Paragon of Sin

Chapter 539: Unexpected Arrivals

atop the walls of the Grandquake City and observed the spatial fluctuations being formed nearby, clearly the sign of a Void Gate connecting with this point in fixed space. While other cultivators might not be able to sense it, those at the Realm World Level harness a unique sensitivity to spatial energies. Their astral force and spiritual energies were infused with spatial energies in a far more intimate manner than the Spatial Resonance Phase.

After all, they controlled spatial force.

He pushed his spectacles up the bridge of his nose, narrowing his eyes as he did. The overall rule of the Four Extreme Continent was not to use Void Gates to establish in areas not marked by platforms, and doing so was similar to declaring war. 

Was it the Grey Sands Elves? They ’ve been extremely quiet since the sky had changed. As his agile mind swirled with possibilities, thousands of figures with robust and steady auras arrived a few hundred miles away from the city. 

When the members of the Myriad Monarch Sect arrived on the continent, those capable of determining location on astronomical alignment were startled. This was planet Wuyu! However, the continent shouldn ’t be in this position. 

Xue Yifei was one of the first few to notice this. She was talented in navigation and enjoyed studying astronomical positioning, especially after living the vast majority of her life on the Bloodforge Continent. Her hazel eyes brightened with excitement and intrigue at this mystery.

When she inspected the ground, noticing the grey sand that seemed to be turning brown at varying degrees, her thoughts exploded with all sorts of fantastical theories. She lowered herself enough to touch the grey yet strangely browning dirt. 

”Desolate Power? Earthen Energies? ” She discovered that there was a strange desolate power emitting from the sand, trying to slowly extract her innate energies from their physical contact. Furthermore, the sand was incredibly rich in earthen energies far beyond any location in their starfield. 

There were others performing similar actions as she was, but they were mostly leaders of their factions or the sages present. The members were all highly vigilant and circumspect. They were ready for battle, unwilling to be taken by surprise.

Tuo Bihan also sent out his spiritual senses. He instantly noticed the city several hundred miles away, and an aura similar to his. His eyes constricted as his peaceful expression became extremely serious. When he received the message from Wei Wuyin regarding this continent and the coordinates to use to come, he hadn ’t expected to meet Realmlords!

Moreover, this Realmlord ’s aura was extremely sturdy and stable, extremely legitimate without an ounce of falseness within. They were a genuine Seventh Stage Cultivator of the Astral Core Realm! 

Wei Wuyin had given random coordinates that carried a rough idea of where he intended to place the Four Extreme Continent. He hadn ’t expected that the coordinates would be extremely close to him. 

A soft exclamation resounded near Tuo Bihan, catching Tuo Bihan ’s attention. The sound belonged to an elven Imperial Sage. She was a green-haired middle-aged beauty with a slim physique and shoulder-length brown hair. She could be considered Qing Qiumu ’s great-great-great-great Grandaunt. 

Noticing that her exclamation had attracted attention, Imperial Sage Qing Zu, also Qing Qiumu ’s Ancestor, spoke: ”I sense Little Qing. I mean, Qing Qiumu, Grand Sage. ”

Tuo Bihan was taken aback. What a coincidence!

At this same time, Qing Qiumu was traveling to the True Desolate Temple knowing that Wei Wuyin had a high chance of being there if severely injured. She had no specific way to track him, so she could only hope to find some clue to his whereabouts there if he was absent. Still, she had to try. 

However, she hadn ’t expected her ring to light up as she received a spiritual transmission! And it belonged to her Ancestor, Qing Zu! She hurriedly read it, but kept moving at a swift pace. When she did, she was shocked as she halted and looked towards the east. Her eyes shone brightly as she was filled with joy.

If the other members of their sect were here, then this would make finding Wei Wuyin easier! With her goal given new life, she flew towards the direction her Ancestor was located.

Just a few dozen miles away from Grandquake City, coming from the west, the hooded figure lifted his dark gaze as a strange light ignited in his eyes. ”Master? ” With a voice that trembled with surprise and a similar joy, the figure shot towards that familiar and unforgettable aura.

As the figure ran, his hood left his face to reveal a handsome yet faintly scarred face. It belonged to Long Chen!

At this time, Huang Boqing felt the activation of the Grandquake Array and its defensive formations, and took a soft breath. He flew forward to meet the group of new arrivals! He had to first learn of their exact intent before deciding a course of action.

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