Paragon of Sin

Chapter 467: Ladies of the Sky Palace

The one thing you should never give a schemer is time, or let them know your intentions. To orchestrate a series of events wasn ’t difficult as long as you understood the people and things involved in said event. It ’s like placing dominoes in a row. All one has to do is push one end of it. 

From using Void Force to transfer items, to leaving behind a seed of Eden Force to plant an seemingly self-conceived thought at the crucial, unexpected moment, to planting evidence or clearing oneself of suspicions, and the other little things, it was a little too easy! 

Wei Wuyin hadn ’t done a complicated plan like this in a long time, but it felt satisfying when it all played out even better than he could ’ve predicted. The next sequence of events were a certainty. 

The Shuang Clan had proclaimed their innocence to the crowd, saying the similar words of: ”He ’s lying! We ’re being framed! ” But those words having been said by two seemingly guilty parties had lost their power. No one suspected it was anyone else, wholeheartedly believing that the Holy Clans had worked in conjunction to steal the Grand Earth Cache.

Unless new evidence suggested otherwise, there would be no change to their words. Even if the Shuang Clan swore an oath that they didn ’t steal it, or take it, or have it, these things could always have double-meanings. For example, it was the Lei Clan that stole it, not them! They didn ’t take it, they were given it! They don ’t have it, they gave it to someone else to hold so they can swear this oath!

It was a rabbit hole of other possibilities, so no one even bothered. The experts present felt anger at the Holy Clan ’s disgusting actions! They not only stole from them, but they stole from a Divinity! Do they even have the right to be Holy Clans!

Wei Wuyin had to do nothing before the Voidship ’s defenses were ripped apart. The Voidship left behind by the so-called Divinities were transport items, not combat items. It held no ability to defend itself from forceful means. 

The Holy Daughter was brought out by several of the Elven Race ’s Timelords. They wanted the Holy Daughter to be judged! But that was for the pious or offended, most amongst the elves just wanted the Shuang Clan to lose their right as a Holy Bloodline!

Wei Wuyin was an unknown face, but Ai Yin ’s close relationship and his dense yang aura on her revealed something the other Holy Clans never had! He wasn ’t against elves! If he controlled the Holy Land of Elements, that vast Central Region, they could finally house their tribesmen inside it for safety!

They no longer had to be used as fodder! No longer had to fight and die during the Season of Devils! It was their time.

Wei Wuyin was shocked that the Holy Daughter of the Shuang Clan was a beautiful young woman, but his expression contained a faint smile as he was reminded of Wu Baozhai. In the Myriad Yore Continent, she had an exquisite formation that suppressed external yang auras and acted as a false Primal Yin. The Holy Daughter here had something extremely similar.

Whatmore, she even had the gall to say these words: ”Holy Son of Dual Elements, I am willing to relinquish my right to the Holy Bloodline if you can grant this little one ’s wish. Take me as your wife, and I ’ll serve you forever with the utmost diligence! ”

Wei Wuyin ’s expression was amused. His Celestial Eyes observed the concealed yang auras and found that it was strange, almost similar to hers. It seemed she had relations with a relative, a close one. 

He didn ’t even bother with her, directly ousting her as he shattered the formation and released the concealed yang aura, shocking everyone. With his spiritual strength and Alchemic Eden Force, what formation can ’t he dissemble?! At least, those within the Mortal Limits.

The scandal grew larger after, causing these experienced experts to shake their heads. That being said, Wei Wuyin challenged her too, but showed mercy. Her life was spared, but he had claimed the Ice Element Badge that contained the Absolute Zero Ice Intent, as he expected. 

He became the Holy Son of Tri-Elements!

Wei Wuyin didn ’t feel the need to involve himself further. He simply told everyone this: ”The Season of Regression will still be present for sometime! I, the last remaining Holy Son, shall open the gates of the Central Region and Desolate Lands to all during the Season of Devils. No race or affiliation shall be forbidden! ” He looked towards Ai Yin, a soft and warm look in his eyes, and then continued. 

”You can all organize your affairs and plan your futures. As for these thieving Holy Clans, you can do with them as you wish! Moreover, you don ’t have to worry about their Starlords! They only survive off my will, lest the world destroys them! ” Wei Wuyin announced, shocking everyone once again. 

After obtaining the third badge, he discovered two new Starlord-level lifeforms under his control, totaling three. It seemed the Noxious Seas ’ Navy River Elven Tribes Starlord had been under the Shuang Clan ’s control this entire time. Furthermore, they were restrained to certain areas and couldn ’t act without the badge owner ’s consent.

