Paragon of Sin

Chapter 462: Thieves!

separating her from the Envoys with much effort. When everything settled, Grand Priestess Si De scoffed, not bothering with them any longer as she shot towards Wei Wuyin with heavy concern reflected in her eyes.

Ai Yin was already there tending to Wei Wuyin ’s wounds, stabilizing his condition. He coughed out some grey-colored blood and his expression was pale, but he was alive. Ai Yin was also pale, feeling fear she hadn ’t felt before. When Wei Wuyin was struck, she felt her heart sink to the bottomless depths of despair.

She knew she had to reevaluate her emotions towards Wei Wuyin. While he conquered her body, did he also conquer her heart?

When Grand Priestess Si De saw the grey-colored blood at the edge of Wei Wuyin ’s lips, killing intent flashed within her eyes, but also a little surprise. Wei Wuyin had survived a direct strike from a Timelord at close range, and that startled her. While Timelords were suppressed, they were still so much stronger than Realmlords.

The Shuang Clan ’s Envoys realized the situation could deteriorate into all-out war after seeing the violent and readying auras of every member of the Desolate Lands. They seemed ready to pounce, even if it meant throwing their lives away.

One of the Shuang Clan Envoys, a gorgeous young woman with ash-colored hair, stepped forward. She spoke with an elegant posture and a soft and disarming voice, ”May I ask why the Holy Son of Grand Earth is so angry? Perhaps we can ease your grievance towards the Lei Clan. ” Her act as a mediator was spot-on, not mentioning anything about how Wei Wuyin attacked first or how he was struck, but the core of the issue.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes lit with happiness. He would give her a thumbs up if he wasn ’t performing a show. He angrily spat out a wad of grey blood, his eyes gleaming with murder. ”My grievance? Is it just my grievance that needs to be addressed? What about my people? What about you all here?! ”

The young woman was startled. She composed herself and said, ”Holy Son of Grand Earth, I ’m not following. ” In truth, no one understood exactly why Wei Wuyin attacked the Lei Clan, but they were smart enough to understand that he had suspicions towards them.

After all, which of them were lacking in intelligence or the gathering of it? The news that the Lei Clan wanted to act against Wei Wuyin was as well known as the Shuang Clan ’s desire to intermix Holy Bloodlines. Someone had leaked this information and it was even verified by their sources!

If someone were to act against him, it would only be the Holy Clans, and the only Holy Clan with ill-intent was the Lei Clan! They weren ’t idiots.

”You don ’t understand? Then let me explain! ” Wei Wuyin said with a growl, turning to the Lei Clan Envoy that he attacked. ”You must truly be stupid. You stole the things that had my Holy Bloodline Mark on them? Things that BELONGS TO ME, and YOU expect ME not to notice while carrying it? Do I look incapable or are you just a fucking idiot! ” His rage was pure, his emotions felt genuine.

That Lei Clan Envoy was startled into a panic, uncertain what Wei Wuyin meant. Stole? Holy Bloodline Mark? When? What?

Then he recalled Wei Wuyin ’s demand to check his Spatial Ring, how he was staring at him from the beginning. The others present recalled this too, they were suspicious now and sought a clear explanation. 

Grand Priestess Si De asked, ”Are you saying the Lei Clan stole the cache contents?! ” Her words were like a white flash to everyone ’s minds. Was it true?!

Wei Wuyin didn ’t answer. Instead, he took out the Earth Element Badge of Divinity and a piercing light shot into the sky. The crowd ’s eyes followed it, then the light shot down and engulfed the Lei Clan Envoy before he could react. 

”Thieves! ” Wei Wuyin shouted while pointing his finger, trembling from his apparent rage.

”Impossible! We ’ve never taken anything from the Grand Earth Cache! ” The Lei Clan Envoy was terrified. This was a heavy, incredibly heavy accusation being lobbied by a Holy Son! If they stole it and their identities were hidden, then there was no issue, but if they were found out? The trouble…

”Liars! ” Someone amongst the crowd who hated the Lei Clan raged with a booming shout empowered by spiritual force. He poured fuel to the blazing suspicions.

”The Lei Clan are a bunch of thieves! They stole from right under our noses! The treasures were very recently taken, not even a few days ago! ” Someone shouted amongst the Timelords, having scanned the time energies of the cache room. Of course, this was all manipulated by a certain someone, but it was verified by other Timelords. If the time energies of recent arrivals was truly studied, it would be shortly after Wei Wuyin announced opening it up to everyone!

Since Wei Wuyin swore an oath that he ’d never entered nor any of the Desolate Lands individuals, then that only left outsiders! And the only ones who have the gall to do something outright defying religious principles and morality, such as stealing from their own Divinities, were those who felt themselves above all the other inhabitants of their world!

The Holy Clans!

”We didn ’t steal anything! ” The Lei Clan Envoys shouted in panic as they proclaimed their innocence, seeing the murderous gazes targeted towards them.

Hu Ran ’s dark, imposing voice resounded. ”Then, let us see the contents of your spatial ring! ” As a member of the Desolate Lands, and a human, he already felt entitled to the Grand Earth Cache, so his expression was the most violent.

The Lei Clan Envoy was about to agree when he recalled the still shining light engulfing him, a feeling of uncertainty emerged in his heart. What if he had an item with the Grand Earth Holy Bloodline Mark? What if he had just a single item?

Where would the rest be? Where could the rest of it be? 

His expression grew uglier and uglier.

Even if the Lei Clan didn ’t have it…

He gulped heavily, uncertain what to do.

Before he could decide what to do, or figure out the suspicious points, Wei Wuyin ’s demanding voice exploded!

”They wish to escape! SURROUND THEM!!! ”

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