Paragon of Sin

Chapter 403: Collect Em All

”The Myriad Dao Palaces was designed by Jiang Feilan for the explicit purpose of leaving behind a legacy for those fated, finding hidden talents away from the rabble of trash that nepotism might bring. This method was later adapted by others and then that Divine King, establishing his own Myriad Dao Palace to select a Chosen. ” The old man explained with a somewhat detached tone, as if this had very little to do with him.

But Wei Wuyin ’s heart started to race wildly after the very first sentence. ”Jiang Feilan? ” He couldn ’t help but blurt out in questioning. Wasn ’t this the same name of the Sacred Light Palace ’s Palace Master? Her beautiful naked figure couldn ’t help but pop into his mind.

The old man was surprised for a moment by Wei Wuyin ’s odd expression, but then he seemed to have recalled something with an ’Oh, right ’ type of expression. ”It seems your current era doesn ’t refer to her by that name anymore. Jiang Feilan would be the Founder of the Sacred Light Palace, an Ascended of the Elven Race of her era. ”

”The Sacred Elven Queen? ” Wei Wuyin frowned slightly, realizing that this figure was quite mysterious. He also knew that she wasn ’t just the only elf to ascend the Mortal Limits, reaching the Mystic Ascendant Realm, but she was the only female cultivator to do so within the starfield.

The old man lifted his eyebrows, then chuckled while shaking his head. ”To think she would use such a pompous title. ” Despite the reproach in his voice, there was still a trace of respect within.

”Yes, likely her. The Myriad Dao Palaces originally intended function was to forge talents from the unnoticed, giving those less unfortunate in the world of cultivation a way to excel. Jiang Feilan had founded the idea, but numerous leaders of the cultivation world in the starfield had left behind Myriad Dao Palaces for similar purposes. The Myriad War Dao Palace and Myriad Creation Dao Palace are simply two Myriad Dao Palaces made by two experts of the same lineage, replaced after a period. ”

”I ’m the overseer of the entire project and have been for thousands of years, regulating, enforcing, and dispensing of the rewards for all the Myriad Dao Palaces. To answer your question: that ’s the connection and their origins. ” The old man ’s explanation was extremely enlightening, and answered a particularly gnawing thought in Wei Wuyin ’s mind.

He felt that it was strange that the Dao Palaces were the same in design yet had different names. There didn ’t seem to be any distinction. In fact, they seem to be connected. It also dispelled and uncovered the truth of his own speculation. The two Myriad Dao Palaces on the Myriad Yore Continent had been established by the same lineage, but the Myriad War Dao Palace was destroyed so that the Myriad Creation Dao Palace could be built.

This explained why he was rejected from a different Dao Palace. 

”How many more are there? ” Wei Wuyin asked, baffled by this.

”There are a total of one hundred and thirty-four Dao Palaces that I oversee, with many not receiving a new participant in centuries. Despite their inactive state, they can still be accessed as long as the individual meets the requirements set by the respective creator. Since many have placed racial, age, cultivation base, or bloodline limits, I can only imagine their existences have been largely ignored. ” The old man sighed, feeling as if it was a pity. The Myriad Dao Palaces was a wealth of ancient knowledge and resources, established during the golden age of the starfield.

”… ” Wei Wuyin remained silent as his eyes flitted with a thought-provoking light.

The old man continued his explanation, ”The Myriad Element Dao Palace similarly has a restriction, and that is to possess Elemental Origin Intent. Furthermore, it ’s slightly different from the others. It doesn ’t have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of different trials to be selected, merely nine. These nine trials are based on the Core Element Dao of the participant.

”Core Element Dao is the main central element used by the cultivator, typically their favorite or the one they have the most affinity with. While the Elemental Origin Intent and Elemental Origin Energy is about the combination of nine into one, one into the origin, that doesn ’t eliminate the main element of a cultivator ’s preference. In fact, Elemental Origin Energy is usually used to reinforce that particular element. ”

”I see. So if I ’m partial to Fire Arts, then Fire would be my Core Element Dao, ” Wei Wuyin said absentmindedly, his silver eyes lost in thought.

The old man nodded, ”Indeed. To use as an example: the Successor that has just ascended the steps selected the Wind Element as his Core Element Dao. Normally, this would suggest Wind Arts are his forte, and the essence of Elemental Origin is used to reinforce and strengthen his power in that regard. ” 

Wei Wuyin briefly recalled Lin Ming ’s fight with Zuhei. If he were to analyze it, it truly does seem that he uses principles of wind as his main element, such as the condensation and propulsion of wind. He had condensed his powers enough to pierce through Zuhei ’s strong mortal body, and his movements were swift and light.

”What is your choice? ” The old man finally asked.

Wei Wuyin thought long for a moment, recalling his own fighting style and his principles that he used mostly, coming to an interesting realization. Since obtaining his Elemental Origin Energy, there was never a particular element that he favored.

Furthermore, since entering into the grander world of the starfield, he had been using his Elemental Origin Energy in complete balance. He had no particular affinity to any element. Even the Metal Element that he ’d used the longest didn ’t jump out at him, feeling just as important as the other eight.

He decided to ask Ori, ”What is your favorite element? ”

”Favorite…element? ” Ori was noticeably confused. It was as if the question was extremely foreign to it.

Only then did Wei Wuyin realize how much of an idiot he was for entertaining the thought, laughing to himself in a self-mocking manner. How could he have a favored element? How could Ori? She was, by all means, equally all elements.

