Paragon of Sin

Chapter 379: Seeing More Step by Step

While the events that involved various emotional developments took place, a silent and easily dismissible figure was observing it all. Wrapped in cloth of black, Ying ’s eyes roamed at the scene before him. The corpses of several hundred individuals were quietly laying on the ground in odd positions. They were of both young and old, strong and weak, but they had met their abrupt end without warning.

Uncertain what to feel, he remained silent. He didn ’t know what claimed their lives so quickly, which had given him a brief fright, nor why it did so. All he could understand was that Wei Wuyin had abruptly appeared via a black sphere, and after he landed, Tuo Bihan ’s panic was a precursor to their deaths. Whatever Wei Wuyin had brought to this area had led to these deaths.

The order issued by him to ensure the family of these deceased wanted for nothing was an attempt to do right, clearly feeling somewhat responsible for these actions. He understood that feeling of seeking redemption, but he also knew that Wei Wuyin wasn ’t one to regret or feel guilt for long. This was one of the reasons his presence brought Ying comfort.

Since being left to cultivate in the Bloodforge Continent, his heart was thoroughly alleviated of the internal suffering he felt. The words that Wei Wuyin had informed him regarding what was ’Evil ’ had changed his mentality, delving into the future over the constant and unchangeable past. 

Via the Medical Institutes established in his name, he could see the future once more brightening in the chaotic state the Bloodforge Continent had been left in. There were numerous hopeful youths with desire to save and protect others, thanking his name for their opportunity to do so. They will certainly grow to save countless lives. And this brought profound relief to his state of mind and tainted soul.

He was ready to become Wei Wuyin ’s Shadow. 


Wei Wuyin held Xue Yifei ’s soft body for a few more moments before he let go, his eyes scouring the area. He soon located Ying and Xiao Bai. Turning back to Xue Yifei, he saw her tear stained face of Xue Yifei, feeling that he understood her a little more. If Yuan Longshi was cruel, temperamental, murderous, uncaring, and merciless, then Xue Yifei was the exact opposite. She seemed to be kind, understanding, a lover of life, caring, and merciful.

When he recalled her willingness to die, to accept her fate in exchange for her two servant girls, he smiled. ”Let ’s go, ” he said as he used his hands to gently wipe away her tears.

Xue Yifei had always been an emotional young woman despite her intelligence, and she cared for others, even if she didn ’t know them. While she had grown to hide her thoughts under a neutral expression and other emotions due to royal politics, it was spewing out at the moment. 

She lifted her hazel eyes to see Wei Wuyin ’s handsome face and strong gaze, feeling a degree of warmth and comfort, allowing her to comfortably reveal her feelings. This feeling was strange, considering they hadn ’t met in person for long. While they exchanged countless transmissions, it was different in person. Furthermore, there was an air of mystery that made him hard to read.

Nodding her response, she sniffled a little. 

Tuo Bihan could only watch all these events as a spectator, feeling ignored. He couldn ’t help but bitterly laugh. Beauties truly took up all one ’s attention. He didn ’t blame Wei Wuyin, however. He was aware of Wei Wuyin ’s personality by now, already forgoing trying to determine what had led to this.

”Grand Sage Tuo, I hope you can assist Su Mei. ” Wei Wuyin turned to him and delivered his request. Of course, Tuo Bihan had long since accepted his status as a subordinate, so it was entirely unnecessary to formulate it as a request; it was an order to him. He nodded, continuously pumping his astral force from a distance into those still breathing.

Tuo Bihan flew off. No one could ’ve predicted this event would happen, causing the untimely deaths of hundreds while dozens of others were hanging on with a single breath. He furrowed his brows. This was truly a series of unfortunate deaths.

Wei Wuyin and Xue Yifei arrived near a lively Xiao Bai who was somewhat shaken from the sudden collapse of these little humanoid lifeforms. It had even used his giant hooves to nudge at a corpse, finding it completely unresponsive. After uttering a neigh, the corpse trembled slightly from the soundwave but nothing else happened. To it, this entire event was curious.

But when it saw Wei Wuyin, all these thoughts faded away as it smiled and joyfully moved about. Wei Wuyin, Xue Yifei, and Ying didn ’t waste time as they leapt atop Xiao Bai and took off.

While they were soaring through the skies, Wei Wuyin looked down after feeling a burning gaze directed at him. He saw the dark, gloomy, and blazing eyes of Long Chen. Those rancorous eyes emanated endless negative emotions and killing intent. 

Wei Wuyin narrowed his eyes slightly. He hadn ’t paid much attention to Long Chen ’s group drama, handling his own matters. However, when he saw that gaze, he couldn ’t help but consider ending Long Chen then and there. It was a fleeting thought, however. He still had Wu Yu ’s protection, and he didn ’t want to invoke his Calamity of Hell too early.

Wei Wuyin only slightly grinned at him, turning his eyes away as if saying that Long Chen simply wasn ’t worth his time. 

On the ground, Long Chen held Lian Yu ’s hands as he watched Wei Wuyin abscond from the scene on Xiao Bai. When he looked at that figure riding away freely with a nation-toppling beauty, his heart couldn ’t help but throb with fury and hatred. But when he saw that grin, his eyes nearly bulged out of his sockets. A torrent of raging emotions chaotically exploded in his heart.

”Ow! You ’re hurting me, ” Lian Yu ’s soft voice resounded filled with pain. Long Chen jumped in shock, turning to see his hands tightly clenched around Lian Yu ’s. He had nearly crushed her hand, causing his heart to panic as he hurriedly let go. Apologizing in hopes of diffusing the situation, fumbling with his words as the thought of Lian Yu also leaving him emerged in his thoughts.

”It ’s okay. I ’m fine, ” Lian Yu rubbed her reddish hand with a placating smile. She turned her water-like gaze towards Xiao Bai and said words that caused Long Chen to grow dazed, ”I understand. I feel the same way. ” 

Long Chen, for a long time, wasn ’t able to speak any words. For some reason, he understood what she meant and he had never felt so fortunate. He embraced Lian Yu tightly, feeling her warmth and the softness of her body, as if never wanting to let her go. Seeing her not reject him in the slightest, even hugging him in return, he felt a lively feeling resurge within his mind. 

She was his only remaining light left in his life. The events of today were unpredictable. He felt thoroughly abandoned by those he once called his friends and his lovers. Furthermore, they seemed to be choosing his most hated enemy as their reason to betray him. It shattered his heart, but there was still this beautiful figure that sought to pick up the pieces. 

”I love you, Lian Yu. ”

Lian Yu ’s eyes effused a light of extreme satisfaction. She thought, ’You ’ll all regret your choices one day. ’

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