Paragon of Sin

Chapter 526: The Core The Original Plan

Several hours later, Wei Wuyin and Da Shan left the Combat-Type Voidship inner rooms and arrived at the edge of the upper deck. Da Shan ’s violent-skin was overly flushed, and she held onto Wei Wuyin ’s arm tightly, a bright and gentle smile on her face. Clearly, she was currently lost in her sweet lingering feelings.

As for Wei Wuyin, his silver eyes swept the expansive area with hundreds of thousands of pillars with varying sizes with a sharp and narrow gaze. Just earlier, a drop of light fell to his chest, and he could now see the various requirements for the cache. It seems that it required certain achievements to gain access to it, either through one ’s cultivation foundation or level.

As he swept his gaze across everything, there wasn ’t a single pillar that had an exception that exceeded his foundation. Even the largest, which wasn ’t the Combat-Type Voidship, but a high-tier, ninth-grade pill meant for the Temporal Eye Phase cultivators had an Astral Core size exception of twenty-two centimeters. The second exception was a Worldly Domain that reached a thousand kilometers in diameter. 

’This is well-designed. Give a little taste, set-up requirements and exceptions that drives one to improving their foundation and cultivation level without end. ’

He had to give praise where praise was due. Unfortunately, it met him. He intended to clean everything out! Not just the contents in the pillar, but…EVERYTHING!

”Da Shan, stay here. ” He calmly said.

Da Shan nodded without any fuss or questions. She no longer had any fear in her heart, especially with Wei Wuyin here. She felt that as long as Wei Wuyin was here, even if the sky fell, he ’d hold it up with a single arm. She stayed on the railings, inspecting the voidship with interest.

Wei Wuyin flew out of the pillar. He gave a glance back towards Da Shan. A warmth suffused his silver eyes for a brief moment, and then he looked towards the strange multi-colored hexagonal sky. 

”We ’re doing it?! ” Kratos ’ excited voice manifested into violently thumping beats of his heart. 

”I have a feeling that the Temporal Reincarnator is going to arrive here. ” With a brief pause prior, Wei Wuyin answered. All four of his Astral Souls went silent, and even Kratos ’ excitement died down a little. The light within Wei Wuyin ’s eyes reflected an unfathomable intensity.

”We wait? ” Eden asked. The Temporal Reincarnator was a threat to their very existence. This reckless action of changing one ’s actions away from the standard wasn ’t entirely sustainable, and might lead to them suffering later. If they could remove this variable, there would be more freedom in their actions.

”The Temporal Reincarnator definitely has means to avoid detection from that old ghost. She is actively breaking the rules and stealing from the caches without consequence. Since she can open caches without a token, she probably can enter this cache as well. If my instincts are right, and they are rarely wrong, she intends to enter directly after Lin Ming leaves. She might be planning to steal everything left behind via an exception beyond what is listed. ” Wei Wuyin spoke mentally to his four Astral Souls.

It seemed extremely unlikely that this Temporal Reincarnator was going to let the fattest piece of Lin Ming ’s karmic fortune escape their ravenous teeth. He couldn ’t help but lift the corner of his lips into a smile after thinking this, because he was thinking the exact same.

The Heavenly Daos clearly never intended for him to become a Chosen of the True Element Sect, an expression of free will by Wang Yutian. It might be even more centered around his Bloodline of Sin, causing him to enter conflict with Blessed for their karmic fortunes, active or unused. It happened with the Commander, Long Chen, and now Lin Ming.

Long Chen had almost all his expressions of karmic luck, in the form of his talented and gorgeous women, either taken or they pushed him away due to his own ill-actions. But if Wei Wuyin didn ’t exist, how could Long Chen make such mistakes? Who else would these women choose? 

His actions, even though unintentional, kept putting himself in direct challenge of Long Chen. When he arrived on the Bloodforge Continent, Xue Yifei was the most beautiful woman he ’d ever seen, and the greatest expression of Karmic Luck for Yuan Longshi. In the end, did he not take her as his concubine and end his life?

Wei Wuyin didn ’t even arrive there with that purpose remotely in his mind, and was seemingly drawn there by his own karmic luck. The evidence that he was diametrically opposed to Blessed as if by destiny was abundant.

This Temporal Reincarnator was just another Blessed, and he will definitely clash with them if they were in his vicinity. In fact, it might already be happening.

With a heavy sigh, he shook his head. ”I can ’t wait. I don ’t know the level of this Temporal Reincarnator nor can I kill them without suffering from multiple Calamities of Hell. I don ’t have a True Soul of Sin, so I have to take it slow. ” He couldn ’t help but wonder if those at the Realm of Sages were restricted by these ungodly bindings. He couldn ’t even kill Lin Ming for fear of suffering consequences that he could never return from.

A single impulsive mistake and his entire life would be over, his soul and body reduced to dust by Hell. 

His Astral Souls silently agreed, a strange event considering their normally active personalities. However, he could feel that everything that was carried on his shoulders, the worries, the frustrations, and the fear were all held on theirs as well. They were in this together, and a single mistake meant the death of their siblings and father. 

Wei Wuyin was once again reminded that he wasn ’t alone in this.

Wei Wuyin exclaimed, ”Wang Yutian! ” 

The old ghost ’s presence was made known by the rippling waves of colorful light up above. ”You need something? ”

”Yes, I do. Is there an independent spatial ring within this vault that can hold everything here? ” Wei Wuyin asked.

