside her, feeling his emotions and wanting to comfort him. But she sighed as her hands lifted only to drop helplessly, ”Nothing. If the Tiangou has spotted this starfield, it ’ll devour those Solar Stars without question. ”

Lin Ming clenched his teeth, revealing his tensed jaw. ”What about moving all the planets and continents away? Put them in a World Realm? ” 

Bai Yuxi shook her head, ”Too little time. Moving flat continental earths and planets is an arduous task, and establishing a World Realm isn ’t a feat that can be accomplished in a few years let alone two weeks. I ’m sorry. ” There were more intricate reasons, but these were enough. 

Lin Ming gripped the railing and leaned forward, ”What if we just save the Myriad Yore Continent? Just one continent. ”

”…It ’s possible. ” Bai Yuxi considered it, but a voice sounded out from behind her.

”The Myriad Yore Continent belongs to the Everlore Association. Since they are taking action, if they want to save the continent, they will. If our sect were to take action, it would be no different than stealing what ’s theirs. ” Senior Sister Lin waltzed into view, her eyes staring at the far-off distance.

Lin Ming loosened his grip and sighed, turning around and carrying a faint smile. ”Senior Sister Lin, I… ”

”No need, ” Senior Sister Lin calmly halted his next words. She turned to Bai Yuxi, ”I ’ve already received the report from the Primary Overseer of the Elementus Chosen Trial. ” Her voice was flat, but one could sense the hint of anger in her tone.

Bai Yuxi ’s expression paled behind her veil, her heart throbbing fiercely. She had directly interfered with the trial and helped Lin Ming develop a False Worldly Domain, leading him to a careless loophole that allowed him to become Chosen. Worse, there wasn ’t just a single Chosen.

Wei Wuyin had somehow gained its approval. As the Second Chosen, it was a gross development that might lead to all sorts of issues. Furthermore, Lin Ming had lost to Wei Wuyin, surrendered to Wei Wuyin and was sealed. After being sealed, an Ascended had intervened and broke his bindings. 

Even more, the Ascended had halted Wei Wuyin from claiming the Chosen title prior, directly intervening yet she hadn ’t declared Tang Xingyun disqualified due to this interference, completely ignoring her duties as a Secondary Overseer. She was explicitly there to represent the True Element Sect and prevent just this from happening.

She softly gulped. 

Lin Ming ’s heart tensed. 

Senior Sister Lin was silent for a moment and looked at Lin Ming, ”Show me. ” 

”Show you? ” Lin Ming was confused. 

”Your domain. Show me, ” she demanded. 

Lin Ming nodded. Without hesitation, he tapped into his unique Domain Seed that formed within his chest, located between both of his breastplates. With a flicker of light, a sphere of translucent light expanded and engulfed a range of ten meters. It was quite small, but it exuded a distinctively powerful World Pressure.

”… ” Senior Sister Lin calmly inspected the False Worldly Domain and was quite intrigued by its development. ”Astonishing. To use such a method to forcefully form and implant a Domain Seed, its quite exquisite. Ingenious, in fact. Can you sense the powers that comprise it? ”

Lin Ming nodded, ”I can. I feel that in a month, I ’ll be able to ascend into the Light Reflection Phase with ease. In three years, even the Gravity Emission Phase will be in my reach. ” 

”Fascinating! ” Senior Sister Lin exhaled out her awe, finding this development exceptional. For a cultivator to devise a False Worldly Domain prior to the Realm World Phase, it was inconceivable. There was an alchemical product that was known for Gravity Emission Phase experts to reach the Realm World Phase without the tribulation, possessing Spatial Force and a False Worldly Domain. It was utterly unprecedented for a Spatial Resonance Phase cultivator to develop one.

”Can you use Spatial Force? ” She asked, intrigued by what limitations and abilities this type of False Worldly Domain bestowed.

Lin Ming frowned, lifting up his hands and focusing with extreme intensity. After a few minutes, a wad of silver light exited from his palm. The wad of light was unstable yet gave off fluctuations of spatial power. 

”Spatial Force! ” Bai Yuxi exclaimed in amazement. Despite being the cause, she didn ’t expect the False Worldly Domain to be able to bestow Lin Ming with such abilities. At most, it might just give him World Pressure. Was it possible for Lin Ming to be considered a Minor Realmlord?! 

Senior Sister Lin stared at the unstable wad of silver light for a long moment, then nodded her head. ”With this, it shouldn ’t be an issue for you to establish yourself as a legitimate Chosen. At least, in the beginning. Fortunately, the Elementus Cache should provide you with enough resources to jump start your faction. You might not rival the other Chosens initially, but with time and good decisions, you ’ll not be the least bit inferior. ”

”… ” Lin Ming was sent into a strange silence.

Bai Yuxi ’s eyes brightened with a joyous light. It seemed her mistake was being ignored, and she wouldn ’t be punished! She felt the urge to turn and kiss Lin Ming, but she recalled a matter from Senior Sister Lin ’s words. There was the particular matter regarding the Enlightenment Soul Pulse Elixirs. Her soul was still damaged, and she couldn ’t even cultivate properly, even thinking was hard for her sometimes. 

It is likely that the Ascended will find Lin Ming and ask for the elixir after they reach the starfield. After all, ninth-grade alchemical products weren ’t easy or cheap, let alone soul-mending or restoration products. The value of it would cost even elite Starlords an arm, their legs, and then some. There was no way they would forget, and Tang Xingyun definitely needed it.

”… ” Lin Ming ’s silence turned the situation awkward, his expression turning unsightly. The memory of Wei Wuyin stealing everything and pushing him out was freshly recalled, and a burning hatred exploded in his heart. He was just about to speak, but he thought about something.

”What about Wei Wuyin? ” Lin Ming asked Senior Sister Lin.

Taken aback, Senior Sister Lin frowned. ”Wei Wuyin? ” She knew of this highly regarded Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn, but she was confused why he was brought up. The report mentioned only that Lin Ming had used a loophole to overcome the trial, which caused her anger because his status will certainly be challenged. She wanted him to claim victory directly, but this will do.

A Spatial Resonance genius with a False Worldly Domain and Spatial Force will have to be taken seriously by the Elementus Council. If they didn ’t, they would be fools.

When those words were said, Lin Ming ’s heart throbbed. She didn ’t know?! He glanced at Bai Yuxi, but her veil concealed her expression yet Lin Ming felt her confusion. He thought of something and said: ”The Elementus Cache, it was emptied. Everything had been taken. ” 

He lied. 

No, he explained the situation vaguely without full facts and timeline.

”What?! ” Senior Sister Lin and Bai Yuxi both released exclamations of surprise.

Just as they were about to ask for more, as if timely intervention, the Dark Void started to brighten. A criss-cross net of light that resembled an aurora borealis of silver and blue shades blanketed the skies, from the top, bottom, and all sides, the entire starfield was encapsulated by this net of light.

Bai Yuxi shouted out in surprise, ”World-Shifting Net! ” 

Senior Sister Lin calmly said as she regarded the beautifully phenomenal scenery in the Dark Void, ”They ’re finally taking action. ”

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