Paragon of Sin

Chapter 438: Room to Grow

ps the planet would ’ve been severed in half.

As he regarded the continent, he frowned. The durability of this continent was extraordinary. Furthermore, there weren ’t any protective formations to prevent its destruction. He had unleashed such a strong power, yet there wasn ’t a single response. Perhaps his level of power wasn ’t enough to threaten it yet, and this caused his eyebrows to furrow slightly.

In truth, he knew that while his attack was strong, there were many factors to Qu Xiaoying ’s defeat. Firstly, she was exhausted. Her defense would ’ve been severely weakened as a result. Secondly, this Season of Regression suppressed Realmlord ’s strength considerably. They couldn ’t control the ambient energies or mana in the surroundings, and their spatial force was affected. 

Lastly, she didn ’t expect it. 

Wei Wuyin wasn ’t too foolish or naive to think a straightforward battle would end so easily, but that was largely irrelevant. He could disperse the restrictions on his Ninth-Grade Pellets now. While they might not have as much power as his saber, if he used a hundred at once, who knew what would happen? 

That being said, he had the confidence to face a Realmlord directly. Furthermore, he now had space to expand his Astral Cores, strengthen his innate energies, and improve the quality of his Astral Force. At the moment, his Astral Cores were ten centimeters, the maximum limit of the Soul Idol Phase. In the Spatial Resonance Phase, he had more room to grow.

”Each of you have reached the Nine-Ripple Spatial Resonance, but I still need to concoct the Soul Deity Invoker Elixir to ensure all of you reach ten-rings, and then for the ten-ripples. ” He mumbled to himself and the others. Fortunately, as long as he hadn ’t reached the Seventh Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Realm World Phase, the unrefined Manifested Spirit Energy can still be used to unlock their heaven-defying potential.

The four Astral Souls had fully recovered, sending out their blazing excitement. Wei Wuyin brightly smiled. He and these Astral Souls of his had much potential waiting to be excavated with his Mortal Sovereign Alchemist abilities. 

A faint spiritual fluctuation emerged from behind him. 

Wei Wuyin realized it was the bearded elf who had intense hostility towards him. He sighed to himself. Shaking his head, he decided against sending them off as well. It ’ll be a tough battle fighting a Realmlord at full strength, even in the Season of Regression. 

He also had this instinctual feeling that told him the bearded elf was stronger than Qu Xiaoying. This was what he felt when he saw him, comparing him to Lin Ming ’s mysterious female companion. He didn ’t know her cultivation base, but it was definitely not an ordinary Realmlord. 

The bearded elf sent his spiritual sense out cautiously. After experiencing the change in the world, he was faintly terrified. He had even invoked his Worldly Domain, yet the ambient energies still escaped his control. His heart was trembling with uncertain fear.

”Was that Intent? ” The term World of the Heart, Heart of the Intent was widely known by experts in the Four Extreme Continent. This was because it was rumored that the divinities of the continent all had it, and the Chosen One will harness World of the Heart, Heart of the Elements Intent, bringing the world to ascension!

The shortened version was World Heart Intent, and things like Saber Intent would be referred to as Saber Heart Intent. 

Was what he experienced Saber Heart Intent? The bearded elf was filled with questions. The world seemed to have become a sharp weapon of deadly war, threatening to slaughter all things beneath its edge. The lingering sensation still caused his hairs to stand and his heart to race slightly.

He saw Wei Wuyin floating in the sky, freely manipulating the ambient mana during the Season of Regression. He gawked in disbelief for a moment, his heart filled with even more doubts. Then, he saw Wei Wuyin turn towards him, a faint lingering sharpness within his eyes. This once pitiful boy that he believed he could kill with a wave of his hand had changed, becoming an exceptional expert.

The bearded elf didn ’t sense the living aura of Qu Xiaoying, but felt the rippling shaking of space, a sign of a Realmlord ’s recent demise. He furrowed his brows, rubbing his beard with strong tugs, and focusing his eyes on the scar that tore through the ground for a hundred miles. His eyes were filled with a mysterious light of contemplation.


Wei Wuyin flew over, keeping the Nascent Saber Soul. He arrived within a few hundred meters of the bearded elf. From this distance, he could instantly react to any hostile intentions.

”Let ’s talk. ” Both of them said simultaneously, their eyes staring into the other ’s.

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