”…There is. But not all these items can be stored in a spatial ring without sealing their fluctuations with an extensive restriction spell. ” Wang Yutian replied, but the fact that some of these items can ’t be stored in spatial rings wasn ’t an exaggeration. There were many volatile items that fluctuation can destabilize independent spaces, requiring a place like this: a small-sized Secret Realm.

Secret Realms were extremely stable, much like World Realms, and can house some of the most volatile materials and items. The Combat-Type Voidship, for example, had an artificial Star Core within it, so it can ’t be stored normally. This was why they were given tokens that grant direct access to this location, because it can ’t be stored anywhere else and it was quite secure. 

Wei Wuyin smiled, ”Can you bring it to me? ” 

In a flash, a spatial ring of golden color appeared before Wei Wuyin. Since Wei Wuyin met the exception requirements, Wang Yutian was authorized to bring all items directly to him at request. After all, this world was so extremely vast that it was difficult to navigate. 

Wei Wuyin grabbed the golden ring and inspected it, finding strange runes on its surface. They reminded him of the spell formation used by Lin Ming to transfer cultivation. It was beyond his understanding of its core make-up, but he understood its functions.

While he couldn ’t replicate the formation used by the unknown Ascended, he observed the changes in Lin Ming ’s body and cultivation. This was how he derived his insight into his unnamed product, his first self-conceived product.

He grasped it tightly in his hands and opened his grip. The golden ring changed colors, becoming black. With a content smile, he inspected the empty contents of the ring and nodded in satisfaction. The space of the ring was roughly the size of a small-sized continental flat earth. 

”Is there any restriction on the number of items I can take? ” Wei Wuyin asked.

”No. As long as you ’re qualified to take it, you can. ” Wang Yutian ’s voice contained a knowing amusement. He was most aware of Wei Wuyin ’s true foundation more than anyone. 

Wei Wuyin nodded, feeling like a large majority of the work would be taken care of. ”Bring to me the pillars of resources at the lowest level first. ” 

Wang Yutian chuckled. The colorful hexagonal sky above shook and the pillars with the lowest requirements, at the Soul Idol Phase, were being moved. They vanished one by one, arriving before Wei Wuyin like blinking shadows. 

Wei Wuyin waved his hand, sending out Void Force to engulf each pillar, and with a wrench of his hand, they were forcefully dragged into his newly acquired spatial ring. He kept doing this until roughly a thousand pillars had been taken. ”Bring me the next set, ” he said. These pillars were fashioned with great materials and can be deconstructed as base materials for a Sky Palace. How could he not take them?

Wang Yutian didn ’t hesitate, sending Wei Wuyin pillar after pillar. 

Lin Ming was currently trying to force his way into a Light Reflection Phase Pillar whose exception exceeded his limits. He was using his Origin Spear to repeatedly batter the shielding of the pillar, causing the transparent layer of the pillar that stored the resource within to tremble chaotically. There were endless cracks on its surface.

He was so close! 

While he could just use his False Worldly Domain to break this pillar ’s shielding, the consumption of astral force to use a False Worldly Domain was far, far too high. He could only sustain it for a minute or so, and that wasn ’t at full strength but just manifesting its World Pressure.

Just as his Origin Spear was about to pierce into the shielding, the pillar vanished. His thrust hit nothing but air, causing him to crash into the ground due to the momentum generated and his surprise.

”What the hell?! ” Lin Ming lifted his eyes and noticed the number of pillars in the surroundings were shrinking swiftly. He hastily inspected the world and noticed a figure floating beside the largest pillar waving his hand with a faint smile on his unearthly handsome face. Seeing Wei Wuyin taking all these pillars, his heart roared with rage.

With a burning light in his eyes, he shot towards Wei Wuyin with a spear in hand. ”What the hell do you think you ’re doing?! ” 

Wei Wuyin casually waved his hand, taking another pillar into his spatial ring after engulfing it with Void Force. He heard the enraged shout from Lin Ming, turning his head to see the grey-eyed youth with killing intent on his eyes. 

With a chuckle, Wei Wuyin amusingly replied: ”Isn ’t it obvious? ” But he didn ’t just say this, he clenched his fist and a draconic roar erupted! With a forceful punch, a ferocious shockwave exploded in Lin Ming ’s direction.

Lin Ming ’s eyes constricted, not expecting Wei Wuyin to launch an attack! He hurriedly tried to defend, using his astral force and Origin Spear to shield him, yet his protection served little purpose as his astral force dissipated upon impact with the shockwave. 

Like an explosion rocket, he was sent back faster than he shot forward. There was a long string of blood trailing his path. A pillar he was about to smash into vanished abruptly, causing him to slam into the ground and dragged out a body-sized ditch. 

”Stay there. I ’m plundering here, ” Wei Wuyin let all his frustrations out in that full-powered fist, laughing with heart as he kept pillar after pillar. The ones with volatile material were restrained by Void Force, pacified by Alchemical Force if needed.

After a moment, Wei Wuyin looked at the hexagonal panels that formed the sky. ”I want that too. ” With a wave of his hand, his astral force crashed into the sky in a torrential wave, engulfing a sizable portion before he wrenched his hand down!

The panels broke apart at their edges! They started to fall! 

As they fell, a golden light spewed out like a broken dam, flooding the world in its brilliance. Wei Wuyin ’s eyes brightened to the utmost limits possible!

”The Core! ”

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