Paragon of Sin

Chapter 457: Edens Words

The arrival of a Holy Son was not a small event that could be ignored. It hadn ’t happened in thousands of years and the last two times a Holy Child was born, they founded the Holy Land of Elements. The Holy Land of Elements was the Central Region of the Four Extreme Continent, and it housed the strongest experts of a generation. 

There were those who ’ve touched the apex of the Mortal Dao, forming their own Star Cores. But these experts only existed in the Holy Bloodline of Holy Children! This marked a change for the future. There were many thrilled for this change, especially the human natives of the Desolate Lands.

But not everyone was delighted about this world-shaking change filled with unknown possibilities. Because it was unknown. Because it was change. The shifting of their delicate cultivation climate was on the horizon and some felt threatened. Would their interests be harmed? 

This stemmed from an easily overlooked but extremely crucial detail: All other Holy Children titles and divine rights were inherited. Wei Wuyin ’s was not. His title was earned, something these Holy Children who lived in luxury, those who had the ’purest ’ bloodline of former Holy Children who ’ve ascended properly, could never earn.

Whispers started from who knows where, calling to question the legitimacy of these Holy Clans. Someone, somewhere, wanted to stir trouble. And trouble they stirred. 

Wei Wuyin sat in the Holy Room of the True Desolate Temple, sitting at a large desk with several dozen scrolls sprawled across the table. They seemed haphazardly placed, but Wei Wuyin had a system. As he read through these scrolls, his brows were furrowed in deep contemplation. 

After a long moment, he breathed out a wad of hot air, feeling the stress relieve from his body. A delicate head popped out from under the table, revealing the gorgeous face of the light bronze-skinned elf, Ai Yin. Her wet lips were extremely mesmerizing to see.

She squeezed her way out from under the table, not speaking a single word as she smiled seductively. Wei Wuyin sent her off with his eyes, watching her walk away in a sexy stride. After she left, Wei Wuyin ’s lips slowly became a bitter smile.

It had been eight day since he ’d become the Holy Son, and Ai Yin was ravenous. One would not think she was a virgin a little over a week ago. To add, she was the sneaky and cunning sort, storing his yang essence after a thorough extraction using every possible means. Then, she would ’leave ’ him to his studies as he winded down.

In truth, she would carefully store his yang essence for the future, probably planning to use it to breed from other women of her tribe. He didn ’t really know how to feel about this, because he had long since taken a pill that effectively restricted his ability to sire children. It also amplified his Dual Cultivation benefits. So unless he took the reversal elixir to dispel the pill ’s effects, not even a Star Lord could change that.

He was extremely active in the bedroom with too many, and he had no time or desire to father children. Still, he enjoyed her enthusiasm. And he liked her foresight, clearly wanting to maximize the chances of obtaining the Holy Bloodline.

According to Si De, the Holy Bloodline wasn ’t passed to every child. But the ones who have it can be declared as Inherited Holy Children, taking on the mantle of their parents or ancestors. This could and has continued for thousands of years. Moreover, once every hundred years or so, a Holy Bloodline would awaken from a descendant member, and only once a generation. 

This was why Ai Yin wanted to sneakily spread it to others in her clan, to increase her chances of having an elf awaken with the Holy Bloodline. 

He found this fascinating. He found almost everything about the Four Extreme Continent fascinating. It had its own society of cultivation, technological advancements, politics, struggles, wars, and religious beliefs. It was an eye-opener.

For example, the short-range Void Gates. His starfield didn ’t have these. They were technological advancements based on need and perceived necessity of environmental conditions, allowing the construction of fortified walls with absolutely no entry point that could be infiltrated by Devils. 

The act of slavery was unnaturally strange as well, with it being wild and abundant, not regulated by any single organization, yet niche, well-known, and normalized by the public. That was because the people didn ’t want normal ’slaves ’ but those suitable for forming Alchemic Spirits and Energy Conversion. There wasn ’t any need for physical labor, and the slaves weren ’t even used for sexual profit. In fact, talented female cultivators with their Primal Yin intact were a cherished resource that would be heavily protected.

It was incredibly strange because only ’talented ’ cultivators were suited for these requirements, typically needing Astral Core Realm cultivators to become effective Alchemic Proxies and Energy Converters. Therefore, the normally enslaved, the weak and feeble, those without backing or a proper upbringing to nurture their talent, weren ’t targeted. 

