Paragon of Sin

Chapter 414: Three Fellows

Wei Wuyin didn ’t know whether to laugh or cry at Kratos ’ preemptive rebuke for its weakness. He didn ’t expect that Kratos ’ draconic force wasn ’t sufficient enough to clash with this elf ’s power. One must know, this little Draconic Void Astral Soul here consumed alchemical products like food and water, without end until it was extremely full.

The strength of its innate energies was terrifying to say the least, but it had fallen short against a physical clash with its draconic force. He was truly feeling indignant and shocked.

”… ” Kratos wasn ’t one to complain, clearly unwilling to reply. Fortunately, Eden took the reins this time.

”Bloodline Source… ” Was all Eden said, revealing the truth. This caused Wei Wuyin ’s expression to change slightly, recalling the incident that left his Bloodline Source exhausted. He couldn ’t execute any of his innate True Dragon abilities or transform into his Draconic Form. This severely limited his body ’s strength and durability, and it similarly restrained Kratos ’ Draconic Force.

Sighing lightly, he was about to manifest Kratos ’ Nine-Ringed Soul Idol, seeking to amplify its strength to the next level, but when he interacted with it, there was a faint sign of pleading rejection from it. He halted his action, realizing its unwillingness to reveal its Soul Idol Form in its weakened state.

Wei Wuyin imagined that Kratos ’ Soul Idol Manifestation was similarly weakened by its current state, unwilling to allow the others to see it as weaker. Unable to bring himself to force it, he consoled it with a few thoughts and turned to examine his fist.

His hand flashed with an emerald light infused with Life Meadow Wood Intent, instantly healing the crushed flesh and bones within his hand, exhausting quite a bit of astral force. 

Ai Shanyuan saw this and was immediately shocked! Such potent and powerful wood force! While the words exchanged between Kratos, Eden, and Wei Wuyin took a while to describe, it happened in a single fleeting moment. 

Wei Wuyin turned to face Ai Shanyuan, his eyes flashed with a sharp, omni-ending saber light. The desire to kill emerged within his heart, and he was about to summon Element, withdrawing his saber! And if his saber was unsheathed, it must claim a life or be used to protect one. His older brother ’s words lingered within his mind.

Ai Shanyuan ’s heart stopped, a feeling of palpable fear engulfed her mind as an alarm of deadly crisis blared within her mind without end. She immediately reinforced her astral ward, infusing a flow of thick earthen force within. As she did, she felt as if the world was slowly transforming into a lethal threat.

But the light within Wei Wuyin ’s eyes vanished as he heard the eager voice of Ori. He changed his mind, the piercing light emitting from his eyes receded entirely. He instead revealed a white light containing endless variation, and he tapped into his Astral Core within his dantian.

It was aglow with white light, its size fully visible to the world! 

Ai Shanyuan ’s heart quivered, staring at Wei Wuyin with widened eyes and a wide-open mouth. Even her lips trembled, ”HOW IS IT SO BIG?! ” Her heart was shaking so intensely that the thought of retreat at such an existence emerged within her normally fierce mind.




Wei Wuyin hadn ’t revealed the size of his Astral Core since his battle at the Grand Spirit Trial. At that time, his Astral Cores ’ limit was one centimeter, and even that was double the size of a Gravity Emission Phase expert ’s average, and he was merely at the Sky Ruler Phase! 

After the continuous refinement of countless top-grade alchemical products, he had refined the physical, mental, and essence energies within his body to their limits, and refined his Astral Core to its similar limits. It had explosively grown ten times as a result! 

The size of an Astral Core was the reflection of quality and quantity of astral force, making every millimeter of growth extremely prominent, and could easily decide victory amongst two equally cultivated parties.

The only reason his astral force hadn ’t overwhelmed Ai Shanyuan was due to her higher cultivation level and refined state of her astral force. But when it came to quality, she still wasn ’t much higher than his own. This was why he was startled by Kratos ’ draconic force losing out against her earthen force by so much. However, if it came to quantity, he could drown an entire city several times over.

Capitalizing on Ai Shanyuan ’s shock, Wei Wuyin started to execute a series of swift handseals, his elemental origin force was soon unleashed in vast quantities! It started to pour out as a sea of white light, causing his body to vanish within the light.

Ai Shanyuan reacted swiftly, still an expert at the Gravity Emission level, and she retreated backwards. She hadn ’t re-entered the earth because Wei Wuyin could halt her movements if he contested her Earth Intent, so she soared backwards through the skies by invigorating her wind energies. 

The desolate power bombarded her ward, but it was defended against with ease. Unless she traveled further up or the Season of Regression ended, this level of desolate power couldn ’t harm her. Unfortunately, what was pressing wasn ’t the ambient desolate power but the endless surge of elemental origin force that was spewing from Wei Wuyin.

「Elemental Spiritual Art: World of Origin」

Wei Wuyin unleashed the advanced version of his Elemental Spiritual Art: Nine Elemental World, a world-creating art that shaped the environment to his will, unleashing endless elemental origin force alongside his exceptionally powerful spiritual strength. 

The speed at which it flooded the world encapsulated Ai Shanyuan despite her extremely fast retreat, causing her to yelp in horror. She further reinforced her astral ward, consuming a vast amount of her astral force. 

But just as the elemental origin force engulfed her, it swiftly trembled and started to recede. Shocked, she wasn ’t certain what was going on, but she had a bad feeling. And this feeling was right.

The white light exploded abruptly, tainting the world in its glow, but revealed a sight so shocking that it seemed to originate from legends! 


Woosh! Woosh!! Woosh!!!

