Paragon of Sin

Chapter 55: Sublime Ascension

”What?! ” Wei Wuyin was deeply shocked. What gave him this shock wasn ’t the revealment of her identity. From her attire, her physical appearance, how the others respected her words and acted with caution, as well as the news of the Helios Witch ascending to the Godlord status and residing within the Scarlet Solaris Sect, this was a conclusion anyone with half a brain could deduce.

However, what gave him a heart-throbbing shock was her name! Mei Yang!


She was an actual relative to Mei Mei! This was his conclusion reached after learning how, not only did the Helios Witch help Mei Mei recover from life-threatening injuries, but took her without the sect taking major actions against her. After all, Mei Mei was a core disciple.

However, if she was a relative who brought her away for cultivation, then that made complete sense. She wasn ’t ’kidnapped by ’ but ’left with ’.

However, he didn ’t lose himself completely, swiftly recovering, clasping his hands, and giving a deep bow. ”Greetings, Godlord Mei. ”

In proper etiquette of address, it was respectful to refer to those who ’ve attained mortal ’godhood ’ as God Or Godlord followed by their family name, not their known titles. This followed true for every instance: Godlord Lin, God Gu, etc.

While they each had a variety of titles, such as Wu Xinghong was known as the Scarlet Warlord, others directly addressed him as Ancestral Elder or Godlord Wu. If it was from a conversation, to avoid confusion with other God or Godlord Wu ’s, others would say The Scarlet Warlord or Ancestral Elder of the Scarlet Solaris Sect.

Even before, outside of a direct conversation, Wei Si and Wei Wuyin had always referred to Godlord(God at the time) Mei as The Helios Witch.

Even Su Lanyi had her own title. In fact, all Mortal Gods and higher at least had one. This was either chosen by them or the people based on their characteristics or accomplishments. It was a rite of passage of sorts.

Godlord Mei maintained her beautiful smile as she asked, ”Do you have romantic feelings for Mei Mei? ”

Wei Wuyin was thoroughly taken aback by her abrupt question. In fact, the tense atmosphere had grown even more silent, all eyes looked towards him with various emotions. When Wei Wuyin saw that beautiful smile, he felt that it desired to see the world in chaos.

Should he tell the truth or lie?

When he thought about Mei Mei, while she wasn ’t the most beautiful woman or even the purest, their acts of passion left marks on his heart. All things considered, he idolized her and deeply respected her.

Deep in his heart, he hoped to be her hero or avenger, to do right by her and win her eye. In fact, he had set aside several top-tier pills to do just that. These were most definitely considered romantic feelings, even if its not love.

He didn ’t feel like lying, ”I do. ”

When those two words were said, Wu Chen ’s aura that had been oddly wild and uncontrolled grew still and calm. His smiling expression retracted and became neutral. There was no anger, hatred, or any sort of emotion revealed from his handsome face.

”Haha! ” Godlord Mei covered her mouth as she laughed heartily, ”Good! Good! Good! ” Saying that three times, she glanced towards Wu Chen and then Wei Wuyin.

”Wei Wuyin, do you know what a Dao Companion is? ”

”… ” Wei Wuyin stilled. In the end, he sighed, now realizing the situation he landed himself in. With an indifferent expression, he answered:

”Dao Companions are two individuals who have pledged to the Heavenly Daos their loyalty through all of life and after death. While often associated with husband and wife, a Dao Companion is a single person for a lifetime. In one ’s life, there will only be one Dao Companion. There will never be a second.

”Dao Companions are even closer than husband and wife. All that they have is shared. They will walk the path of cultivation together and cultivate together. They will live and die for each other without question, and share their fortunes and misfortunes equally.

”It is a relationship attributed as equals in all things. In the mortal world, a man could have ten wives and three thousand concubines. In relationships like this, only a single partner retains a dominant power. They are relied upon, set the rules, and act as they wished.

”Dao Companions, all actions are mutual collaboration of the utmost. They pursue the Heavenly Daos, the peak of cultivation, and the essence of life together. ” As he finished, a light in his eyes grew with emotion. It flashed several times, and made him feel out of sorts.

While Dao Companions didn ’t necessarily mean a harem was impossible, if you wish to marry another, you must get full approval and acceptance from your partner. It was a truly equivalent relationship built on trust and respect.

It was a profound concept, rarely practiced. However, as he had read information regarding it, he felt an impending pressure within his heart.

One of the things that Dao Companions must do is a ritual called the Severing of Karmic Ties. Dao Companions could meet later in life, when they ’ve had multiple children, lovers, wives, or even husbands. After all, a woman can get divorced or widowed and then remarried.

If this was the case, the two would undergo a mutual culling of their karmic ties. The partners would take responsibility to eliminate the other ’s karmic ties. To put it bluntly, they would kill all their Dao Companion ’s descendants, past lovers, wives, or husbands(ex ’s as well).

They would begin anew, fresh with their companion of the Heavenly Daos. The even worse part was that, in the Three Thousand Commandments of the Heavenly Daos, this action granted massive karmic luck in their next life. It even helped them be reborn in the same time and place, being close once more.