Hence the vast majority of slaves today were Seekers from the Central Region captured by elves or natives, those who venture out into the dangerous unknown seeking profit during the Season of Regression. These slaves would then be turned to benefit the weaker, less talented masses, breeding new experts. Those experts might in turn become slaves.

This bred a sacrificial cycle of repetition that allowed the continent to thrive in a world without a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist, in an isolated World Realm!

Wei Wuyin had read through numerous records of religious-motivated excursions of significance, violent wars for resources, development of technologies, solitary cities, and the formation of the Central Region. He had read every piece of information he could obtain, finding it more and more interesting as he got further along. 

The Four Extreme Continent ’s history was as rich and thrilling as his own starfield ’s, minus the presence of those who ’ve exceeded Mortal Limits, reaching the Mystic Ascendant Realm. But there were figures in history who were said to have surpassed the Mortal Limits yet hadn ’t fully ascended. He was intrigued by this discovery, thinking if there was a step before the Mystic Ascendant Realm.

These people all died, however. 

”There was never any mention of this stage of cultivation in the Myriad Monarch Sect. Could it be a product of failure to ascend, not the bridging stage between the two realms? ” Wei Wuyin thought this aloud, feeling that the possibility was there. After all, this starfield didn ’t have the King of Everlore ’s support, and those who had all would ’ve had the greatest chances to ascend successfully.

As Wei Wuyin was pondering, his spatial ring emanated faint spiritual light. He had received a spiritual transmission. When he read this message, he frowned. That frown became deeper and deeper until he eventually relaxed. He exhaled softly, ”Regardless of culture or differences of civilization, the world of cultivation will always be the world of cultivation. ”

Fortunately, Wei Wuyin had acted preemptively to glean into and handle certain matters. He had learned of the cultivation standard of the highest ranked cultivators, with these Grand Kings and Clan Masters all having ascended to the Realm World Phase, the Seventh Stage of the Astral Core Realm. That was peak powerhouse level, and there existed Timelord and even Starlords. 

But only three Starlords throughout the entire continent.

The first two belonged to the Holy Clans within the Central Region. The last belonged to the Navy River Elves within the Noxious Seas. According to reports, these figures were restricted, confined to certain locations and prohibited from using their strength. Ever. 

The so-called Divinities the natives worship prevented Star Lords from exerting their strength, ruthlessly suppressing them with innumerable limitations. Even outside of the Season of Regression, this was so. Of course, this was certainly the old ghost ’s actions, preventing the destruction of this isolated World Realm.

That being said, the benefits of a Star Lord wasn ’t limited to strength, but cultivation of others was possible. They had many miraculous abilities that could further the strength of their race.

As for Timelords, there weren ’t as many as he ’d imagined. Ai Yin, the Grand Priestess Si De, and the Grand King named Hu Ran were the only three Timelords in all of the Desolate Lands. Despite this, Ai Yin was not the head leader of the Grey Sands Elven Tribes, and only had the authority of a normal Clan Master.

This was also because of that old ghost restricting the strength of those at that level. Even their unique cultivation aspects couldn ’t be used effectively, mostly being a glorified lifespan enhancing realm within this isolated world. It was quite intriguing. Still, they all strove to enter the next realm in hopes of being able to break these shackles, ascending beyond the Mortal Limits.

He had communicated with several Clan Masters and Grand Kings, sending them all varied messages with various different statements and assignments to get into his good standing. One of them, a woman by the name of Bing Zi, had obtained information about the movements of the Central Regions. She had spies implanted on crucial areas there, and they fed her information about their intentions towards Wei Wuyin.

According to the message contained in the transmission, one of these clans intended to bind him through marriage, hoping to combine a fresh Holy Bloodline with another. The other, however, sought more insidious intentions through unsavory means.

He retrieved his Earth Element Badge of Divinity. They wanted this and the secret cache it unlocked, knowing that it contains boundless rare resources and materials for cultivation. It reportedly contained an object that was enough to allow someone the hopes of ascending Mortal Limits. That Star Lord wanted this.

Bing Zi was extremely smart and swift, quickly handling this matter with a very detailed report. 

He flipped the badge in his hand casually, a faint smile on his face. ”Wealth breeds envy, treasure births schemes. But I don ’t care about this little bit of resources. Whatever the Divine King Han Xei gathered for the trial participants, could it amount to much in the face of ninth-grade alchemical products? ” 

Laughing in amusement, he decided to deliver a present of chaos to the world, shaking it up a little bit. That being said, he wondered if there would be any Soul Jade Ash within this cache. If so…

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