Paragon of Sin

Chapter 441: Arriving

ir signature nonsense or single word answers, not really offering any help. To one, there was no where they couldn ’t go, no where they couldn ’t leave, and no one who could threaten him. To the other, a swing of its edge can solve ninety-nine problems out of a hundred, and if he met that single problem he couldn ’t, he ’d just use two. 

Their thought process regarding the matter was simple, and it doused Wei Wuyin ’s worried heart with a warm, chuckling spray of reliable nonsense. 

With a soft exhale, he thought for a moment that might be too concerned about this Temporal Reincarnator. But just when he thought this, when he was about to relax a little, Eden sent surging waves throughout his Sea of Consciousness. 

This wave contained lessons of suffering from lack of vigilance in his past, of downplaying certain suspicions of allies who betrayed him, of feeling absolutely safe and it nearly claimed his life. The most recent being hunted by Qu Xiaoying unexpectedly. 

His eyes brightly lit, once more regaining its stability and strength. He couldn ’t lower his guard against anything, always had to prepare for the worst! He nodded to himself and Eden, sending it his heartfelt thanks. 

”I ’ll do whatever I need to. ” Wei Wuyin ’s lips tugged into a confident smile, a smile that could swoon the hearts of trillions. With a stretch, he put on his shoes, and took off towards True Desolate. 


The Desolate Lands spanned for 158,000 miles in every direction, but at the center of this land was a grand temple that was grey and golden. It effused faint light that turned the surrounding grey sand gold, dispersing the desolate power and transforming it through an exquisite conversion formation into pure astral essence. 

The golden sand stretched for 158 miles, 1/1,000th of the total landmass of the Desolate Lands, but the temple itself was fashioned like most, filled with a peaceful and awe-inspiring grace. There were 158 large stairs etched into a large mountain, and led to the top of the mountain where the grand temple was built. 

The first stair was at the base of the mountain which was occupied by various buildings and people of all types, a mixture of humans and elves. They seemed to be moving about and living in harmony, completely different from the outside world.

Here, at the base of the mountain and holy city, these elves did not need to hide within underground cities for fear of being killed or harmed, their bodies and souls protected by the deity in the hearts of all who lived within the Four Extreme Continent. 

There were thousands of buildings of varying colors, each notably having a singular symbol of distinct design at the top of their doors, as if signifying to others a specific belief. This symbol was of a lone mountain surrounded by a desert, at the top of this mountain was a golden solar star that sent out rays of multicolored light.

From the lowest portion of the depiction, there was grey, but as one lifted their eyes towards the solar star, the multicolored light would shimmer more prominently until the peak revealed its radiance. It provoked various feelings within the natives, but this depiction was revered by all as the symbol of True Desolate.

At the moment, the entire base of the mountain was filled with people of various backgrounds, most notably very prominent figures in both cultivation and reputation. This wasn ’t a minor event, held to the highest degree by all those in the city.

Several individuals were sitting at a group table within an eatery, being served drinks and food. Amongst this group was Ai Shenwu and the white-haired elven beauty Ai Chyou. There were two others as well, their auras not a slightest bit inferior to Ai Shenwu. The rest had powerful auras as well, but completely subduer. 

Ai Chyou took a sip of her iced tea, looking out the window. A wistful look emerged in her eyes. ”To think all the Clan Leaders of the Nine Elven Clans are here. ” This event was grander than she imagined, a faint pressure weighing heavily on her shoulders.

An old elf without any wrinkles but grey hair slowly spoke in a deep voice, ”Not just the Nine Great Leaders, but the Ganshu have sent ten of their Grand Kings. ” His voice was somewhat strange as he spoke, sighing at the end.

”Who cares! Those pompous Ganshu just wish to show-off. We send nine, they send ten. What ’s next? We ’re measuring our girth? Length? How pathetic. ” A younger elf with a fiery light in his eyes spat, feeling greatly indignant. The others clearly agreed within his words, but they didn ’t voice it.

Ai Shenwu glanced at the table as a heated discussion regarding the humans actions was launched. He turned to look at Ai Chyou, then at the window. In his mind he thought, ”Will he come? ”

Just as those words entered his mind, a figure walked into the range of sight of the various buildings, the so-called city, and lifted his head to the sky, ”Made it in time. ”

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