Paragon of Sin

Chapter 535: What If...




Those cries of excitement and joy that originated from the depths of the Auric Sea were escalating in frequency and volume. They shook the still sea and slowly shattered the foundation that kept the Auric Sea stable. 

Without the support of the World Realm ’s Core, the Auric Sea ’s unique gravitational force vanished. Without the support of the World Realm ’s Core, the Auric Sea ’s waters were rapidly dissipating. Without the World Realm ’s Core, the shackles that bound the existences beneath were broken!

Within a continent near the Auric Sea, named the New Glow Continent, a small-sized continent that floated between the borders of the Elemental Heaven Pavilion and Myriad Monarch Sect ’s territories, an existence that had burrowed itself underground opened its gargantuan pair of eyes.

Their sclera was like seas of gold, as expansive as a world itself. Situated in these worlds were irises with lines that denoted a level of intensity that could shake the heart, rumble the mind, and terrify the soul. Those lines led to a sharp, vertical pupil, black as the darkest night that led to what felt like purgatory.

With a low growl that generated disastrous quaking on the continent, the owner of these intense eyes turned to the world below. 

If Wei Wuyin was here, he would recognize those eyes in a heartbeat. It had been nearly a decade since he last saw it, but it left a life-changing mark on his mind! 

It was the Azure-Scaled Horned Firmament Dragon, Anu!!

With a movement of its gargantuan body, he clawed towards the ground and scraped off the continent ’s earthen layers like thin paper meeting a sharp knife. Instantly, he tunneled completely through the continent with its claws, until the Dark Void could be seen from the world below.

”You ’re all free! ” With a bellowing roar, Anu moved its body and the entire continent trembled until it started to break apart, even the core of the continent was impacted and life sustaining energies were being affected. In his excitement, Anu burrowed through the continent ’s lower portion, exiting out and into the Dark Void.

”I didn ’t think you ’d be free so soon! But I ’ll be there to welcome you all! ” With a deep, terrifying roar, Anu ’s voice exploded through the Dark Void, transmitting even through the hazardous environment that didn ’t have a single air particle for sound to travel. As for himself?

Anu was a beast that had long since reached the Star Beast level, capable of traversing the Dark Void and resisting its terrifying chill with just its physical body. Unlike humans that needed to formulate Worldly Domains, beasts ’ cultivation path allowed them to store their life-sustaining energies within their bodies, using their vast vitality and bloodline power to keep the chill at bay. 

When he entered the Dark Void, his true, gigantic form was revealed! Its form was utterly massive! Just the length of its body alone was over thirty-thousand meters! Its dragon ’s eyes were hundreds of meters in size, it had jade claws as large as mountains and as sharp as swords, and atop its snot was a golden-colored curved horn that flashed with strange runic markings!

With every devastating breath it took, it revealed its humongous maw that seemed like a chasm of bloody red, a sight of terrifying nightmares. Each row of teeth was like miniature mountain shaped swords! The violent aura of its breath caused even the Chill of the Dark Void to dissipate! 

On its back, two thick, meaty, and azure-scaled wings flapped with terrifying momentum. If this was on a planet, endless natural disasters would occur as a result of each individual flap. But the wings themselves had a total wingspan of forty thousand meters! It could engulf entire continental flat earths! 


Anu brought his body through the Dark Void with every flapping surge of his wings, getting closer and closer to the sounds of excitement that originate from his clansmen! Finally, they were all about to see the world! His burning excitement couldn ’t help but be unleashed with explosive roars through the Dark Void!

As for the New Glow Continent, it shattered and fell apart. Those on it met horrifying deaths, with many being propelled through the Dark Void by the abrupt split of the continent. They were the lucky ones as their deaths were more quick. Others had to stay on the continent, trying to fight for survival in the hopeless collapse.

Tens of millions…


This was something even Wei Wuyin wasn ’t able to consider, to see occur.


While Lin Ming and Senior Sister Lin discussed, a figure on the continent was currently flying towards their location. It was a similarly veiled figure, belonging to Bai Yuxi, the Secondary Overseer of the Elementus Chosen Trial. She was initially panicked as well, unable to find a possible way to escape the ensuing destruction of the continent.

She tried to escape through a Void Gate, but the power unleashed by the destructive force interfered with that process. Unless she tried to escape through the space like the others, she wouldn ’t be able to leave. But if she did that, in this environment, she might be lost in chaotic space forever. This wasn ’t a choice she was willing to make nor could she.

Her cultivation base had been greatly damaged alongside her soul after the Engorging Foundation Method was used. She couldn ’t gather the necessary power to even do so, so she was left with no alternatives but to die alongside the others.

But then she heard Wei Wuyin ’s voice, and then the grey-scaled blanket emitting silvery light appeared. She didn ’t know what was happening. Fortunately, they seemed to have been miraculously relocated and survived the calamity of the World Realm ’s Core destruction. 

She had felt the aura of her Senior Sister, so she was racing towards it, hoping to find answers and seek shelter from other events. She wasn ’t familiar with the starfield ’s environment. Unlike her Senior Sister, she traveled through the Spatial Tunnels of the Golden Life Pavilion, not traveled to the starfield personally.

When she arrived, she saw Lin Ming ’s bloodied state and her eyes were filled with a trace of inexplicable pain. She had utterly forgotten about her Senior Sister for a moment. When she arrived, she landed beside Lin Ming and asked urgently: ”Are you okay?! ”

Her concern had shocked both Senior Sister Lin and Lin Ming. The former knew Bai Yuxi was usually cold and indifferent to other men, not giving them any time of day or remotely getting close to them. Yet she was approaching of her own will and even asked this question, ignoring her presence.

The latter was startled because he hadn ’t sensed her coming, being taken by complete surprise. He realized his injuries were quite intense and he had to spend some time wholeheartedly recovering. After that Spiritual Spell Restriction was inexplicably removed, he had suffered damage to his foundation that had been covered by the Engorging Foundation Method, but not removed.

Then he suffered a blow from Wei Wuyin that dealt severe damage to his meridians and physical body. He needed to recuperate lest he permanently left damage to his foundation.

Still, he calmly answered: ”Yes, I am. ” Lin Ming observed Bai Yuxi, finding her still unknown. He turned to Senior Sister Lin, curiosity within his gaze. Did she know Bai Yuxi? In truth, he had thought that Tang Xingyun was the one who was helping him the entire way, not Bai Yuxi. She was only someone he thought was a servant of Tang Xingyun, like Xiuyin.

Bai Yuxi was startled by Lin Ming ’s expressions and distant looks, but then she recalled that he had only ever seen her true face and body once before, and she was concealed in body and face through the exquisiteness of the veil. Awkward, she looked at her Senior Sister.

Senior Sister Lin gave a faint smile. ”We ’ll discuss more later. For now, we need to round everyone you care about in one location. ”

Lin Ming started, ”You ’re serious, Senior Sister Lin? ”

She nodded, ”Let ’s go. ”

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