Paragon of Sin

Chapter 471: Slaughter on the Noxious Seas

ffecting the circulation of the defensive formation. A parasitic mist. ALL MEMBERS! BE READY TO FIGHT! ” Buze Yichen shouted explosively, his aura at the Light Reflection Phase surged. He took out a saber, his eyes flashing with killing intent. 

Soon, the formation stopped working. The shielding powered down and left the ship defenseless. A few unsuspecting crew members hadn ’t taken the appropriate precaution, trying to conserve astral force. But when the mist touched their standard conjured wards, the mist was like oxygen to an oxygen mask—it smoothly entered with no resistance.

Startled, those careless few tried to push it back yet was forced to breath in the mist after an unsuccessful attempt. They shouted and screamed out the mist ’s strangeness to the others, but mid-sentence, their throats seized, their auras faltered, and their wards started to dissipate.

They grasped their throats, trying to scream a cry for help but to no success. But the transformations hadn ’t stopped. Those unlucky few had their eyes lose color, their skin lose luster, and their bodies falling onto the deck with a lifeless descent. They lost consciousness.

Buze Yichen noticed this, ”Idiots! I said to reinforce your astral wards, and don ’t breathe in the mist! ” Despite his roaring warning, a few more were subjugated by the mist. As for those beneath the Astral Core Realm, they were unable to defend themselves.

The Spatial Resonance Phase expert kept the mist encroaching him from all angles at bay, ”What is this mist?! ” His inquiry was left unanswered as true enemies did not explain themselves in battle. 

The crew devolved in a panic, with many believing those who lost consciousness had died, the light in their eyes vanishing and their breathing seemingly stopped. They cried out, some even saw things that weren ’t there. They unleashed attacks that struck their allies. A few pitiful souls lost their lives by their fellow brethren ’s blade. 

”ARGH! NO! ” A boom sounded alongside a horrified scream. The sound of metal hitting flesh and flesh exploding resounded, tainting the mist a reddish tint. This color vanished in a few moments, but soon enough, another boom resounded. 

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Three arrows flashed through the ship, finding their home in the skulls of three unlucky cultivators. These arrows were too fast, too strong, and those struck were all at the Sky Ruler Phase. They lost their lives despite their reinforced Astral Wards. 

”THEY ’RE ONBOARD! DEFEND YOURSELF! ” But the mist lowered visibility. A few experts panicked, flying off the ship. But when they exited the ship, a strange gravitational force emitted from the edges of the ship, dragging them down as if a mountain was on their shoulders. 

Splash! Splash!

Sizzle! Sizzle!

Those who tried to escape were brought into the Noxious Seas, their screams were abruptly shut off as they seemed to enter a vat of acidic liquid. After a short scream, only their white bones floated to the surface after a few seconds, completely devoid of flesh and clothes. Unfortunately, the visibility was too low, so many were falling to this fate. Even a Soul Idol Phase expert was caught off-guard.

”Don ’t leave the ship! There ’s a formation at the edges of the ship! ” Buze Yichen soon lost his calm. He knew he was losing control of his ship and crew, with many casualties born out of their enemy ’s sinister tactics. He didn ’t launch random attacks for fear of destroying the ship or killing off his own crew members, weakening their strength further, adding to the confusion.

”Vicious! ” He bitingly roared, trying to find the culprits. He shot forward, blazing past a few crew members trying to enter an area that was recently tinted red. When he arrived, he found the crushed remains of a female human. A fierce growl left his lips. He was losing his composure. 

Just as he was about to continue his search, a blast of astral force shot towards him. His eyes lit with a ferocious light, using his saber to slice into the astral force, unraveling it with ease, and then retaliated with a flash of saber light. The saber light sliced into the mist.

”AHHHH! ” A scream of terror resounded, filled with death and grievance. When Buze Yichen arrived at the voice ’s location, he noticed it was one of crew mates. He had been sliced into two by saber force, their eyes reflected their shock and despair at the end of their life.

”Fool! ” He spat.

Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!

Five successive sounds resounded, eliminating five more cultivators! The mist reddish tint at that moment had become deeper, but only for a mere moment. At that moment, Buze Yichen finally saw the trajectory of the light arrows. His eyes blazed with violent light, explosively shooting towards the area they all originated from. 

He arrived in almost a blink, yet he felt no one nearby. His expression changed.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

He moved faster, rushing off the moment the sounds of impact were heard. Yet, there was still no one there. He hated this mist with a fierce passion. With it up, he couldn ’t use his Spatial Mark or Spatial Prison to locate or halt the enemy. If he randomly unleashed his strength, he ’ll be wasting astral force and might attack his own members. It ’ll be a double loss.

”Find the formation ’s core! ” Buze Yichen changed his objective as he unleashed several locator-type spiritual spells. He infused ample spiritual force in each, but they all failed to locate the formation let alone the core itself. Unfortunately for him, he hadn ’t realized the underwater ship ’s location was directly beneath them, underneath the Noxious Seas.

Buze Yichen knew he wasted time with these actions. The lives of many more died as a result. He could only helplessly hear their pleading shouts and heart-shaking death throes. It was a slaughter…

”Who are you?! ” Buze Yichen screamed out, his aura gushing to push the mist away. But the mist kept approaching, his aura only temporarily preventing its movements. Only his astral ward halted its approach, and he didn ’t dare expand his astral ward to engulf the entire ship. 

”Commander, task completed! ” A female voice resounded. 

”…?! ” Buze Yichen knew this voice was new, someone he ’d never met before. His eyes glowed with a sharp light as he gripped his saber, his expression revealing a hint of pure savagery. If he found this woman, he swore that he ’d ravage her thoroughly. The imagery placated his raging heart a little.

The mist slowly started to recede.

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