A draconic roar of numerous dragons resounded throughout the world without warning, revealing the vivid and lifelike forms of nine white dragons! They were thousands of meters in length, their white scales as lifelike as one ’s hand, and their five-clawed hands crushed the air, ground, and clouds! 

They were solid and real creatures with eyes that reflected the spiritual images of the nine elements, seemingly containing an entire world within their imposing gazes. They slithered and soared, twisted and roared, trampled and burrowed through the entire world! The sight as their figures centered around the floating Wei Wuyin, who was engulfed by torrential grey-winds, was extremely magnificent!

He was like a god of the world, of dragons, and of the elements!

Ai Shanyuan ’s eyes widened in disbelief! ”How did you set up a formation?! So much astral force! ” 

A pair of familiar yet faintly different words resounded from her lips, causing Wei Wuyin to smile. Back on the Myriad Yore Continent, when he unleashed this move against Long Chen, he heard something similar. This was a multi-linked Spiritual Astral Array formed by a vast, seemingly limitless, elemental origin force and directed by his extremely powerful spiritual strength. Each dragon was composed of a tenth of his elemental origin force, containing all of his greatest powers and profound might.

Wei Wuyin felt Ori ’s elated emotions filled with thunderous excitement, no longer wanting to hold back a single iota of its strength. It even wished to evoke its Soul Idol Form, bringing these dragons into another level of power, but Wei Wuyin halted it. The spiritual and mental energy consumption of a Soul Idol ’s Manifestation wasn ’t low, and if he coupled it with this Multi-Link Spiritual Astral Array, the Nine Dragons of Origin Array, it would be a little hard to control.

If Ori was merely a Nine-Ringed Soul Idol, it wouldn ’t be a problem, but it wasn ’t! If he unleashed its might without limit, he might be overdrafted. He wished to avoid that, for now. With that in mind, he lifted a palm to the sky.


A simultaneous concert of draconic roars was unleashed by all nine white dragons, their maws widened as their gazes fixated on Ai Shanyuan. The immediate area of a hundred miles rippled endlessly as the surrounding essence was faintly changing, tainting the world white. 

Ai Shanyuan didn ’t run, however. Instead, she withdrew a staff with a floating brown orb connected to both ends via brown-colored lightning. She wielded this unique weapon with a clear familiarity as she looked at Wei Wuyin. ”A Ganshu with your level of strength, and you ’re so young. If you survive and reach my level, you ’ll be able to end all elven tribes! You won ’t be leaving this place alive! ” She understood that the balance of human and elven co-existence was on the basis of benefits and potential loss, but if Wei Wuyin became a Gravity Emission Phase expert, or worse, a Realmlord, then the elven race could be destroyed at his whim.

She couldn ’t allow that to happen, so she couldn ’t run! With fearless resolve and abundant killing intent, she decided that one of them will die today. While doing so, she released a message to the city. After that, with her petite body, she roared and shot forward while protected by her ward.

Wei Wuyin hadn ’t heard those words in a long time. How many people, how many of his enemies, didn ’t wish for him to grow? How many wanted to kill him before he could reach their level? He had long since forgotten the number, but he still rose and he stood here today, alive and well.

With a wave his hand, the nine dragons, with their thousands of meters long bodies and hundred meter sizes, shot forth with imposing momentum. The ground that was so durable that Gravity Emission Phase experts would find it difficult to damage was torn asunder. 

Ai Shanyuan roared, her hands twisting the staff as she unleashed various spells and arts at rapid speed, a characteristic of the Light Reflection Phase. She held nothing back as she struck.


But her lively and steel-like expression became filled with horror after her first attack struck a dragon, its body merely faintly trembling as it tussled away her bombarding attack with ease. It hadn ’t even dispersed a portion of its elemental origin force. 

She immediately twisted her staff, using the two orbs in exquisite fashion. They transformed into hundred meter boulders and flew about, crushing against the two nearest dragons that circulated around her. The two dragons were struck, and their bodies shifted for a moment, but their white scales seemed to have the flexibility of wood, the retention rate of water, and durability of metal! Her attacks were resisted with ease without a single sign of damage.

The horror on her face became greater! Before she could execute another spell, thinking that attacking these dragons were impossible and she should go after its caster, she spewed out a gushing splurge of blood from her mouth and nose.

Her eyes reddened as she saw two dragons opening their maws and snapping onto the boulders, destroying them instantly. Her staff dimmed and started to reveal spider web-like cracks over its surface. 

She decided to find Wei Wuyin, to detonate herself in mutual destruction if need be. But Wei Wuyin was standing atop a dragon ’s head with his arms folded, being shielded by several dragons that twisted and stared at her in wait. 

She had to face three to four dragons, but five to six were still waiting for her. It seemed these dragons were merely playing with her! A Gravity Emission Phase expert! She tried to unleash spatial prisons onto the dragons, turning into a comet as she shot off towards Wei Wuyin, but she suffered an instant backlash as they freed themselves.

A long tail swiped towards her with lightning speed, and her eyes widened as she sent a palm towards it. She repelled it, but it explosively pushed her back. She traveled further away from Wei Wuyin, her eyes suffused with disbelief and shock. But when she finally stopped her momentum, she felt an imposing shadow surrounding her.

Looking up, she saw the insides of a vivid dragon ’s mouth. She could see the sharpness of its teeth, the softness of its inner mouth, and its slithering tongue, wondering how a dragon could look so real. 


The elemental dragon ’s jaws closed!

Wei Wuyin faintly scoffed, ”You wanted me to try, so I tried. ”

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