Paragon of Sin

Chapter 461: Grand Earth Cache Opening

r to Wei Wuyin. Wei Wuyin looked at her faintly trembling body, those eyes of hers hiding a ferocity to lay it all on the line. Considering Wei Wuyin had yet to impregnate anyone, she wasn ’t willing to allow a single thing of harm to reach him. 

But Wei Wuyin couldn ’t help but chuckle in his heart. ’You might be a Timelord, but your cultivation base is suppressed in this world. During the Season of Regression, you might not even be stronger than me. ’ This thought flashed through his mind as two figures from each Holy voidship, totalling four, left and approached. 

They weren ’t the Inherited Holy Children, but Envoys.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t bother with them. Clearly they wanted to come to him, talk about the Grand Earth Cache with their solemn expressions and grandiose air. He merely turned and shouted to the world, ”The rules of the Grand Earth Cache Opening will be simple. No one is allowed to enter until I ’ve explored and accounted for its contents. Then, I ’ll allow the experts to bid on individual objects.

”I won ’t be handling this, but my most trusted Grand Priestess will. Anyone who breaks this rule, well, you know others won ’t allow that, so I won ’t go into that. After all, you ’re not just robbing me, but everyone here. The competition will be fairly held, as long as you ’re bidding and have the wealth on you, you ’ll have it. If you do not have your bidded price, you ’ll forfeit the item and it ’ll go to the next highest bidder. Understood? ” Wei Wuyin ’s voice was carried by mental energies, entering everyone ’s mind with absolute clarity.

The Holy Envoys were startled by Wei Wuyin ’s words. Their expressions darkened. 

Wei Wuyin continued to ignore them, ”I ’ve sent a list of materials that will go for ten times the estimated value. If you have some of the highest valued ones, you can automatically reserve any item amongst the list for yourself. You don ’t have to worry about me keeping anything for myself. I won ’t be bringing in storage rings on my person, but the items that belong to my Holy Bloodline, such as a Holy Starship and those other Holy Items, will be mine. ”

After he said that, he swore an extremely vicious oath to ease their worries, in which included that he nor anyone he knew had previously entered or taken anything from the cache prior to today, and he floated to the base of the lone mountain. He held the Earth Element Token into the sky and activated it. He felt the Grand Earth Intent within the badge flare up, then interact with him, and burst into vast, piercing light that entered the sky. 

The crowd was watching with widened eyes, seeing the divine light enter the sky. They were wondering if a phenomenon would occur, but what happened left them disappointed. After the light entered the sky, another light pierced down. Then, an opening formed in the base of the mountain.

Many felt tempted, but the auras of others kept them in check. They didn ’t wish to move forward and be blasted into nothingness. And so, when they saw someone else seemingly itch with greed, their eyes lit up dangerously as they sought to strike. Unfortunately, no one took the bait.

The Holy Clans were extremely gloomy, looking at the crowd and Wei Wuyin. They, too, wanted to venture inside first. The dangers, however, were too high. 

The young woman sighed, ”Like you said, they ’re keeping each other in check. They ’re just waiting for someone to slip up. ”

The old man chuckled, ”Fear everywhere. ” 

The hilarious part was that Wei Wuyin didn ’t immediately enter. He allowed a wide-open path into the opening, yet for a solid minute, not a single individual acted. Wei Wuyin pouted.

In truth, he wanted to see someone get blasted by the astral force of hundreds of Realmlords. How glorious would that be? This was why he stayed. Well, maybe one day. He turned away and shot into the opening. 

When he arrived, entering the cache, it was an extremely expansive room filled with boxes and transparent pillars holding specific materials, tools, and items. At the back was a particular tool of a certain enormity!

A Holy Voidship!

His eyes brightened considerably. When he swept his eyes across the room, his heart violently pounded! So much? Everything…EVERYTHING he needed was in this room! Soul Ash of Divine Jade? A shit ton! Spatial Jade Crystal?! So much! All sorts of things the starfield lacked!!!

With a heavy smirk, his heart throbbed endlessly as boundless Void Force gushed out of his pores. He laughed in his heart.

After merely five seconds passed, Wei Wuyin exited the opening, his expression absolutely calm and collected. He looked at everyone, sweeping his gaze across the entire audience with an increasingly chilly gaze.

He stopped his gaze onto the Lei Clan ’s Holy Envoys. With the loudest voice filled with blistering anger, he roared at the Lei Clan with unfathomably trembling rage in his voice: ”EVERYTHING HAS BEEN STOLEN! ” 

”… ”

”… ”

”WHAT?! ” The crowd of elite experts went wild!

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