Paragon of Sin

Chapter 545: Contested Lineage

The voice was calm, like a serene flow of a waterfall. There wasn ’t a trace of anger or killing intent within, as if the words spoken were uttered casually in passing. It was also extremely recognizable to every Myriad Monarch Sect member! 

”Wei Wuyin! ”

”Ascendant Emperor! ”

”HE ’S HERE! ”

Several voices amongst the group shouted with various emotions quivering in their tones, with the most common being excitement. The last sentence was spat out like a dreadful venom. 

However, those sounds were irrelevant compared to the burst of blinding spiritual light that erupted from Grandquake City. Those who observed it were forced to close their eyes and spiritual senses. While there was no direct sensation of pain, it was uncomfortable enough to force one to look away!

”What? HOW?! YOU-GUURGH!! ” A series of screams resounded followed by a wretched choking sound and several explosions. A loud crashing sound erupted followed by a pained grunt of horror and fear! The blinding spiritual light soon faded, and a figure soon appeared in the view of the Myriad Monarch Sect experts! With their recently opened eyes, they were welcomed by an unexpected and unbelievable scene!

Wei Wuyin was slowly walking towards them from the ground while grasping Huang Boqing ’s throat like a baby chick. The devastatingly powerful Realmlord looked like a recent cripple as his arms and legs were lifelessly dragged on the ground, forming lines in the browning grey sand. Garbed in black, his tall stature and exceptional physique was perfectly outlined, completely contrasting the general image of an Alchemist. 

With a face that brought men to shame and women to heat, he kept an expression that held a faint smile. This otherworldly smile enhanced by Huang Boqing ’s twitching head and fingers formed an image that seared into their brains forever! 

”…! ” The sight had shaken all their hearts. No one knew what happened or how, yet this foreign Realmlord was captured! While everyone was amazed, a little confused, but also invigorated by the presence of their Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn, Huang Boqing was screaming to the heavens in total fear within his mind.

Others might not recognize Wei Wuyin, but how could he not? He was the Holy Son of the Desolate Lands! It was very likely that he was a true Holy Son of the Four Extreme Continent, a Chosen by the Divinities. However, what terrified him wasn ’t his identity, but how easily he was seized! 

While he was taken by surprise and focused on escaping, Wei Wuyin had used a Spiritual Strength to utterly freeze his Astral Soul and mind for a single moment, and then grabbed him while a flood of abundant and thick spiritual force entered his body, sealing every last bit of his cultivation base.

He was placed under a Spiritual Spell Restriction and was unable to break free. Even his Worldly Domain was suppressed, unable to be unleashed! But even if he could take action, a surging killing intent was emitting from those fingers that gripped his throat. With a single twitch of those fingers, he was fully aware that Wei Wuyin could remove his head!

He was completely and utterly defeated! To add, he didn ’t dare to try to fight back. Even if he somehow escaped, he would still die. The Holy Son wasn ’t a figure that could be underestimated. Not only did he have two known lovers at the Timelord level, but he was a figure with endless potential. A deep, unsettling regret surged through his heart. 

Xue Yifei saw this strong figure appear, looking at her with those silver eyes of his that seemed to contain endless strength and means. Her heart throbbed intensely. ’This is him; this is my man. ’ The thought flowed in her mind and waves of pride suffused her heart. 

She had heard from Lin Ziyan that no matter what, if Wei Wuyin made a move, it was always outrageous and terrifying! Subduing a Realmlord in moments? He said stay, so you stay! What cultivation base mattered?!

Xue Yifei was overwhelmed with emotions. Having not seen him for nearly three years, her body still pure and untouched, there was a burning desire that was bursting within her. Whether this was due to their Dragon Bloodlines, or her own thoughts, or both, she wanted to do incredible things.

Tuo Bihan was the first to adjust to such a shocking scene. Even though he hadn ’t been able to sense how this happened, he knew the little boss that was a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist before fifty and an outstanding talent couldn ’t be measured by normal circumstances. He regained his composure and floated downwards to the ground, landing before Wei Wuyin with a smile.

”Little Emperor, ” Tuo Bihan gave a slight bow and a solemn smile. His naming sense was still all over the place, but it was improving. Wei Wuyin glanced his way and nodded. 

The fight between Realmlords wasn ’t just felt by those in the Desolate Lands, but the entire planet. But no one felt the need to intervene beyond a cursory spiritual sensing from a distance. This included the True Desolate Temple Members, Grand Kings, and Grey Sands Elves that remained. Wei Wuyin was instantly aware of their arrival, but he hadn ’t intervened because he wanted to give Tuo Bihan battle experience at the Realmlord level.

With his authority and prestige as the Holy Son, there was no way Huang Boqing would try to capture anyone or have any ideas. He just hadn ’t expected Long Chen to intervene, seemingly holding several powder kegs of turbulent power within him that could match a Realmlord ’s. This caused Huang Boqing to depart out of well-learned caution, but his actions of harming Xue Yifei before his eyes couldn ’t be ignored.

