Paragon of Sin

Chapter 349: All-Alchemic Clash Freestyle Alchemist

’She didn ’t choose a ninth-grade elixir… ’

Wei Wuyin had wanted her to choose a ninth-grade product, because he had long since reached a point of perfection in the lesser grades. It was only ninth-grade products that gave him difficulty, instilling excitement within his heart. Regardless of his disappointment, this was still a clash.

Now, they would test their skill in quality, speed, and success rates. If he triumphed against her in these categories, then he ’ll know of his skill level.

Qingye Ying was somewhat lost as she saw Wei Wuyin ’s crestfallen gaze. A strange emotion welled within her heart, uncertain of its origin or meaning. She could only feel that lost sensation.

Yin Yun continued commenting, ”To those unaware, the Refraction World-Light Elixir is well-known by Alchemic Emperors of the past and present to be notoriously difficult to concoct. The core reason is due to quality. The quality is innately dependent on the relative purity of light energies extracted, how well it is contained, and mixed with the other ingredients. For many alchemists, it is impossible to concoct this elixir, merely due to that. ”

Li Che once more jumped in, ”Impure quality products aren ’t officially recognized as ’true products ’ because they don ’t contain a ’100% ’ of a product ’s effect and possess impurities that can affect one ’s lifespan, bodily condition, mental state, or even soul. This can become extremely gruesome as the grade of product gets higher, with those beneath the Astral Core Realm being unable to refine impure-quality seventh-grade products of a high-tier without experiencing severe complications, likely even death.

”Low-tier products of that grade are okay, however. As for the quality of the Refraction World-Light Elixir, it needs light essence and light energies of a specific purity level to remotely reach low-grade, achieving ’100% ’ of its effect. ”

Yi Yun didn ’t mind Li Che constantly butting in, only adding: ”But the purity of light energies within light essences are extremely low to begin with, filled with taint, so us alchemists have to extract sufficient light energies and refine out the impurities within which is EXTREMELY difficult, especially without being at the Fifth Stage themselves. ” It was hard to explain how difficult, so Yi Yun only emphasised the point to the crowd.

Many of the crowd was thankful for the educating commentary, allowing them to grasp a little of the sheer complexity and difficulty this product brought to the table. One of the reasons these two were selected was due to their generous and talkative nature.

Wei Wuyin and Qingye Ying gave each other a final look. Due to them already knowing the recipe, there was no more need to exchange words. From the sky, almost magically, two spatial rings fell. The rings contained the exact materials needed for the Refraction World-Light Elixir, provided by the Myriad Monarch Sect. There were only three sets of materials, the maximum an alchemist can use during the competition.

Their quality and quantity had been approved by the five judges, viewed by their Spiritual Senses, and then sent downwards. This was to ensure there was no cheating of any kind or providing one side with a better set of materials. Furthermore, everyone was inclined to keep the competition absolutely fair.

Qingye Ying found her designated area, immediately looking at the isolation formation inlaid on the floor. The formation lacked any form of external supporting mechanisms or means that would help increase success rate, concocting quality, or refinement speed. These were three things the majority of alchemists were used to, so this All-Alchemic Clash truly tested their developed skills, not their background.

The only factor that can be considered as a legitimate contrasting difference between both parties from the on-set was the cauldrons used. The cauldron of an alchemist was like the sword of a swordsman. Just because one had a better sword than you, sharper, more durable, did not mean it was unfair. It simply meant you lacked sufficient means and your skills were lacking, your skill in generating connections and wealth.

Therefore, it was the only externally differentiating factor amongst alchemists in All-Alchemic Clashes.

Qingye Ying withdrew her cauldron. It was golden-colored, with black etchings and markings littering it in a mystic manner. If one stared at these markings, they would sense an extremely oppressive nature from them, extremely overbearing. Despite the feeling, it was quite small, merely the size of a standard wash bin. 

Li Che exclaimed as he turned to Qingye Yun, ”Absolute Overlord Cauldron? You gave her the peak Astral-grade Cauldron of your founder?! ” These words triggered numerous changes of expression from those aware of the origins of this cauldron.

Yi Yun glanced at Qingye Yun, but he didn ’t say anything. The quality of one ’s cauldron was a display of connections and wealth, essentials of an alchemist. 

The Absolute Overlord Cauldron was a peak-rank Astral-tier Cauldron used by the founder of the Alchemist Association. It was said that he was a Starlord, someone who religiously followed the King of Everlore ’s teachings and devoted his life to alchemy. While this was difficult to confirm due to the elusiveness of his existence, they knew from the Absolute Overlord Cauldron ’s aura that a Starlord had to have refined it at one point, someone who was an alchemist!

Qingye Yun ’s expression remained calm, almost indifferent. 

Wei Wuyin was somewhat shocked after feeling the oppressive nature of the Absolute Overlord Cauldron. He couldn ’t help but give it a few looks before marveling at its exquisiteness. When he thought about his Nine Element Eclipse Cauldron, a high-rank Astral-tier, he couldn ’t help but compare. 

He was more satisfied with his Nine Element Eclipse Cauldron. It suited his Elemental Origin Intent very well, while the Absolute Overlord Cauldron was just overall impressive. Furthermore, his Nine Element Eclipse Cauldron was originally low-rank, but jumped after experiencing the refinement of numerous ninth-grade products.

