Paragon of Sin

Chapter 350: All-Alchemic Clash So Fast!

was too focused, too expectant to speak. Just as he thought, Wei Wuyin didn ’t waste any time and started the next stage. He saw the fire energies move once more as Wei Wuyin calmly infused his Alchemic Force within. 

”…Heatwave Burst Growth Method? ” Li Che couldn ’t help but exclaim, seeing the pulsating distortions of heat from each individual essence and energy present. The ambient fire energies seemed to be burning, feeding the essences and energies in the most exquisite fashion.


Before anyone could react, numerous explosions erupted at the same time and the screen noted the dispersal of heat and flames, revealing essences and energies of unique qualities to be thicker, more radiant than before. 

This left every alchemist at the King level and above in abject horror. A shock that couldn ’t be described stabbed at their minds ruthlessly as their worldly beliefs had been twisted and eviscerated. They were rendered utterly speechless.

But Wei Wuyin hadn ’t stopped.

He moved on.

The Containment Stage was swiftly performed, with each being drawn together in a perfect ratio. The excess was removed, isolated, and the balance was thoroughly maintained as they slowly intermixed into the cauldron as a single whole. The essences and energies soon became indistinguishable, merely a mesh of glistening light.

Before they could even comment on the method, Wei Wuyin proceeded to start the Refinement Stage with a series of handseals. They were well-timed, like a conductor handling his musicians into a perfect symphony.

The essences that had yet to become energies were being melded together with pre-existing energies, slowly making their transition. In a flash, the essences had been thoroughly refined into energies, becoming a single mass of reflective substance.

”…H-how is he so FAST?! ” Qingye Yun seemingly lost his mind, leaping from his seat and almost screaming. The calm bearing he once had, the absolute confidence, had instantly been destroyed. Wei Wuyin had jumped from method to method in a freestyle fashion with seemingly utter ease! 

If one calculated the time, only four minutes had passed!


Wei Wuyin had already finished with the Refinement Stage, notoriously known as one of the most difficult stages of the Seven Traits! 

”OH MY GOD! ” Li Che cried out, ”He ’s starting the Creation Stage! ” Losing his bearing as a commentator, he focused his entire attention on the screen projecting Wei Wuyin ’s cauldron. It was as if he was looking at the most unbelievable thing in the world. His eyes were wide, bloodshot, and seemingly deranged. 

Yi Yun could no longer offer anything to say, his mind thoroughly snatched by Wei Wuyin ’s concoction process. 

The Creation Stage was where a product was determined to be a Pill, Pellet, Paste, or Elixir. It was to ’create ’ a foundation for which the energies can exist as. For example, Pellets added spirituality and additional containment. This gave them their talisman-like solid nature, structuring a temporary body to contain and control the various energies.

As for elixirs, the energies undergo a liquefying refinement period, turning energy into liquid. Elixirs also received several other mana-based refinements to enable consumption by cultivators. This allowed the Natal Soul, Astral Soul, and Body to easily refine the materials given into their own power, even replicating its qualities. 

When Wei Wuyin started to ’create ’ its foundation, he drew in ambient mana and the mana from the World Pearl, further modifying its state from the norm. This type of mana-infusion can only be done by Sky Rulers, and it can decrease refinement time and even uplift quality. For several dozen seconds, the mana of the world was pulled over to Wei Wuyin for usage like a raging flood.

It all entered into his cauldron like it was a heaven-devouring beast. When he was done, he started to formulate more handseals and the energies started to shift and twist until its state became gaseous, and then with a clench of his fist, they became liquid.

In the most practiced manner, Wei Wuyin had completed the process. With a bigger smile than before, he was even more satisfied.

After this process, he was much more relaxed. The Transformation and Fusion Stages could be handled simultaneously and bulldozed over, using the strength of his alchemical force. This step was usually handled by alchemists with the utmost caution and diligence, ensuring no mistakes after several hard-fought successes, but Wei Wuyin didn ’t have such issues. Since he started cultivating, the Transformation and Fusion Stages were always the easiest for him.

In fact, the most difficult stage was Growth until he cultivated his Celestial Eyes, then it became relatively easy all-round. Well, as long as the materials weren ’t too volatile and violent. He ’d suffered a few explosions before.

With a few handseals, directing the liquid energy, he started to infuse his alchemic force once more. This time, as liquid energy, he slowly modified the connective bonds and subatomic structure, transforming its state into a complete and newly developed substance. With a clasp of his hands, all this fused into a perfect whole.

It was like merging numerous fluids into one, creating a new liquid with a different taste and function.

The last step of the Alchemic Dao was referred to as the Alchemical Step, which were referring to four steps: Solidification Step(Pellets), Liquidize Step(Elixirs), Cycling Step(Pills), and Compression Step(Paste). 

They each had their own processes, but it finalizes the process thoroughly. Wei Wuyin started to perform the Liquidize Step, and while the liquid energy had long since fused, it was still liquid energies transformed and fused into one. The final step made it an Elixir, a legitimate liquid substance.

It was both extremely complicated and extremely simple! This contradiction would always be argued by high level alchemists, but they could and would never decide. For some, it was simple, for others, it was difficult.

Many believed it linked to one ’s alchemic talent, but it was merely a suspected theory.

As for Wei Wuyin, he performed it with a soft pat with both hands onto the fused liquid energy. The liquid energy seemingly relaxed, and flushed into the cauldron like water. The radiant shimmer of light it released was beautiful, but it had become a liquid in the truest of sense. 

Wei Wuyin inspected it, realizing thirty-three vials worth of elixir were created. He felt elated as the remnant alchemical energies seemingly was drawn into the Utmost Purity Mist. But when he saw the quality of the elixir, his eyes widened slightly.

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