He dragged Huang Boqing towards the group. Xue Yifei noticed Wei Wuyin ’s gaze as he gestured for her to come. Her eyes brightly lit as she hurriedly used astral force to clean her bloody ears and nose, trying to fix her hair that was slightly in disarray. Her movements were extremely swift, and she regained her gorgeous peak beauty in moments.

Her eyes returned to their normal hazel with navy blue flecks, the demonic glint vanishing alongside the violet-color. When she walked forward, the members of the sect parted. Eventually, she arrived at the front of the group and reached Wei Wuyin. Her hazel eyes were fixed on his silver eyes, their gazes locked.

Wei Wuyin let loose his grip on Huang Boqing, causing him to eat dirt face-first. Xue Yifei rushed into Wei Wuyin ’s arms, unable to contain herself even before the crowd. While she knew he was the prestigious Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn, an era-defining figure held in the highest regard, and she was technically just his concubine, her body wanted to feel his, to exchange heat. 

Holding Xue Yifei in a tight embrace, Wei Wuyin caressed her hair. This woman that took his breath away at first sight was currently gripping him as if her life required it. He didn ’t hold back in allowing her to do so and replying in kind. While their time together hadn ’t been long, their connection was undeniable. 

Two women observed this scene with strange feelings. The first was Wu Baozhai who had complex emotions regarding this and how it ’ll affect their future. The second was Qing Qiumu, who was hiding from the shockwaves of Realmlord battles yet observing events. When she saw Wei Wuyin appear, unharmed, a sigh of unfathomable relief surged in her heart!

And when she saw him hold another woman, she felt her own move. There was a strange feeling inside her. A feeling she couldn ’t quite describe. This feeling didn ’t emerge when she was with Long Chen or any man before. 

After a while, Wei Wuyin and Xue Yifei left each other ’s embrace. A reluctant pout and pink blush that highlighted her already world-toppling features emerged on her expression. 

Wei Wuyin turned to Huang Boqing who was spitting out dirt in subtle amounts, not trying to make noise. Wei Wuyin ’s first thought was to allow Xue Yifei to execute Huang Boqing publicly to establish a domineering presence and a legend of consequence, but he thought against it.

Wei Wuyin waved his hand and Huang Boqing was lifted into a kneel. Huang Boqing faced Xue Yifei with a mouthful of dirt and eyes effusing the light of terror. Was this the girl these two youths of terrifying means mentioned? Seeing her looks and figure, he realized she might be the most beautiful hunan woman he ’d ever seen. How did he miss this before?!

”For your crimes of bringing harm to my Concubine, you can decide your punishment. ” Wei Wuyin said with faint indifference, as if he didn ’t just give the reins of punishment to Huang Boqing. But Huang Boqing was extremely astute, and he instantly realized that Wei Wuyin was giving him a way out!

After all, if someone harmed his concubine, then they might instantly experience the death sentence, especially before witnesses. ”Ye-yes! Holy Son, my crimes are unforgivable! But I was ignorant, unaware of my actions. While leniency should not be decided by ignorance, my intent was never to kill! I believe a lifetime of servitude should be my crime! ” 

Huang Boqing gave himself a harsh sentence, short of death. He didn ’t hesitate to do so.

Wei Wuyin faintly smiled. This society truly was entrenched in forced servitude, be it Alchemic Proxies or Energy Converters. Well, having a Realmlord as a servant wasn ’t bad.

He turned to the shocked Xue Yifei, ”Do you wish to have him as your servant? If so, his Primal Yang will be sealed and a Spirit Oath will be established. As for his strength and intelligence, it isn ’t half-bad. ” Wei Wuyin remarked, giving this evaluation. Since Xue Yifei was his concubine, he couldn ’t allow a virile man in her service. It would invite all sorts of rumors. 

Everyone present was sent into an utter shock. A Realmlord as a servant? Just like that? And he gave himself that sentence?!

Huang Boqing hurriedly said with a low, humble bow from his kneeling position, ”I apologize for my heinous actions. I ask for your forgiveness, and give you the absolute certainty that I, Huang Boqing, will serve you with my entire life and soul. Please, give me this greatest honor. ” 

Xue Yifei was hesitant at first, but after learning that his Primal Yang will be sealed, she felt a little comforted. She was well aware of her looks. If it wasn ’t for Yuan Longshi ’s murderous reputation and that old man ’s protection on the Bloodforge Continent, she might ’ve been turned into a sexual toy by her siblings let alone other experts. 

She looked at Wei Wuyin and realized that his intentions were to leave her with a protector. With a faint smile, she nodded in acceptance.

”WEI WUYIN!!! ” A screeching voice suffused with venomous killing intent filled the air!

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