He had somehow pocketed three Starlord-level experts. Unfortunately, they were entirely useless, and if the formation preventing them from acting was removed, they would be absolutely terrifying to deal with. After all, he was about to be responsible for the two Holy Clan ’s downfall. There was no way those two Starlords would develop good opinions about them.

As for the Lei and Shuang Clan? Their days were numbered. As for the Grand Earth Cache, he was certain no one knew what was exactly in the Cache, and the Lei and Shuang Clan had monopolized the rich resources of the Central Region for too long. They were bound to be fat sheep ready to be reaped.

Whatever they had, the others would likely consider it a part of the Grand Earth Cache. After all, besides a few marked objects, nothing else was really known about what was inside.

So the elite experts of the Four Extreme Continent were undeniably excited at the possibility of launching a joint takeover of the Central Region, completely with the only remaining Holy Son ’s permission. As if this justified their long-awaited wants and desires! Furthermore, in the eyes of the masses, those pious bunch, the Lei and Shuang Clan were sinners of the highest degree! 

These former Holy Clans were now just chaotic distractions for the continent ’s experts. They were no longer worth paying any attention to. So after retrieving his Divine Wine Gourd, he said a few more words and left them to decide. 

He returned to True Desolate Temple with Si De in tow. As for Ai Yin, she was handling the planning and future movement of the Grey Sands Elves to the Central Region. She had publicly kissed Wei Wuyin, showing off their intimate relations, and placating the doubts and reasonable fears of the elves. They had been suppressed by humans for too long! 

The trust they felt towards them was little, nearly non-existent! If Wei Wuyin suddenly decided to leave them out of the sacred lands free of Devils, they would only have three regions left, and many more elves would die while more humans would be safe and sound. How horrible would that be?

Of course, they knew that not all of them could fit in the Central Region, but with the Desolate Lands added to the safety zone, at least the majority of their tribe would be safe, especially their most important bloodlines. 

The native humans felt the same way, hoping to be included in the safety zone. They were so focused on this that they fully intended to cull the Holy Clan ’s population to free up more space.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t bother with their violent intentions, predicting this result from the beginning. There was another reason he wanted this to happen, and that was to weaken the forces on the continent from war. The possibility that these Timelords will gain their freedom, entering his starfield, was a legitimate concern. Fortunately, he was the Holy Son and could use that reputation and the environmental conditions to his favor. 

But will that last?

A few hours later.

”Holy Son, what do you plan to do now? ” Grand Priestess Si De said softly, caressing her long fingers on Wei Wuyin ’s toned chest. She laid atop him, without a shred of clothes, with wet silver hair from her fragrant sweat. Those sightless eyes of hers stared passionately at his profile.

Wei Wuyin gazed at the ceiling, his silver eyes fixated on a particular spot. His mind was filled with all sorts of thoughts, primarily his next move. He had obtained three out of the nine badges and six remained. He knew where the other three badges were, their locations fixed and unmoving.

The only issue was Lin Ming ’s three badges. As a Blessed, it would be difficult to deal with him without absolute strength. Before that, he had to find him. He didn ’t think the others could do so, considering Lin Ming had Karmic Luck. He recalled how Lin Ming evaded his pursuers the first time they met, and he didn ’t think he couldn ’t do it again. But he also didn ’t wish to spend time traveling, searching for his tail. 

After a long while, his eyes brightened as he grabbed a handful of Si De. She moaned softly, nestling deeper into his embrace. Her body was already getting hotter, absolutely insatiable! 

”Cultivate, ” Wei Wuyin smilingly answered. There was no particular rush to take any action himself. All he had to do was wait. Sooner or later, Lin Ming will come to him. He has to. And knowing that endless confidence of his, and likely in-depth knowledge of this trial, that was an absolute certainty. 

He had obtained the entire Grand Earth Cache and had enough to concoct more Soul Deity Invoker Elixirs. To add, there was even more! Ten Ripple-Spatial Resonance and he had all the qualifications to enter the Light Reflection Phase after his enlightened comprehensive state from the Refraction World-Light Elixir! This might be the fastest he ’d made advancements since entering the Astral Core Realm!

Knock! Knock!

At this moment, a knock on the door resounded. Wei Wuyin and Si De turned their heads. ”Come in, ” he said.

The door opened to reveal a gorgeous female elf, blushing as she wore a thin dudou that revealed all her curves and internal heat-fueling spots. It was the light-bronze skinned Ai Juling. She waltzed in with a faint trembling gaze, looking at the two cuddled together. She softly bit her lower lip.

”Ai Juling, come. ” Wei Wuyin spoke with a laugh and her eyes lit with excitement and explosive joy. When she laid on the bed, a new lively atmosphere was born.

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