Paragon of Sin

Chapter 560: A Renewed View

, the glaring light emitted from three Solar Stars, and an area filled with browning grey sand. He had returned to the Desolate Lands of the Four Extreme Continent. He didn ’t know if he had vanished or not, but he knew how much time had passed.

Unless centuries had passed, the alignment of the stars beyond the Sky Layer of the planet meant no time had gone by. At least, it was so insignificant, likely a few mediocre seconds, that he couldn ’t determine the exact passing.

However, when his Eye of Truth gleaned into the inevitable ruin of the starfield, the descent of the Star-Devourer, he was met with eleven days. ”No time passed, ” he faintly whispered to himself. 

”I did it. ” A moment passed before he spoke those three words.

”I did it, ” he repeated.

”WE DID IT! HAHAHAHAHA! ” An overwhelming emotion overtook his heart and mind, filling him with an unimaginable amount of happiness. Since he regained himself over a decade ago, he was aware of this ticking clock that loomed over his life. It was the realization that he, a mere Mortal, had to survive the Calamity of Hell! An act that even those at the Realm of Sages, a level of cultivation or existence that he still couldn ’t even glimpse at, would often fail! 

When he overcame the first Calamity, he felt as if he knew with certainty that the next one would be the end of him. This was because the First Calamity was so difficult that if he experienced it himself, he was absolutely certain of his failure. If the First Calamity was this impossible, what about the second? The third? The eighteenth?

Wei Wuyin had felt such despair that he suppressed the thoughts and tried to live his life as if every day was chasing closer to an inevitable end. If it wasn ’t for him witnessing that Evil Cultivator ’s unrelenting struggle before the Mortal Star Formation Tribulation using any and all means available to him, who knows if he would ’ve regained hope for a future.

While on the surface Wei Wuyin had decided to fight with every last bit of time he had, to face this inevitable end with a confident mindset, but at the deepest corner of his heart, he knew that the chances of his survival were so ungodly low that there was essentially no hope. However, he strove forward regardless.

With his Astral Souls accompanying him and a firm Heart of Cultivation, he faced the upcoming Calamity as if he was facing an Astral Tribulation, like he was facing a challenging puzzle meant to be solved with his full means.

And he won.

He won.



He dropped to his knees. All the built up emotions, all the fear that he kept hidden away, all of the anger and despair he felt with each passing moment, was brought to the surface as his silver eyes glistened with wetness. After so long, he cried. The liquid tears streaked across his face as he brightly smiled, laughing at the sky with clenched fists.

”AHHHHH! ” With a vigorous and explosive shout, he roared to the world above! The relief of pushing out all of those emotions was so amazing that he felt a thousand times lighter. There was no longer a blade at his neck, no longer a mountain on his shoulder, or fear in his heart!

”We didn ’t just survive, we claimed victory! ” Eden said these profound words, reaffirming Wei Wuyin ’s thoughts. This was reality, and he didn ’t just streak through by luck. He didn ’t just overcome this via a loophole. He didn ’t resist until the last moment with bitterness and struggle, but he discovered a way to overcome the Second Calamity and opened up an entirely new view of the world before him!

The Calamities might be terrifying to mortals, but they weren ’t impossible! He could do it! As a warrior, if you can make a person bleed, then they can be killed. And if the Calamities of Hell can be defeated through his thoughts, actions, and will, then it can always be defeated.

With no fear in his heart, he was welcomed by a renewed view of his future. Yes, his future! Because unlike before, Wei Wuyin now earnestly believed that he would see the next day. Just like a true warrior entering the battlefield, they never expect themselves to die, and they fight knowing they can survive! That they can claim victory! With an enemy that can be defeated by his hands before him, how can he fear it? What obstacle? What calamity?

And if this can be overcome, he no longer believed there was anything impossible!

Wei Wuyin kept heartily laughing for an entire hour. Only after all his emotions ran it course, that his happiness had settled down as he relaxed. With a calmer smile, he glanced at his right arm and slowly lifted up the sleeves. With every success of the Calamities, a bountiful infusion of Karmic Luck will be added to him.

He wondered how much he would achieve for the Second Calamity. After all, the first Calamity had given him 490.1 Karmic Luck Value. Until he met Yuan Longshi, his Karmic Luck Value hadn ’t experienced such a massive increase before. 

First Calamity: Survived – 7/7.

Second Calamity: Claimed – 1/1.

Third Calamity: Suppressed – 49 Years.

His eyes were attracted to the second line first, seeing that he once more had 49 Years and that the Second Calamity hadn ’t said ’Survived ’ but ’Claimed ’. He didn ’t understand what that meant, but the letterings had faint glints of gold within it. As for the 7/7 and 1/1, it might be the level of the Calamity that he overcame, either through survival or this claim.

After a brief moment of interest, he moved his focus to the other part of the Bloodline of Sin tattoo, the bit that stated his Karmic Luck Value. When he saw that row of numbers, Kratos forgot to beat!

Karmic Luck Value: 16,667.0.

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