Paragon of Sin

Chapter 347: All-Alchemic Clash Refraction World-Light Elixir

The announcement of the official beginning of what would likely determine the next era was exhilarating, and the spectating crowd showed it. They were already shouting in excitement, seemingly rooting for their favored member.


”Show HIM why you ’re the PRINCESS of Everlore! The world is yours, seize it!! ”

While the cheers towards Wei Wuyin were louder, more direct, those who rooted for the Princess of Everlore were seemingly more elegant in their words. To most of these non-alchemist, this battle was like a boxing match. While they understood that there might not be much excitement, likely a lot of standing and focus, they were still incredibly hyped.

They could see their idol, root and cheer, and bet on the inevitable outcome. How could they not be invested?!

The platform trembled slightly, generating a thin dome around it, isolating the two from the outside world. It was one-sided, allowing those outside to view those within while simultaneously preventing the loud noises and possible disturbances from disturbing the alchemists. After all, if these people cheered so loudly at one of them, it could ruin their concoctions. 

To prevent this, measures were appropriately taken.

It didn ’t stop the crowd from cheering out their words, as if hoping the energy within could be given to their chosen victor. 


”Princess, why the veil? I ’m so sad! Remove it, PLEASE!! ” 

Some of these cheers were rather absurd, even a little embarrassing. There was even a full minute of women chiming in, constantly shouting out their love for Wei Wuyin. Some of which were…questionable…

”WIN THIS AND YOU CAN HAVE ME AND MY DAUGHTER! ” Shouted particular woman who bet quite a bit on Wei Wuyin ’s victory, 3-0. The All-Alchemic Clash betting was set in six different outcomes, all with different ratios. They were:

3-0 Wei Wuyin.

3-0 Qingye Ying.

2-2, Tiebreaker – Wei Wuyin.

2-2, Tiebreaker – Qingye Yin.

3-1 Wei Wuyin.

3-1 Qingye Yin.

Hearing the crowd, especially the powerful women trying to send their voices out, Long Tingyu ’s soft cheeks were as red as an apple in their room. There were numerous rooms situated in the colosseum at the very top, capable of seeing everything. There was even a magnifying formation embedded in the glass so they can see everything happening despite their far distance.

The girls were in one of these luxurious rooms. As for Long Chen, he was sent elsewhere and isolated by Ji Changkong. He wasn ’t allowed to cause any more trouble. 

Na Xinyi was clenching her hands together, her eyes emanating an anxious light. She couldn ’t help but turn to Qing Qiumu and ask, ”Will he win? ” Those words resounded in the hearts of everyone present, they, too, looked at Qing Qiumu. 

The reputation of the Alchemic Astral Soul was legendary, capable of performing numerous feats that today ’s alchemists can only dream of doing. With it, the King of Everlore established his own era and defined the next few. It wasn ’t wrong for them to think this.

Qing Qiumu felt their gazes, her beautiful eyelashes fluttered slightly. She had confidence in Wei Wuyin, believing he ’d never accept a challenge that he couldn ’t win. But she was similarly aware of the overwhelming advantages that Alchemic Astral Souls possessed. 

The only one that wasn ’t concerned was Lin Ziyan. She had felt and observed Wei Wuyin ’s four Astral Souls. She felt a distinctive alchemical aura from one, permeating with vast mental waves. She didn ’t know what it was, but she felt that it was likely an Alchemic Astral Soul.

She just couldn ’t fathom how it existed. After all, Wei Wuyin had strength. Actual strength. Her assumptions on the neutered abilities of an Alchemic Astral Souls were overturned at that moment. 

Qing Qiumu, unaware, still calmed herself and said with a hardened and absolute gaze. ”Yes, he ’ll win. ”

Long Tingyu pouted, ”How can you be so sure? ” She was clearly displeased with Wei Wuyin, still prejudiced, even if Wei Wuyin didn ’t do anything sneaky to Lin Ziyan, in her heart, he was still inferior to her Big Brother.