The very FACT he knew this made him feel disgust towards the Heavenly Daos. It advocated mass murder of countless people because two individuals decided they loved or needed each other so much that they wanted to give each other a special title and seek its approval.

Of course, if the Dao Companion couldn ’t complete this ritualistic ceremony, they would be classified as unfit by the Heavenly Daos. After all, the concept of Dao Companion advocated equality, and if you ’re unable to share the burden of your partner ’s karmic ties, then it wasn ’t meant to be.

As for why Mei Mei had never told them about Wei Wuyin and their relationship, well…he was already ’dead ’.

Hence, he understood why the tension had built up and why everyone went silent.

The Helios Witch truly was a witch. She had ignited a bomb and wanted it to go off.

However, there was a reason why Wu Chen did not act immediately.

Firstly, Wei Wuyin ten years ago.

He was determined to be at the Fifth Stage of Qi Condensation, Yang Growth Phase, and birthed Steel Metal Qi and Violet Lightning Qi – two high-level qi.

The current Wu Chen only had a cultivation base of a Fourth Stage of Qi Condensation, having reached it recently due to the vast difficulties in reaching it for men, birthed no advanced elemental qi, but he did have his Heart of Qi transformed into a Heart of Scarlet Qi.

If it was Wei Wuyin from ten years ago and Wu Chen now, Wu Chen had very little confidence of winning, let alone winning against him after ten years.

Secondly, the Severing of Karmic Ties required him to do it himself with no outside help. While he could receive weapons, tools, etc for support, he had to use them himself.

Moreover, there was a nine years, nine months, and nine days limit before he needed to complete this, and he still had five years left. Therefore, he had no need to act rashly.

Lastly, he didn ’t actually need to kill Wei Wuyin himself. If someone else found a totally unrelated reason, as long as they did not do it for him or was spurred on by him, he could still be considered as having completed the task. That wording alone left many, many avenues that could be ventured.

He had already dealt with all of her previous lovers, having done so, he just waited for the time for the ceremony to end and they became true Dao Companions. Who would ’ve thought this would happen?

”You ’re right, ” Godlord Mei excitedly exclaimed. Wei Wuyin ’s description was very apt and appropriate. It dissected straight into the essence and belief of Dao Companions.

Wei Wuyin looked at Wu Chen and sighed inwardly. Wu Chen ’s cultivation base was so low he could breathe on him and turn him into dust. He didn ’t feel fear, but pity.

”Mei Mei agreed to become Dao Companions with you? ” He didn ’t know why he asked, whether for confirmation or he felt it was what needed to be done, but he did.

”Mei ’er and I have accepted each other wholeheartedly, ” Wu Chen responded with zero emotion. There was no sense of triumph in his words or mocking at his victory of obtaining the girl. That was because Wei Wuyin ’s cultivation and talent placed a heavy burden on his heart. He had four years to end his life or…

”The Heavenly Daos sure are cruel, ” Wei Wuyin shook his head as he commented. Dao Companions could only be performed between two cultivators striving for the same goal. The most common goal was immortality, but that was wishful dreams. The true goal when they declared to strive for immortality wasn ’t to live forever, but to leave their legacy on the world forever.

The most notable example thus far was Divine King Han Xei who, after several eras came and went, his methods and legacy still lives on today.

However, there was a very distinct requirement for a Dao Companion, and that was a Spirit Oath. If one failed to achieve the standard to become Dao Companions, the one who failed knowingly will…well…


Was there a need to say more?

The Heavenly Daos were cruel.

At this time, Su Lanyi spoke up, ”Your matters have been heard and accepted. You can await for the Council to decide your status moving forward. ”

Wei Wuyin looked towards her. What was reflected in his gaze was a calmness unlike any other. This woman of extraordinary cultivation was a mother, and essentially, at this very moment, it was his life or her son ’s. How could he not understand the hidden meaning behind her words?

He glanced towards Wu Xinghong and saw a passive expression painted on his face. Furthermore, from his eyes, it was as if Wei Wuyin no longer existed, no longer mattered.

Wei Wuyin wanted to coldly laugh aloud.

Ten years ago, he helped the sect avert certain calamity, and now he was being regarded as air, a man that must become a corpse.

He sighed and gave a proper bow. With a glance, he looked at the only person smiling in the room, Godlord Mei, and inwardly in his heart marked the woman as a chaos loving witch.

If she hadn ’t spoken up just now, he was bound to hear about their Dao Companionship somehow and could ’ve used that opportunity to slip away. After all, staying meant setting himself up against the head family of the Scarlet Solaris Sect.

However, now, he couldn ’t even leave. If he did, they could charge him with defecting the sect and send a kill order after him. He would definitely be under twenty-four hour surveillance to ensure he wouldn ’t leave the mountain. In fact, they could purposefully make life a living hell for him, attempting to force him to leave.

If he left of his own free will, and they killed him for defecting, it would still be sufficient. As they killed him for an entirely ’unrelated ’ matter.

He quietly left, cutting a remorseful figure.

His return that should ’ve been filled with the excitement of returning home was…


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