This was the most natural way to upgrade a cauldron, not forcefully refining it like the Absolute Overlord Cauldron. In fact, when he thought about it, the innate compatibility that his Nine Element Eclipse Cauldron had with alchemical energies was definitely far, far, far greater than the Absolute Overlord Cauldron because of this.

He felt more and more gratified by the comparison. 

Then, he retrieved his cauldron.

When it emerged, a rainbow light erupted, surfing on a wave of nine-colored air. In an instant, an area of ten meters around Wei Wuyin was clouded in multi-colored mist that was so dazzlingly attractive that everyone was unable to focus on anything else.

”This… ” Qingye Yun ’s mouth was agape.

Li Che ’s eyes nearly exploded from their sockets.

Yi Yun was rubbing his beard so intensely that a clump of hair had fallen off, before reattaching almost instantly.

”Utmost Purity Mist! ” All Alchemic Emperors simultaneously exclaimed in shock.

”…? ” The crowd wasn ’t in the know, being severely shocked by their reaction. If it wasn ’t because their status was so great, they might ’ve assumed this reaction was staged.

Yi Yun couldn ’t help but rub his beard a little harder, staring intently at the cloud of mist that enshrouded Wei Wuyin. ”Utmost Purity Mist! Utmost Purity Mist! To think I ’d see the day, to think! ” 

Li Che slowly said, his need to jump in triggered, ”Utmost Purity Mist is a byproduct of extreme success of seventh-grade or higher products. It can only be generated when a cauldron had undergone natural refinement of ten thousand successfully concocted low-grade or higher products! Consecutively! ”

Qingye Yun spoke this time, seemingly absentminded as he informed the crowd, temporarily becoming a caster. ”But each meter of mist is a result of ten thousand successes. There ’s at least ten meters of Utmost Purity Mist! Which meant… ”

One hundred thousand consecutive successes!

The crowd understood the implication without its explicit mention. A wave of endless gasps resounded, nearly producing a whale inhaling effect on the space like water. 

A hundred thousand successful concoctions of seventh-grade or higher products consecutively!!

Yi Yun couldn ’t help but be extremely skeptical, ”Is this the cauldron of the King of Everlore himself? ” This question ignited much speculation! 

Wei Wuyin was keenly aware of the Utmost Purity Mist, but he wasn ’t hiding his abilities or skills in this match or any longer, so he brought out his real cauldron. This cauldron had been with him since he became a Sky Noble, bestowed as a gift. It was extremely suitable for him. There were times he would even cuddle it during his studies.

Of course…no one knew this.

An alchemist ’s cauldron was like a swordsman ’s sword, or a general ’s saber, it was a part of them.

Qingye Ying was thoroughly stunned, unable to speak as she observed the mist around Wei Wuyin. While the mist shrouded him, it didn ’t obscure his figure or his actions, being relatively transparent, merely a glow of numerous colors.

’He couldn ’t have made that mist…himself, right? …No way, impossible. It must be the foremost cauldron of the greatest alchemist in Myriad Monarch Sect history. That ’s right. Don ’t let yourself get overwhelmed or distracted. ’ She rationalized. A cauldron just needed to be refined continuously to reach that state, and it didn ’t have to be recent or even without a failure. As long as you achieve ten thousand successes, it ’ll grow by one meter endlessly.

If she knew that Wei Wuyin had accomplished this himself in less than a decade, she might ’ve lost her mind then and there. But continuous success did not mean overall skill.

It was entirely possible to concoct the same pill ten thousand times at the low-grade and achieve the Utmost Purity Mist. It did not mean they can concoct a higher grade pill, just that they had a remarkable success rate with one pill.

They both, almost simultaneously, officially began.

The Dao of Alchemy was divided into seven traits: Extraction, Growth, Containment, Refinement, Creation, Transformation, and Fusion. Each of these traits embodied various phases in every concoction process. This was regardless if it was Pills, Pellets, Paste, or Elixirs, or from the first to ninth-grade, they all required these phases.

It was also these seven traits that embodied the abilities of alchemical energies, qi, or force. The higher the quality, the stronger the effect they have towards these seven traits. It ’s due to this that Alchemic Souls had a severe advantage over those of equal cultivation, and why those of higher cultivation realms can rival those with Alchemic Souls.

For example, Alchemic Force of an Astral Core Realm alchemist refined through a specific method had equal if not greater quality than Qi Condensation Realm Alchemic Soul alchemists. It was why there have been numerous Emperor Alchemists throughout history, all of which had imposingly fierce cultivation bases. Tuo Bihan was the best example of this.

It was stated by the King of Everlore once that Alchemic Astral Souls had the innate quality level of alchemical energies that those in the Mystic Ascendant Realm could produce, hence why Ninth-Grade Products can be created by them, products at the very peak of the Mortal-tier. 

This statement also insinuated that Mystic Ascendant Realm alchemists can concoct ninth-grade products! Unfortunately, no alchemist had the ability to succeed after devoting the majority of their lives to the Alchemic Dao, at least in this starfield. And those who reached the Mystic Ascendant Realm, for one reason or another, refused to delve into the art.

But whatever the reason, it meant the qualities of an Alchemic Soul exceeded realms!

In a few seconds, a full set of material was brought out by both sides! The crowd held their breath, feeling a distinctive tense atmosphere as the true display of skill was about to begin.

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