Paragon of Sin

Chapter 542: Steps Unhindered

The two Realmlords unleashed their Worldly Domains and their gazes effused a constant stream of spiritual light. The battle had already begun the moment their eyes brightly lit with that spiritual light. The two tried to unleash their spiritual force to unsettle the others ’ cultivation. If one ’s Spiritual Strength exceeded their opponent, they would have to invest additional spiritual force to repel their offensive, diverting their attention and consuming their stores of energies, especially spiritual.

Despite the differences in their cultures and civilizations, the style of fighting was established long ago and was the optimal course to take in a battle. The sheer spiritual waves produced by the clash of their spiritual force flooded the world.

If Tuo Bihan hadn ’t used his Worldly Domain to block off the spiritual waves, it was likely the cultivators beneath him would suffer severe damage to their Astral Souls, perhaps even causing irreparable harm to their foundations. Unwilling to let this happen, Tuo Bihan had to condense his Worldly Domain. 

Simultaneously, Xue Yifei and Wu Baozhai shouted to the group: ”Establish the Myriad Spirit Bonding Formation! ” They glanced at each other with a strange glint in each other ’s eyes. And while this moment was awkward with underlying meanings, the others reacted.

They all formed the same handseals as they spread out their spiritual senses to interconnect with the others. Their spiritual strength was overlapped and infused in perfect synergy. Wu Baozhai formed the same handseal, combining with the thousands. So did Xue Yifei. However, only Wu Baozhai formed an additional handseal.

「Myriad Monarch Spiritual Spell: Aegis of the United」

The name of the spell was on the nose, but their united power formed a singular front that was directed by Wu Baozhai. A dome of cyan-colored energy shielded them with Wu Baozhai at the center. It reached over three hundred meters in every direction, covering the entirety of the thousands. The spiritual waves produced by these behemoths were halted by this shell!

”Retreat! ” Wu Baozhai commanded. With their spiritual senses combined, they all could hear any transmission unleashed by any party. Wu Baozhai glanced at Xue Yifei who had an impassive expression, her eyes affixed on the fight above them. However, her unit was already moving backwards. 

Seeing her comply, Wu Baozhai sighed internally. The conflict of power with Xue Yifei while trying to command was a real struggle. She now understood what Long Chen felt when faced with Wei Wuyin. If they had differing opinions, it was impossible to know who would choose her and who would choose Xue Yifei. 

Of course, this only made her feel that Wei Wuyin ’s position was only established because of Long Chen ’s inadequacy. After all, Wei Wuyin had firmly established himself among even the Grand Imperial Sages at the time before Long Chen even made himself known as a talent, let alone as Grand Prince. Yet they entered the sect at the same time, even together.

She put those thoughts aside as she retreated, giving spiritual instructions of how and in what pace with their united connection. Everyone was as if they were of one mind! In a few seconds, they had retreated roughly a mile and this was growing.

Huang Boqing was frowning as he saw the others act as a unified team in a concerted manner. It was quite intriguing and exceeded even their own methods. He had thoughts of pursuing, but he refused to give an opening to Tuo Bihan. Even if they escaped for a hundred miles back, he could easily locate and catch-up. 

With his mind unoccupied by the need to protect, Tuo Bihan ’s entire demeanor changed. His slightly hunched back became straight and strong, as if it could hold up the sky. The spiritual light within his eyes amplified in brilliance as he exerted his full spiritual strength! 

Huang Boqing released a muffled groan as he was blasted by the sudden explosive increase in spiritual strength. His expression changed as the clashing Worldly Domains started to contort as they crashed into each other. He felt his body be pushed back by Tuo Bihan ’s Worldly Domain! 

Two hundred meters!

Two hundred and fifty meters!

Three hundred and fifty meters!

Five hundred meters!


Huang Boqing ’s eyes constricted as he guarded his Astral Soul, already feeling rattled by that sudden blast! He now realized that Tuo Bihan ’s Spiritual Strength and Worldly Domain exceeded his own! With several thoughts floating through his mind, his eyes grew fierce as he brought both his hands together in a clap!


A sonic wave of astral force erupted at speeds far faster than sound! In a blink of an eye, Tuo Bihan found his Worldly Domain bypassed and forced to face this attack. With a hand, he pushed forward as a spherical astral ward of translucent in quality formed around his body. 

