Paragon of Sin

Chapter 537: Imperial Summons

and combat abilities. With her own cultivation reaching the Sky Ruler Phase, was she unmatched by those outside of the sect. To have beauty, brains, talent, and strength was a combo package that was extremely hard in this world.

”Grand Sage, may I ask why we ’re here? ” She was curious, and so was everyone else. An Imperial Summons was not to be used lightly and it was only used to declare war. Furthermore, Tuo Bihan was watching over the Gateway Door, why was he back?

The others were also curious, and one impatient Heavenly Commander received a faint wave that forced him to kneel for an entire five minutes for his lack of bearing and patience. But they all knew that Tuo Bihan wouldn ’t dare do the same to Xue Yifei. 

Tuo Bihan smiled in response, ”I ’ll explain when everyone ’s here. ”

The Heavenly Commander that was forced to kneel cursed underneath his breath, but he couldn ’t blame Tuo Bihan. He cursed Xue Yifei ’s luck. If he had been born a female, wouldn ’t he have a chance to become a concubine of Wei Wuyin? 

Xue Yifei nodded and brought her unit to an empty area. That ’s when another familiar group arrived. But this group caused the crowd to rustle about with a bit of tension in the air. 

A pair of crystal clear yet fiercely regal eyes descended on the crowd, causing them to feel a little suppressed, as if before royalty. Her peach lips and outstanding figure that rivaled Xue Yifei ’s was accompanied by dark-colored hair. The bearing she possessed was unmatched by everyone present. Around her slender neck was an unassuming black ring tied by a string, and the ring itself was nestled comfortably between two ample peaks.

When Tuo Bihan turned to face her, he didn ’t smile, and his expression was stern and respectful.  ”Grand Princess, ” Tuo Bihan gave a faint bow. An utmost show of respect that a Grand Imperial Sage could give a Grand Princess!

She was none other than Wu Baozhai. Her unit was formed from Earthly Elites and Sky Nobles, a mixture of males and females of various races. They were selected carefully and properly nurtured. They were all dressed in a uniform set of gold and white heavy armor. A bloodthirsty and fierce aura permeated from their eyes.

The crowd went into a wild fervor of discussion and transmissions. A year ago, another member of the Grand Monarch Lineage had emerged. To add, she was a member of the Ascendants! With her present, and the backing of Ascendants, she was accepted in direct contention with Long Chen ’s right as Grand Prince! While there have been multiple Grand Princes before contesting for Grand Monarch, this was the first time a female was selected! 

Furthermore, she was terrifyingly fierce!

Within the span of a year, she had reclaimed the most territory out of all factions, and a large portion of a planet. She paved her name on the wall in blood. The Demonic Abyss Mountain members could only perish before her might. 

Wu Baozhai bowed to Tuo Bihan, showing her respect. Her eyes met Xue Yifei ’s and a competitive light radiated from their eyes. They were two members of Valkyrie, but their positions were also different. As a woman of endless ambition, she had reservations about Xue Yifei.

After experiencing vast improvements in her cultivation, even establishing the Nine-Ringed Soul Idol in the shortest period of time, she was aware that the resources she could enjoy would be a level below Xue Yifei. Even if she became Grand Monarch, this wouldn ’t change.

After all, she was the only official concubine of Wei Wuyin. And she was aware that even if she became Grand Monarch, she couldn ’t exert authoritative power over Wei Wuyin. They were competing quite often, yet Xue Yifei was only slightly inferior to her due to numbers and restrictions on gender. 

Tuo Bihan had already received notice that the other members who ’ve been very high profile lately, such as Hong Ru, Xiao Bing, Lin Ziyan, and Na Xinyi were in closed door seclusion, attempting to enter the Soul Idol Phase. The other members of the Ascendants were occupied, unable to answer the summons immediately. 

Therefore, only these two were present. 

A few more groups arrived before the gathering time for the Imperial Summons had ended. Tuo Bihan took the stage, floating above the sky as the eyes of everyone looked towards him from below.

Sweeping his gaze over the world, he announced: ”We ’re traveling to planet Wuyu! Your job is to be prepared for anything. We might face experts far beyond our means! Treat this as a war, and be ready to fight with your life on the line. ” 

Tuo Bihan ’s announcement shook the crowd, but they grew silent immediately. A fierce, violent, and honed aura emitted from them all. Every last Myriad Monarch Sect expert was forged in battle and competition! Which one of them hasn ’t fought with their lives on the line? 

The dogma of the Myriad Monarch Sect had never accentuated talent, but hard work and intelligence. Your competition wasn ’t just those outside, but even those inside. With this mindset, they were almost always ready to fight.

Seeing this, Tuo Bihan glanced at Xue Yifei and Wu Baozhai. These two women were competitive and fierce. He faintly smiled, ”Your Ascendant Emperor will also be there! ” When he said this, the light in everyone ’s eyes brightened considerably.

Wasn ’t this also a chance to show off their ability to Wei Wuyin? To earn his favor? The prospect invigorated their battle wills further. 

As for Xue Yifei and Wu Baozhai, their eyes radiated with different emotions. The former was in disbelief, and then a large smile that dazzled the world revealed itself. As for Wu Baozhai, she was conflicted. There was even a faint thought in the back of her mind. It kept asking: should she?

”Good! Let ’s go! ” Seeing the blazing fervor within their eyes, Tuo Bihan waved his hand to send the Void Disk towards the Void Gate. It entered and light started to erupt!

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