Paragon of Sin

Chapter 340: A Mortal Sovereign Alchemist?!

oncerned his cultivation base. After all, he ’d reached the Realmlord level despite being weaker than that Sacred Light Palace ’s elven genius from before.

Qin Rui said, ”I ’ve completed Hong Ru ’s bodily reconstruction and revival- ”

”It worked? ” Tuo Bihan interrupted, interested in this matter. After all, a revival was a wondrous thing. According to Wei Wuyin, he could attempt to do so in the future. This intrigued him to an extreme.

Qin Rui paused for a moment, nodded, and continued. ”It was a total success, but when I was delivered the materials to use for her revival, they were all eighth-grade products, and some were high-tier! ” Her eyes flared with a questioning light. 

Tuo Bihan was startled. Of course…

He faintly smiled in understanding, a hint of helplessness within his eyes. Wei Wuyin wasn ’t the type of individual to perform a deed half-assed. It made sense that he wouldn ’t hold back and deliver eighth-grade products. He couldn ’t help but sigh. 

Scratching his head, he said: ”Yeah, that. ”

His response invoked confusion from Qin Rui. She knew that there was something suspicious about it. ”Did you make them? ” She and everyone was aware that Tuo Bihan was an Emperor Alchemist, and he had even supported her and Yao Zhen ’s rise to their current levels.

Tuo Bihan shook his head. Even if he wanted to create eighth-grade products, he ’d have to spend a few years to a decade in the attempt. It was simply not worth it at his advanced age. 

”So Wei Wuyin made them? ” Her suspicions were almost confirmed, which caused her heart to be battered with waves of surprise. How was this possible?

Tuo Bihan looked at this little girl that he ’d seen grow up into the extraordinary woman she was today. He softly asked, ”What do you think of the little boss, of Wei Wuyin? ” He had wanted to suggest to Wei Wuyin that Qin Rui should be the next candidate for a Realmlord, but he seemed to have little intentions to do anything of the sort. Without his support, Qin Rui would never be able to surpass her current phase.

He understood it a little. It was much better to invest resources into his own people, to develop them from the beginning and grow into greater subordinates than these old monsters who lived for a thousand or so years and had their own thoughts. If it wasn ’t for his advanced age and knowledge of his alchemic prowess, he might ’ve not made that choice that day.

Qin Rui stilled. She immediately recalled Wei Wuyin ’s silver eyes and handsome features. He had given her the Spatial Spirit Pill to decide however she liked. Her expression immediately changed. ”What do you mean? ”

Tuo Bihan didn ’t feel like beating around the bush or lying to her, ”You should know how the little boss feels about you. If you sought him out, he wouldn ’t reject you. ”

Qin Rui frowned, ”I ’m over twenty times older than he is. Grand Sage Tuo, please don ’t be so ridiculous. ” While she said those words, she did know that Wei Wuyin had intentions towards her that he never pursued. ”What does that have to do with anything? ”

Tuo Bihan stared directly into Qin Rui ’s eyes for a long while, and helplessly sighed. He decided to tell the truth. There was no Spirit Oath that Wei Wuyin had placed on him to prevent him from doing so and this showed a distinct trust. Moreover, a complete lack of care if the world even knew. Since he gave Qin Rui eighth-grade products without an excuse, his actions already spoke volumes. 

”Do you remember the manifestation that had engulfed the little boss ’ Sky Palace? ”

”Yeah, I do. ”

”That was the Stellar Manifestation of a Mortal Sovereign. The phenomenon that manifests during the creation of a Ninth-Grade Alchemical Product! ” His eyes never left Qin Rui ’s. 

”T-that…that means?! ” Qin Rui was taken fiercely aback, her eyes widening at Tuo Bihan ’s words. She had always wondered what that was. Even today, numerous individuals speculated on its existence. While it had been explained away by using the planet ’s vital energies, she had always had a scratching suspicion.

Tuo Bihan gravely nodded, ”Our Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn is a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist! During that time, he successfully concocted the Everlore Ascension Pill! And it wasn ’t of impure-quality, but at least low-quality! ”

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Qin Rui felt her heart beat heavily with every sentence. A realization dawned on her as her mouth became agape, her eyes widened to their utmost, and her skin became pale from shock. She gulped a wad of saliva, her mouth had become instantly dry.


Her mind tried to reject the possibility, but when she recalled that unique phenomenon and the eighth-grade products, the numerous events of sixth and seventh-grade being circulated throughout the sect like candy, landing in the hands of those with power, her heart knew the undeniable truth. 

Wei Wuyin was a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist!!

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