The sonic wave crashed against his astral ward and his body was sent flying! The terrifying power within that sonic wave crushed the air, shattered the clouds directly above, and shook the grounds! The entire planet was trembling as waves formed that would soon assault the continent on the other side of the planet, ending many lives!

Just a single clap of a Realmlord could devastate a planet. There was no longer a Season of Regression! Their Worldly Domains were not suppressed, the amount of ambient energies and astronomical forces they could convert into their own strength, unleashing it alongside every art and spell was unrestricted!

Tuo Bihan was sent to the edge of the continent with just a single push! While he remained unharmed, the sheer power required quite a lot of effort to disperse! He hadn ’t expected such a strange astral art that carried little power except pushing power infused with directional gravitational force. It was a unique means of attack.

He had never fought another Realmlord before, so their methods were vastly different. 

’Wait! ’ His eyes constricted as he realized the intent in this action. With a fierce roar, he erupted in silver light and bursted through fixed space using Spatial Force. In less than a second, he traversed the entirety of his distance and found Huang Boqing floating in the sky, using his palm to press against the spherical shield of the others.

He clenched his fist, gathering his purist astral force and thrusted out in explosive rage! The fist launched with such power that all the clouds of the world were affected, instantly dispersing and galewinds formed endlessly, sweeping across the entire Four Extreme Continent! 

Facing this fist, Huang Boqing didn ’t panic. He formed a one-handed seal and opened his mouth towards the fist. His Worldly Domain sparkled as a gushing wave of ambient energy entered his mouth instantly and with a silent roar, a ringing sound erupted from the surroundings. 


Most couldn ’t see, but endless soundwaves infused with astral force, energies, and spiritual strength crashed into the fist! 


The purist astral force slowed but pressed forward. Soon, sparkles of light could be followed to see a river of power leading from Huang Boqing ’s mouth to Tuo Bihan ’s surge of power formed by his fist.

Those beneath Huang Boqing screamed in pain as the shockwaves smacked against the Aegis of the United Spell. They all withstood the damage caused by the shockwaves filled with two Realmlord ’s terrifying powers! 

The Myriad Monarch Sect ’s members were all bleeding from their ears and noses, even Wu Baozhai and Xue Yifei.

Xue Yifei ’s expression was filled with the marks of  incredulity! ’Is this the true power that Realmlords wield?! ’ She felt that she was nothing but a tiny mortal before them! It was as if they were entire worlds unleashing endless power! 

The Season of Regression considerably weakened Realmlord ’s in every way, causing them to lose almost all their aspects of cultivation, and even the ones that remained, such as their Worldly Domains, worked at least than a percentage of its full strength!

There was a definitive reason why Realmlords were given titles! It was similar to the Qi Condensation Realm. Those Mortal Gods, Mortal Godlords, and Mortal Godkings were far beyond those at the Fifth Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm and below by a mile and a little more! After all, they had the power of Creation.

While Realmlords had astral force perfectly fused with their Spiritual, Spatial, Light, and Gravitational forces. Just their astral force was terrifying without being restricted! If they used their Worldly Domains, capable of invoking the power of the world on their side, how could one hope to resist?!

Tuo Bihan was shocked that his art was halted by Huang Boqing. He wanted to unleash another strike, but they were fighting directly above the other members. He frowned, caught in a conundrum. 

Huang Boqing acted smartly in his actions. The moment he realized that Tuo Bihan ’s strength was possibly beyond his own, he pushed him back and sought hostages. He just didn ’t expect that spell of theirs to last longer than half a second to break. They only had three Gravity Emission Phase experts! How terrifying was this spell ’s effectiveness!

It bought them enough time for Tuo Bihan to return, frustrating him to no end. Still, he was fighting in a favorable environment. Tuo Bihan was restricted. Even spiritual spells will produce shockwaves that will affect those below. This was an opportunity.

Xue Yifei glanced up above with clenched teeth. Since leaving her continent, when was she ever forced to become a hostage?! Her developed pride after years of being Wei Wuyin ’s concubine, receiving the endless adoration and respect from all, ignited at this moment. She was just about to take out a trump card of hers when Wu Baozhai sent a transmission to them all: ”Wait! ”

Xue Yifei knew this was towards her. With a light of unwillingness, she was debating if she should listen. 

As she made her decision, a voice resounded throughout the world.

”You dare hurt her?! ”

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