Her Natal Soul was constructed using Elemental Origin Energy, not Fire, Water, or whatever else energy, but Elemental Origin Energy. The manner by which she was born indicated her lack of preference by default.

He looked at the old man, this overseer of the Myriad Dao Palaces, with a faint smile. ”I don ’t have one. ”

”…? ” The old man was taken aback by that answer, unsure how to respond. ”What do you mean by that? ” His grey-colored body trembled slightly, clearly revealing his shock. 

Wei Wuyin chuckled with heart, ”Just as I said: I don ’t have a Core Element Dao. The concept of Elemental Origin Energy is to include all elements equally, integrating their myriad variations and aspects into a unified product, while simultaneously touching their origins. Choosing a Core Element Dao, to favor one element, is an unforgivable sin to the intent itself. ”

Wei Wuyin felt that it was no wonder the Divine King Han Xei had to resort to using forceful means to elevate and facilitate the birth of Elemental Origin Intent to his successors, likely even himself. From the very beginning, his and their foundation was shaky. If you didn ’t understand the greatest principle of Elemental Origin Intent, how can you hope to form it naturally?

”…! ” The old man ’s body took a few steps back, causing heavy thuds to resound. His eyes widened in disbelief at Wei Wuyin ’s profound words. He was just an overseer, not even a subordinate of the Divine King, but he had seen numerous possessors of the Elemental Origin Intent due to the Divine King Han Xei ’s method. Not a single one had ever given such an answer, acting like Lin Ming.

They would simply think for a brief moment and pick one of the nine elements. After a long silence, he heavily sighed with indescribable emotions. Despite being tens of thousands of years old, having seen numerous things in this world, he felt his world view and understanding was being constantly challenged by Wei Wuyin.

Wei Wuyin frowned in deliberation for a moment before asking, ”What do you know about the Auric Sea? ” 

”Hm? ” The old man lifted his gaze, curious about Wei Wuyin ’s question. ”Auric Sea? What ’s that? ” 

Wei Wuyin realized that the old man ’s knowledge wasn ’t updated, still referring to the Sacred Elven Queen by her real name, which suggests he had no outside information coming in. He was largely ignorant of things and events past a certain point.

”What are you, exactly? ” 

Facing Wei Wuyin ’s inquiry, the old man seemed to recall something, producing an animatedly forlorn expression on his face. Then, a hint of excitement flourished. ”Me? Once upon a time, I was an Ascended! A being that exceeded the limits of my mortality! There was nowhere I couldn ’t go, no one I needed to fear. Revered by all mortals, I reigned over my kingdom.

”Unfortunately, I…my physical body was destroyed and my Mystic Soul was damaged. Without my cultivation, without my physical container, I was slowly dissipating from this world. My death was at hand, but! I found hope! Or I should say, he found me. I was found drifting by a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist, and he saved my Spiritual Form, giving me the opportunity to survive. So, I took it.

”I became this: a Spirtform. I, being without a physical body, merged with my Mystic Soul. While my cultivation had halted indefinitely, I regained a form of immortality. I agreed to serve for ten thousand years as the overseer of the Myriad Dao Palaces in exchange. ”

Wei Wuyin was listening completely to his retellings of events. As he heard more and more, the shock in his heart grew greater and greater. He blurted out, ”You ’re not from this starfield? ” 

”Oh? Not many would jump to that conclusion, believing that I am some secluded expert. How did you come to this conclusion? ” The old man was intrigued.

Wei Wuyin had noticed that the old man was entirely unconcerned with the state of the starfield or its myriad changes despite having individuals arrive to these Myriad Dao Palaces continuously. He had an open-source of continuous information if he wanted, but he felt disinclined to even try. He could believe this if there wasn ’t a time limit to servitude, but that suggests freedom at the end of it, so why remain willfully ignorant?

Furthermore, he was the first to refer to the King of Everlore as a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist, not the King of Everlore. This suggests the King of Everlore wasn ’t the first Mortal Sovereign Alchemist he ’d met. To add, he said that he ’regained ’ his immortality. 

This suggests the old man was originally an immortal to begin with. But from what he knew, Wu Yu had stated that he had a lifespan, but it was far, far longer than Astral Core Realm cultivators. This meant he had to have a cultivation beyond the First Stage of the Mystic Ascendant Realm. Before the King of Everlore, there were no Mystic Ascendants; the starfield wasn ’t capable of naturally producing them.

This was a heavy point driven by Wu Yu many times as he regarded his Solar Star as a core reason that the starfield could even produce fifth or sixth stage experts to begin with.

Moreover, the term ’Ascended ’ wasn ’t used in the starfield. In fact, his entire terminology from the beginning of their conversation suggested he was from another cultivation society. He was the first to refer to the Mortal Limits as the Mortal Limits. Wei Wuyin hadn ’t even read other experts use that term in their journals, mostly deciding to use it himself because it felt right.

After explaining all this to the old man, he received a gasp of astonishment. The old man even clapped his hands in applause, finding that Wei Wuyin ’s deductive skills were quite exceptional. The more he interacted with this youth, the more he, a member that had transcended Mortal Limits, couldn ’t help but be awed. 

”What else do you want to know? ” The old man seemed to find an outlet for his prolonged boredom, deciding to indulge Wei Wuyin ’s curiosity. And Wei Wuyin didn ’t hold back one bit!

They started to speak for hours…

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