Paragon of Sin

Chapter 538: Convergence

edge. While he had an outstanding cultivation foundation, phenomenal skill in the Dao of Alchemy, and talent in a variety of spiritual spells, the art of a Inscriptionist was not his forte. Unable to repair the damage, he was left with the only alternative: retore his bloodline source.

With a sigh, he found an isolated area and brought out numerous Desolate Pearls that contained draconic blood energies within. He diligently had Kratos refine them, hoping to restore his bloodline source in the shortest amount of time.

Unfortunately, the greater his foundation, the stronger his Bloodline Source and the harder it was to restore. He calculated that roughly three days was required of non-stop recuperation to fully recover. This might be considered insanely fast by the vast, vast majority, and almost inconsequential in normal times, but he had thirteen days left.

He couldn ’t just waste three days.

”It ’s fine. I need to replenish my World Seas and innate energies as well. It ’s just unfortunate that this little bit of time isn ’t enough to reach the foundational limits of the Light Reflection Phase. ” He lightly remarked, bringing out some high-grade products.

Since he reached the Light Reflection Phase, he hadn ’t had enough time to use alchemical products to bolster the limits of his cultivation. Thirty-two centimeter-sized Astral Cores wasn ’t the limit for the Light Reflection Phase. In fact, twenty-eight centimeters was the limit of the Spatial Resonance Phase. The extra four centimeters was brought about by the grade of Primary Light Energies infused within the World Sea.

However, sometimes time isn ’t something on your side.

Two days passed by swiftly with a few ventures of Realmlords being grossly underestimated in their dangers, with a few suffering from the other hazards of exploring the Dark Void. There wasn ’t only the Chill of the Dark Void to be wary of. 

Everyone was cautious yet it wasn ’t enough in some cases as a tenth of Realmlords that left to explorewas met with unexpected incidents that led to their untimely deaths. A few had even tried to forcefully enter a planet via the external sky layers, but was met by a planetary-sized formation that reacted, oblierating them as a result. The others learned from their mistakes and tried to explore the nearby flat continental earths, avoiding spherical celestial bodies. 

For now, there wasn ’t enough knowledge present to venture into those deadly spheres. There were only a few planets that had formations, however. They were just lucky to have arrived at Junia or the Myriad Monarch Planet. These formations were established by Starlords and Mystic Ascendants. 

The Grey Sands Elves and True Desolate Temple Members remained quiet throughout this incident, not sending a single member to the outside. Most didn ’t notice or care, especially since many were aware that they had connections with the Holy Son with the highest chance of becoming the True Holy Son.

No one knew who became the True Holy Son, but they felt that it was only possible by that domineering figure in white, handsome beyond mortal conceptions with a foundation that shook them all! Why wouldn ’t it be him? 

While this happened, a large group of several thousand arrived on the continent, appearing near Grandquake City seemingly out of thin air. Moreover, two figures were also arriving near Grandquake City!

One was a beauty that carried concern and worry throughout her gaze, speeding through the world with astonishing speed and a verdant green glow. Her emerald-colored eyes spoke volumes, reflecting her inner thoughts: ’You must be okay. You just have to be. ’

The other was a hooded figure with bandaged arms. There was a malevolent and terrifying air about him. As he stomped with every step, the ground beneath his feat was sliced apart! The figure could see Grandquake City on the horizon, and his dark-colored eyes burned with a dark, violent emotion.

With a rough voice, the figure said with violence oozing out of his voice, filled with slaughter intent: ”I FINALLY FOUND YOU! ”

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