”Because he said he would, ” Qing Qiumu stated. Somehow, this caused the girls to feel a sense of certainty in the outcome. As if there were no other possible outcomes after those words reminded them of what Wei Wuyin ’s previously said.

Na Xinyi clenched her fists harder than before, her eyes staring fixedly on Wei Wuyin ’s figure. 

On the platform, Wei Wuyin was calmly regarding Qingye Ying. He was quite curious about this young woman, including what level she was currently at. He wasn ’t certain if his absurd concoction speed and success rate was a trait of his Alchemic Astral Soul or a byproduct of his talent in the arts. He was always curious about this detail.

Before, there was no way for him to compare himself to others, but not only was Qingye Ying older than him, had a greater alchemic foundation than him thanks to the Alchemist Association, but similarly possessed an Alchemic Astral Soul. This was the best way for him to measure his actual abilities. 

°Will her first pick be a Ninth-Grade Product? ” His silver eyes filled anticipation. 

The initial phase of the All-Alchemic Clash began, and their selections were to be made. Wei Wuyin, as the challenged party, was given first rights to choose. Therefore, he smilingly picked an unexpected choice: ”Pellet. ” 

These words that were amplified in volume and carried throughout the colosseum was shocking! Even the Judges and Alchemist Association ’s utmost elites were startled by his choice. The typical first-pick choice was pill or elixir, because they were the commonly concocted products for cultivators and the most difficult. This would allow one of the most difficult selections to be yours to make.

As for Pellets, they were notoriously violent and inherently dangerous to concoct due to handling requirements, being one-time used products that can achieve a wide-range of mystical effects. They were very talisman-like, capable of containing uncontrolled and refined energies that can suppress spiritual sense, explosively detonate, or even release poisonous miasma. These three weren ’t even scratching the surface of a Pellet ’s variable nature.

Yi Yun frowned, commenting: ”Ascendant Emperor Wei ’s first choice is pellet. That is highly unusual. ”

The other Alchemic Emperor-level Judge, Li Che, rubbed his chin and chimed in. ”Pellets are typically the third pick. This is already diverging from the standard operating procedure of an All-Alchemic Clash, I wonder what Ascendant Emperor Wei ’s intentions are. ” These words were similarly carried throughout the colosseum, allowing the crowd to understand these top-tier alchemists ’ thoughts.

Yi Yun nodded, ”Pellets are often chosen as the third pick because they had easier concoctiion conditions than Pills and Elixirs, but are extremely violent, unstable, and prone to failure, more likely resulting in an exploded cauldron or self-injury. Still, they give the selector an advantage as they could pick a Pellet that coincides with their Intent or Cultivation Method, allowing an easier time to handle any unexpected fallout. ”

Qingye Yun was taken aback as well, uncertain why Wei Wuyin hadn ’t chosen Pill or Elixir. She had to calm herself down, trying not to lose herself in Wei Wuyin ’s momentum. Whatever tricks he ’s trying to pull, she still intended to claim victory, and she had been practicing this for months.

”Elixir. ” Qingye Ying claimed. After that, she paused for a moment as she saw the faint hint of a smile on Wei Wuyin ’s face. She felt as if her thoughts were seen through. She faintly shook her head, trying to dispel that feeling from her mind.

Wei Wuyin calmly announced his second pick, ”Paste. ”

”What?! ” Even the Emperor Alchemists of the Alchemist Association were extremely shocked this time, not to mention Yi Yun and Li Che. They nearly rose from their seats, wanting to throw Wei Wuyin a question towards his thought process. 

Pastes were the easiest of the four to concoct, being mostly a form of mixture and balance, with very little chances of failure with a hint of mindfulness. They were also the easiest and quickest product out of the four to make. Furthermore, pastes were often non-cultivation oriented, using milder ingredients as a result. They were used as age-defying creams, lotions, and ointment. The concept of a paste was its initial state during concoction, not its end.

There were some pastes that turned solid, being like a rock that can be ingested and slowly digested to achieve a variety of effects. Wei Wuyin had used the Waters of Life, a liquid-like paste that contained life-sustaining and healing properties.

