Paragon of Sin

Chapter 36: Surabhi Emporium

stones in both hands, he decided to cultivate till morning.

When morning arrived, he immediately left and made his way to Surabhi Emporium.

The Surabhi Emporium was impressively massive. It was a complex that stood nearly twenty stories high and was as wide as a football field. Wei Wuyin was struck speechless by its sheer enormity of its existence. Even the Scarlet Solaris Mountain, which was many times its size, hadn ’t brought him to such an awed state.

The only reason was because of its status as a building. This was the tallest and widest building he had ever seen built. From afar, it didn ’t look impressive, but as he stood at its base, and looked up, his eyes shook with amazement.

”Incredible! ”

Even though he was a Mortal God, capable of creating rivers of fire, water, magma, and lightning, he still felt that child-like awe one experienced when coming across something new. Before, this type of existence wasn ’t a part of his natural beliefs.

Now, it was material and before him.

It took him a few minutes to adjust and regain his calm. A smile on his lips as he felt satisfied in his decision to experience the world. However, he was soon struck speechless once more.

When he entered the Surabhi Emporium, his eyes widened. It was so spacious, dazzling, and fancy!

There were glass chandeliers, expertly crafted statues radiating power, a fountain that spat clear water containing dense water energy, and there was a huge opening in the center with interconnecting bridges and kiosks set up on those wide bridges.

The true stores were all placed near or inside the walls, and there seemed to be a vast variety of them. They had bright signs radiating neon lights and various attractive energies. It was as if they were begging for his attention.

He walked in and saw stairs.



Those stairs were moving on its own!

As he watched the constantly rising stairs, he realized a unique earth qi formation was set to carry one upwards naturally to any floor they wished.

It was like a complex maze with people traveling to and fro with ease!

He gulped.

Looking at those sturdy bridges, he counted the amount that connected the second floor from the eight cardinal directions. Any bridge could take one to the other area. There were four full bridges, all of which merged together at the central point.

The central point, from below, he could only see stone as there was a platform. It was circular and large, capable of fitting hundreds of people at a time with enough space to spread one ’s arms.

Many of the largest kiosks that sold a variety of food and simple merchandise were set up here. This continued throughout the nineteen floors. The final floor above, the twentieth, had no bridges and was just a normal floor.

He basked in amazement as he looked all around. There were kids, the elderly, and adults going places, arriving, and leaving. They chatted and talked, some sat at tables and ate as if it was a restaurant.

”That ’s convenient! ”

His mind spiraled as he nearly got a culture shock. He felt like a country bumpkin in comparison. What was this? Why didn ’t the Scarlet Solaris Sect have one?

Did they have one?

As he asked himself that question, he was approached by what seemed to be a female attendant assigned to help and assist others. It was likely his gaped expression and bright eyes of wonder and ignorance that brought her his way. When he saw that young twenty or so young woman, he similarly gawked at her outfit.

Before he could completely take in the cute outfit, which seemed like a uniform, the woman asked in a friendly voice, ”Sir, do you need any help? ”

He cleared his throat as he realized he had lost himself like a child at a candy store. How embarrassing. If this woman knew he was a lofty Mortal God, where would his face go?

”Yes. I want to sell materials, pills, elixirs, weapons, and armor for essence stones. Where can I do that? ” He calmly asked, trying to regain his composure.

The young woman was shocked at first, but quickly said, ”There are many stores here willing to do trades, and finding speciality stores would be the best. If you ’re selling high-level things, I believe you should make your way towards the thirteenth floor. They specialize in high-level sales, like qi weapons and energy pills. Those mid-level sells such as low-grade pills and high-grade crafted weapons, you can take it to the ninth floor.

”As for low-level sales, the fifth floor will handle your needs. Is that all? ” The woman answered with a good attitude.

Wei Wuyin memorized that and felt that he needed to make a trip to all those floors. His materials were all over the place in quality, and he wanted to sell it all.

”No, is there a place I can buy high-level Ice Essence? ” He directly asked.

Her eyes lit up and she nodded. ”Things like that are up on the fifteenth floor and higher. You may have to check all the stores suitable for it. You can try King Essence or Kosh ’s Energy. Those are at the fifteenth and sixteenth floor respectively. You can find them by their signs. ”

Wei Wuyin had never been helped in such a clear fashion, so he thanked her and gave her an essence stone for her troubles. After all, good service deserved to be rewarded. Shockingly, she refused.

”I can ’t accept gifts or tips. I ’m merely doing my job, Sir. ” She declined with a gentle smile and followed up with, ”Do you need anything else, sir? ”

”… ”


This place ’s standard was exceptional. She didn ’t even accept a reward because it was her job in the first place. He sighed and realized this place was toppling his beliefs and faith in the world.

He had to praise the creator of this place. It was perfect.

He shook his head and she properly said her goodbyes before saying that if he needed anything else, he could come to her or those dressed in similar outfits. He nodded and she left him to his own devices.

The next couple of hours were truly a frightening shift in his perception of business. There were some areas that accepted some materials for higher or lower prices, so he had to run around and get the best prices and estimates, but it was worth it.

At the end of the day, he had unloaded all his unwanted materials and received eight hundred and thirty-seven essence stones. It was far greater than what he originally believed, but going to the highest buying places truly gained him a decent profit.

He felt drenched in wealth and wanted to cultivate almost immediately. With what he already had and this, he neared a thousand essence stones. That was more than enough to cultivate to the Sublime Qi Phase, but instead, he decided to see about the high-level Ice Essences available.

He had already tried King Essence and came up short, so he went to Kosh ’s Energy. When he arrived, he saw a familiar figure.

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