Paragon of Sin

Chapter 32: One Strike

sponsible for the murders, ” an elder coldly spat, his gaze mostly indifferent. With Gu Futu here, he felt confident any enemy could only wait for capture or death.

When Gu Futu saw this, his eyes narrowed sharply. He sent his spiritual sense outwards. When it came in contact with the shroud of qi resembling a thunderstorm, his pupils contracted.

”Retreat! ” His expression turned fierce and solemn as he coldly ordered with haste. His order came abruptly, but the disciples and elders acted almost without conscious effort. They retreated away from the shroud of qi ’s path.

Gu Futu stayed in the path of the shroud and his aura erupted. The winds raged, the temperature fluctuated, the earth trembled, and the world felt heavier. He was influencing the world ’s natural elements with just his presence. The False Reality Phase was exceptional. As he stood there, he seemed like a savage god from legend.

Within the shroud, Wei Wuyin slightly smiled. The Jiao Ning trio panicked as they immediately recognized the identity of Gu Futu. Every Mortal God level character was widely known, such as the Helios Witch.

He sent the order for the crane to stop before Gu Futu. The shroud of violet lightning and wind qi kept their identities concealed. As they stopped, he waited for Gu Futu.

Gu Futu ’s eyes became like a wild beast as his spiritual sense tried to penetrate the shroud of violet lightning and wind qi, but there was a terrifyingly powerful spiritual strength preventing his entry. He frowned, his canine teeth showing with a growling aggression.

”How cowardly. As a Mortal God, do you need to hide yourself? ” Gu Futu coldly asked.

”What?! That ’s also another Mortal God level character? Who?! ”

The crowd of Earthly Titan Sect members went into an uproar. No wonder Gu Futu had them retreat. In a battle between Mortal God level experts, they could only be easy kills or in the way. If Gu Futu had to worry about them, his combat prowess would drop. That was an unnecessary risk.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t respond, but the faces of the Jiao Ning trio changed into wonderous expressions.

”A Mortal God?! ” Zhang Mu shouted almost instinctively.

Dai Quiyue had her eyes shine with an odd light, she looked towards Jiao Ning and felt envious. She had actually enjoyed a period of intimacy with a Mortal God, and a handsome one at that!

Jiao Ning was silent. She looked at Wei Wuyin ’s tall and strong back and couldn ’t help but recall their previous actions. There was a faint hope that kindled in her eyes as she tried to recall if Wei Wuyin had been satisfied before. The thought of her husband faded out of her mind.

In the Wu Country, there were tens of millions of cultivators. A majority of them were in the Foundation Establishment, with hundreds of thousands of Qi Condensation experts. A majority of those were in the First and Second Phase as they just required accumulation and essence. With time and effort, every cultivator who reached eighty years of age would break through to Qi Condensation, even with horrible talent and no resources.

The ambient Essence of Heaven and Earth was enough.

The number of Mortal God and higher stage characters in the Scarlet Solaris Sect numbered less than twenty. This was a decent average, so within the Five Great Sects of Wu Country, they had merely a hundred or so. This was why keeping track of them was exceptionally easy.

In the entirety of Wu Country, there were no more than three hundred of these experts.

Wei Wuyin threw a transmission crystal out of the shroud towards Gu Futu.

Gu Futu frowned and grabbed the crystal. He read the message and frowned.

”You say you ’re on a secret mission and can ’t reveal your identity, wanting to pay me off for passage. You dare be so brazen and arrogant in the Gaia State, in front of the Earthly Titan Sect?! You can reveal yourself voluntarily and stay until I say otherwise, or I ’ll rip your concealment and you don ’t even need to think about leaving with breath in your lungs and warmth on your flesh. ” He snarled out viciously. Gu Futu looked as if he was insulted and disrespected at the same time.

Wei Wuyin helplessly smiled. He wanted to avoid suspicion and a war, if possible. This was the most direct way – lying and bribery. Unfortunately, he met a direct man like Gu Futu.

He sighed.

He sent out another message, ”One strike. ”

When Gu Futu read this message, his eyes suffused a battle lust and fiercely roared like a ravenous beast. His bloodline seemed to boil as his aura spiked. He brought out a large, three meter long blood-red saber with a serrated edge. It looked like a monster with teeth and exuded blood qi.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t have any other alternatives but using brute force. If he proved to be superior in combat, then Gu Futu would have no choice but to concede the way. That being said, the two other grand elder figures had certainly been notified the moment he arrived. Even if Gu Futu didn ’t personally send a message, the other members should ’ve.

He had about a minute before being forced to face three Mortal Gods. He needed to strike and severely injure Gu Futu, if not, he needed to display a sufficient amount of strength capable of acting as a deterrent to prevent them from chasing or forcing him into a corner for fear of their own lives.

After all, in the face of a true life or death battle, to hell with face, their lives were far more important.

Furthermore, he wanted to display absolute strength. The Ash Dragon City Lord was a newly ascended Mortal God who was killed in a sneak attack. If he showed strength that made the action itself pointless, when he departed, they would rule him out.

Wei Wuyin clenched his right hand into a tight fist and gathered his qi.

”Ha! ” Without any arts, he unleashed his full cultivation base with the myriad of elemental energies fueling it. His earth, water, fire, wind, metal, lightning, wood, and magma, yin-yang qi were all conjured and condensed into a solidified image of a clenched fist. Its manifestation was over ten meters tall and wide.

Steel Metal Qi, Violet Lightning Qi, Life Meadow Wood Qi, and Blazing Inferno Magma Qi were imbued within this single fist to its maximum. Nearly thirty-percent of his qi was injected into this direct strike.

A large fist rivaling a one-story building formed from vibrant yin-yang energy and caused the world to shift, even the sky grew darker from its influence. It was like the entire world was using all its means to kill! It may be missing Ice Qi, but it contained nearly every element of the natural world.

Gu Futu ’s eyes became like full moons, a fierce, never-before felt deadly sense of crisis emerged in his heart and detonated in his mind. His wild instincts informed, no, screamed with its entire might, that he needed to flee!




The fight or flight response that he hadn ’t felt since he became a Mortal God went into overdrive as his brain became overly panicked. And, when that fist that seemed to contain the world emerged from the shroud like a fist of god and flew towards him like a myriad of elements in full fury, he did something unexpected.

He froze.


He froze like a deer in headlights.

While many didn ’t realize that there ’s a third response to fight or flight – freeze, there was. One ’s brain would become overloaded with emotions and thoughts that they simply couldn ’t process anything in a rational or appropriate manner. For a human, this was rare, but inherently an ever-present possibility.


The fist comprised of various elemental qi heavily smashed into Gu Futu ’s unprotected, burly body without the slightest of resistance. His skin, muscles, bones, and organs started to disintegrate beneath the sheer force of that fist. In moments, he was engulfed and his body vanished within the qi. Not even a whimper was heard as the fist continued to blaze through the skies.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes widened in undisguised shock and utter disbelief. Even his mouth was agape, feeling as if his reality had been altered somehow. However, the truth pierced into his eyes, with Gu Futu ’s body dispersing beneath his attack and his senses, as Gu Futu ’s lifeforce aura had abruptly ceased.

No fucking way!

From this moment on, he knew, the legacy of the Mortal God Gu Futu was no more.

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