Paragon of Sin

Chapter 476: Perfect Foundation

eeds were outstandingly fast, so in the first three months, he had reached this state.

The next nineteen months was him diligently cultivating, but not his foundation, but learning an array of spiritual spells, arts, and application of his multitude of powers. He had delved fully into strengthening his abilities as a cultivator, broadening his horizons and allowing him to make full use of such tremendous foundational strength.

Grand Priestess Si De calmed herself after a very long moment, trying to accept this newfound knowledge of Spiritual Strength. She took several breaths, ”If others knew of your spiritual strength, especially those proclaiming themselves geniuses, would they ever have the confidence in revealing themselves? To call themselves talented? ” 

Wei Wuyin softly laughed. She understood her emotions. Even he was startled by the level four ten-ring Soul Idols brought to his spiritual strength, their united spiritual power. 

Grand Priestess Si De walked to his side, looking at the Soul Mirror of Endless Reflection. ”The average spiritual strength of those at the Soul Idol Phase, the third stage of the Astral Core Realm, is roughly 1,000. Even ascending to the Realm World Phase, becoming a Realmlord, one ’s Spiritual Strength might barely exceed 3,000. ” Her voice still quivered with a trace of undisguised astonishment.

Wei Wuyin frowned. He was aware of this standard, already being an absolute irregularity in that regard. Unlike others, he had four Astral Souls, two of which were Divine. To put into perspective, if that mysterious young woman had four Astral Souls of a similar standard, she ’d reach 36,000 Spirit Units. But that was his unique cultivation advantage, and dwelling on what ifs of others weren ’t healthy. Still, it allowed him to understand that those from other starfields were absolutely terrifying, not to be underestimated no matter what. 

Furthermore, there were Chosen at the Spatial Resonance Phase who could fight Realmlords, even defeat them. While he killed two, they were suppressed by the unique environment, their Worldly Domain, their greatest power, was heavily restricted. While he had confidence to fight against one without fear, it made him realize there were others out there who were just as fearless, just as terrifying.

But his enemies weren ’t those geniuses. They weren ’t even those Blessed. It was the Calamities of Hell and the Heavenly Daos themselves that sought to end his life through these Calamities. 

Grand Priestess Si De softly touched the mirror ’s edge, not activating it. She softly whispered, ”73,000. ” Her sightless eyes turned to Wei Wuyin. A fiery emotion flashed within those eyes of hers, causing Wei Wuyin to note her change. With a grin, he grabbed her delicate waist, pressing her ample breasts against his chest.

She yelped a little, her eyes growing misty. She was clearly extremely desirous of Wei Wuyin. Her hands already moved to press against his crotch, moving energetically about.

Wei Wuyin was always surprised how a grand priestess of a holy temple, a woman that reached a level of unfathomable strength while maintaining her purity, could become a horny little minx. Did he corrupt her? Or was her repressed urges of over a thousand years too much to bear? 

Regardless, he benefited either way. 

Just as he was about to carry her off, his expression changed.

A divine hum echoed throughout the world, causing them both to lift their heads. A projection screen formed, revealing a bright, airy background and the face of a grey-eyed, handsome youth garbed in white.

Si De exclaimed in surprise, ”A Holy Son! ” 

Wei Wuyin ’s silver eyes revealed a distinct light of excitement. ”Finally! ” 

Just as he said this, another divine hum emerged! This was slightly different than the other.

Another screen projected itself on the sky, to be witnessed by every life on the continent! 

”A Second Holy Son! ” Grand Priestess Si De was stunned, her mouth agape.

But another divine hum emerged before her emotions could even full display itself on her expression!


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