It was extremely rare for anyone to willingly choose paste, because it gave them no advantage whatsoever in the competition. It was the only product mass produced for consumption and usage. There are even fertilizer-based pastes that help promote growth of farm fields. The typical last choice was the second pick for Wei Wuyin, throwing all these elite alchemists for a loop.

However, Qingye Ying ’s eyes widened in total shock and heart-crashing disbelief. A jolt of cold chill traveled down her spine, her golden eyes staring at Wei Wuyin intently. 

Qingye Yun ’s reaction wasn ’t anything different, his heartbeat pounding a thousand miles a minute. ’How did he know?! ’

They, this Grandfather and Granddaughter pair, now understood the terror of Wei Wuyin. With this move, he had eliminated their initial confidence, and they hadn ’t even seen it coming!

As if feeling their emotions, Yi Yun ’s eyes brightened. ”Incredible! To think this is what he ’s planning! ” He couldn ’t help but exclaim, and if it wasn ’t for the venue, he might be clapping for Wei Wuyin ’s strong foresight.

”…? ” The three hegemonic leaders were stunned. Lin Ruyan, Pavilion Master of the Elemental Heaven Pavilion, questioned, ”What is he doing? ” Her words echoed the thoughts of the other judges, including the crowd. Taking this odd approach, what was the purpose?

Yi Yun smilingly looked back at Qingye Yun, noticing the slightly ugly expression on his face. Yi Yun patiently explained, ”Wei Wuyin eliminated any chance of a surefire tie or victory for the other team. ”

”…what?! ” Questions were immediately levied to Yi Yun in the form of various intrigued gazes.

Yi Yun continued, ”Typically, the first choice will be either Pill or Elixir for both contestants, while the next choice is Paste or Pellet. The expected process is Pill or Elixir, Elixir or Pill, then Pellet, and lastly Paste. The challenger would usually always have to deal with paste, the very last pick. While it might seem like a disadvantage to some, for the Alchemist Association, a long-standing organization with numerous alchemists and vast resources, they can easily concoct a specific paste that needs a very specific method to concoct. As long as they chose one Ascendant Emperor Wei was utterly incapable of concocting, then he ’d fail instantly. This would typically result in a 3-1 or 2-2, leading to a tiebreaker.

”A surefire win or tie, ” Yi Yun ’s explanation enlightened everyone to the intentions of the Alchemist Association. This had eliminated their failsafe, evening out the competition. 

Lin Ruyan frowned as she thought of this, ”Why didn ’t he choose Paste first then? Why Pellet? ” 

It was Li Che who answered this time, his skinny frame shaking faintly in excitement. ”For the same reason the Princess Ying wanted to choose Paste. He must ’ve prepared for both paste and pellet beforehand, not just one, something barely any Alchemist ever is left with. And that, folks, changes the entire clash. ” Those words thoroughly shook the crowd as they bore witness to an unprecedented development. This meant that Wei Wuyin was confident in succeeding in both of these selections with likely strange and difficult products to ensure a tie! This was preparing for the worst case scenario.

Gao Zi, with his heavy demonic voice, similarly spoke with interest. ”If what you said is true, then there ’s another layer of damage inflicted to Princess Ying, and perhaps even hidden barbs lying beneath. ” 

Yi Yun ’s eyes brightened once more, ”You ’re right, Mountain Lord Gao. This just got a lot more interesting. For those hearing that are still uncertain, I ’ll explain: If Wei Wuyin could grasp a win or tie in one of the Pill or Elixir selections, he now has a far greater chance of victory, while this similarly reduces Qingye Ying ’s chances considerably. ” The crowd felt the genuine excitement from these aged figures, their minds already roaring with cheers, and soon their mouths followed. 

Qingye Ying stilled, ”Y-You… ” She was speechless. Before the battle even began, she was seemingly cornered. Her selections of Pill and Elixir had to be victories.

”The battle has only just begun, ” Wei Wuyin couldn ’t help but grin.

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