Paragon of Sin

Chapter 410: A Little Rusty

e, he faintly smiled. Wei Wuyin had only allowed himself to be captured out of curiosity and experience. He wanted to know the ’why ’ and whether the approaching cultivators were enemies or linked to the trial somehow.

When he was brought into this underground city, he felt his decision was correct. He wanted to see what this city was about, feel its civilization, and find any clues to the trial. He hadn ’t expected to meet other human captives and receive an overview of the entire continent from them, nor did he expect to meet Ai Juling who provoked his interest. 

But he now knew a little bit about the layout of the world, and he had his own assumptions. For example, from the revelation of four extreme lands and four guardians of the trial, he knew that there was likely a trial in each of those extremely dangerous lands. 

This was a clue to the trial. As long as he could find this guardian, claim that token, he could begin collecting the rest. He knew three belonged to Lin Ming, and there were two other internal competitors on the continent. He didn ’t know where they were, but considering this was a trial, as long as he obtained a token, how to collect the rest should be made clear.

Considering the sheer size of the continent, the deadly environment, there was no way those tokens didn ’t contain a locator function of sorts or else the trial could last decades or centuries. That was highly inefficient.

If he found Lin Ming, that would be for the best. 

Several powerful auras finally erupted nearby, not just from the building that housed Ai Juling and her companions, but several locations nearby. This was a stronghold, so there were numerous experts. The clamor was huge, and numerous voices were heard approaching with rapid speeds.

Wei Wuyin directed his Celestial Eyes downwards, a faint frown formed between his brows. Then, he relaxed. He brought his leg up, and then, STOMP!

He fiercely crashed it into the ground!


The entire city ’s foundation quaked intensely, several spider web-like cracks with the thickness of adult tree trunks formed beneath him, causing the earth to lift slightly. Wei Wuyin released a faint sound of surprise, ”This earth is as powerful as one would expect. Incredible! ” 

As he said this, his stomping leg glowed with seven-colored light that flashed into the newly established cracks and crevices of the ground. It disappeared after a split second, whereby Wei Wuyin heard an explosive shout from a man.

”Who are you?! ” The man was an elf, his skin a little dark yet still within the realm of white. He was middle-aged and had long grey hair despite his youthful skin. Dressed in an ash-colored uniform, he approached with explosive steps from a distance.

Wei Wuyin realized it was taking a little too long for experts to arrive, almost forgetting that mana was extremely restricted during this Season of Regression; they couldn ’t fly. Using astral force for flight was possible, but moving at rapid speeds consumed an absurd amount of astral force. 

They seemed ready for a fight, making conservation decisions already. 

Wei Wuyin didn ’t wait or answer, looking at the building as Ai Juling and her companions had now left, arriving at the scene as their spiritual sense investigated the situation. 

A middle-aged elven woman standing beside Ai Juling, who seemed somewhat similar to her in appearance, exclaimed. ”Soul Idol Phase? ” The tone of her voice was marked with confusion, uncertainty, and a little relief. 

Ai Juling immediately saw Wei Wuyin, shocked at his freed state. Her senses wildly inspected the surroundings to find the expert who freed him, yet found no other auras nearby. But then she saw Wei Wuyin ’s figure blur suddenly, causing her to react as a surge of crisis emerged in her heart. She erected her protective astral ward and tried to withdraw her weapon, but Wei Wuyin was already in front of her in the blink of an eye.

”Ah! ” The middle-aged woman yelped, immediately unleashing her cultivation in full! The immediate space started to ripple ceaselessly and torrential outflow of light erupted! She directly launched a palm at Wei Wuyin, attempting to force his retreat. 

She was at the Light Reflection Phase! A cultivator at the Fifth Stage of the Astral Core Realm!

Wei Wuyin ’s pupils constricted a little, briefly shocked before he used his arm to retaliate in defense.


An explosive sound erupted as Ai Juling was sent back, smashing into the entrance of the building while the other companions spewed blood and were blown far away. Even Wei Wuyin was somewhat shocked by this woman ’s cultivation base, finding it extremely high and refined.

His arm felt somewhat numb as light energies and spatial energies tried to invade and decimate its insides. With a slight clench of his fist, his astral force crushed the foreign power. 

The woman ’s expression changed, immediately pulling back her palm and launching another with even more power. She didn ’t believe a Soul Idol Phase junior could resist her strength, attacking with her refined astral force. 

Wei Wuyin found that the space surrounding him was congealing at an extremely rapid speed, causing his eyes to constrict slightly. ”Spatial Prison! ” He instantly realized this was going to be a tad bit more difficult than he originally assumed. 

Ba-Dum! Ba-Dum! Ba-Dum!

His heart was thunderously pounding with explosive excitement.

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