Paragon of Sin

Chapter 397: Auric Sea Gateway Door

to a self-created man-made realm that likely houses its own unique environment. We can tell its habitable by living existences, but there are things we can ’t perceive: It ’s dangers and reactions to individuals sent within. We do not know if it will bring you all to the same location or spread you far away. Whatever it does, you should seek out the aid of your companions if its within your ability.

”As for exiting the realm, every realm has numerous exits that lead outside. If its a trial, you might be brought out upon failure by an autonomous lifeform; if its a World Realm, then it ’s up to you to find the exit. As long as the entrance remains, there will be an exit. Furthermore, if ten years eclipses without any sign of your exit, I will rip open an entrance forcefully and send in a special Void Gate. Find it, then use it to escape. ” As a Realmlord, Tuo Bihan could forcefully send in non-animate objects if he was willing to lose a portion of his cultivation base.

”I won ’t tell you what you should do. Use your intelligence to figure it out, act as you will. ” Tuo Bihan said this solemnly, his eyes sweeping across the faces of all the Myriad Monarch Sect disciples. ”With the dangers unknown, you could lose your life. If you wish to step away, no one will blame you or feel you ’re a coward. ” 

”… ” No one said anything in response, just revealing their steel-like gazes of determination.

With a proud smile, Tuo Bihan nodded. ”Then, I ’ll open the Gateway Door. ” He turned away, facing an empty space that the others had hoarded around. With a breath, he used the palms of his hands to face the empty space. 


A fizzling sound erupted suddenly. No one could see what Tuo Bihan was doing, but a reaction was happening.

Wei Wuyin ’s Celestial Eyes could see clearly what was happening, seeing that the Gateway Door was hidden behind the folds of space between this layer and the artificially created layer of the man-made realm. Tuo Bihan wasn ’t using Spatial Force to evoke this change, but actively emitting a form of invisible gravitational force that seemed to interact with the Gateway. 

It was distorting the space present, forcing the Gateway to reveal itself. There was no wonder Gravity Emission Phase experts were present in vast numbers. But Tuo Bihan was a Realmlord, his level of Gravitation Forces were beyond their level. What they needed to accomplish with a unified effort, the San Emperor and Tuo Bihan could do alone.

It ’s likely that even if the Alchemist Association and Elemental Heaven Pavilion had arrived a hundred days sooner, they might not have enough power to bring out the Gateway Door. This was probably why Tuo Bihan panicked hearing they arrived a day earlier, even coming himself.

If he counted the Sixth Stage experts present, there were eight. There were three from the Myriad Monarch Sect, three from the Elemental Heaven Pavilion, and two from the Alchemist Association. It seemed at least eight experts were prepared to act in concert.

Fortunately, Tuo Bihan had taken it upon himself to act.

Psst! Psst! Psst!

The fizzling sound became even more apparent, but after a few moments longer, it revealed itself. The entire audience of disciples present were thoroughly shocked! They wondered why their leaders often referred to spatial entrances of realms as Gateway Doors, but when they saw it, they finally knew!

It was a door.

An actual door!!

It was roughly ten meters high and four meters wide, rectangular in shape and seemed to have black-colored handles that could be pulled towards them. It was misty white with faint ghostly silver light circulating through its edges. The door itself was greyish, leaning towards the lighter shade. 

It faintly looked like a mixture of glass and wood, being semi-translucent with the natural marks of age that would be left on wood, but these marks glowed with faint multi-colored light. It was exquisitely odd, floating in mid-air as if it was connected to nothing but also everything.

”It seems like a door to the world… ” A disciple couldn ’t help but say, baffled and awestruck by the sight of the door. This impression was the thought that emerged in the minds of everyone present, even Wei Wuyin felt the same. 

With his Celestial Eyes, this was even more so. He could see that it was linked to a multi-diverse tunneling network that went into places unknown. But from this, he could tell that entering would likely mean that they would be randomly sent through one of these tunnels of space and arrive at different areas of the realm. This was soon confirmed as the tunnels started to become smaller, like human-sized tubes and split into exactly three thousand tunnels like a division of cells. Furthermore, roughly a hundred of these tunnels had become dim and lacked specks of silver light that dotted the others.

While he was the only one to discover this, his heart started to wildly beat, causing an intense physical pain throughout his entire body as if he was having a heart attack He showed no outward expression change as he interacted with Kratos. But when he did, he felt a surge of intense emotions surge through his mind.

The screams of those within the Auric Sea…

They had become even louder, even more painful, even more hellish and unbearably savage.

The left side of his upper lips and lower part of his nose twitched, feeling extremely disturbed by this knowledge. Unable to do anything at present, he could only ask Eden to console Kratos ’ thoughts as he held back his urge to do something reckless.

”… ” 

Tuo Bihan let loose a long breath after retrieving his hands, ”Go! The Gateway Door does not open in a conventional way, simply walk through. May your fortune be great, your gains bountiful. ” With these final words and inspection ensuring the passage safety, he glanced at the San Emperor who remained a silent existence. He had a faint feeling that this expedition might have more to it than meets the eye. If it wasn ’t for Wei Wuyin ’s words, he might have considered throwing away this opportunity.

But knowing the San Emperor had already sent individuals in only reaffirms that it was likely extremely beneficial and special, including safer than expected. He hoped Wei Wuyin could grasp whatever opportunities lay within.

The first young disciple soon moved!

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