Paragon of Sin

Chapter 325: Gathered Once More

ficially beneath his banner. The world that Long Chen, that these women had lived in before, had now changed as he took this position.

Or so they thought.

She quickly discovered that there was very lax authority given to Grand Princes. In fact, they weren ’t in much of a better position than some Sky Nobles, and they have difficulty compared to Heavenly Kings. They still had to compete, fight for every inch of territory, for every bit of resource, and had to follow almost all rules established by the sect.

Being the Grand Prince even meant that you were held to a higher standard than others in the same level. Moveover, there were harsher punishments towards Abuse of Authority. The title Grand Prince merely showed the world that the Grand Monarch Lineage had a rightful successor. After all, for the last thousand or so years, the Myriad Monarch Sect had no Grand Monarch.

When she thought of the Grand Prince, not just her but most, the mental image of Wei Wuyin emerged. He was just a junior, but he carried some insane level of influence. His very name provoked fear, and he could cause the collapse of entire factions and clans with merely a few sentences.

He could blow a hole in the Sky Layer, and be congratulated. Just his name would have the Knights of Enforcement shake at the knees, and the Grand Imperial Sages to feel utterly helpless. He had freedom, a say if he wanted, and endless resources and support from the sect. It was this image that she thought Long Chen would possess.

Alas, reality was often disappointing. 

Even Long Chen ’s name was bypassed by Tuo Bihan, the first natural Realmlord born in the sect in over a thousand years. 

Despite that, Long Chen still had some benefits. This was the Three Orders of the Imperial Prince. It wasn ’t really an ’order ’ but more a series of requests. The Three Orders of the Imperial Prince was a deliberate bypass of the Power of Authority. It would allow them to request something from the sect three times, usually exceeding their authority or influence. The previous iterations of the Grand Prince had used this for resources, mostly resources.

These would typically be made for territory, rare materials, or alchemical products used for their cultivation. It could also be used to be acquitted of certain criminal charges that went against the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s rules. Which meant they could, in theory, kill first and be absolved later. 

This was merely a safety net for Grand Princes devised to give them some shadow influence. Of course, they were unable to request anything unreasonable or initiate war. This wasn ’t meant to be a means to rule the sect, merely to bypass some obstacles in a quick and easy fashion, not order around the sect as they pleased.

When Qing Qiumu learned of this, she could only sigh. Long Chen had told her of his unwillingness to announce his legacy, but he had to. She could feel that he was pressured by Wei Wuyin ’s presence. After his dominance in the Grand Spirit Trials, Zuhei ’s remarkable abilities, and his ring once more being taken by Wei Wuyin, he probably felt that he had no other choice. If he wanted to sit on that throne with certainty, he needed every advantage possible.

While he might have an empty title, his sect status would no longer be inferior to Wei Wuyin. But when she learned of his requests, her expression became extremely odd. It wasn ’t just her, the three Grand Imperial Sages all had varying shifts in their expressions, and their emotions were complex.

Zen swept her wizened eyes over the gathering of beauties that Long Chen seemingly obtained through his experiences and journey. There were women of extraordinary talent, but also women who ’ve suffered disastrous fates. 

She spoke, ”Prince Long, are you certain that you wish to make your three orders now? And for it to be those three? ” Her eyes were fixated on Long Chen, exuding an unintentional pressure simply from her questioning gaze. But Long Chen was steadfast and certain, his expression unwavering.

”Yes, I am absolutely certain. ” He left no room for retreat, his eyes filled with indisputable resolve. 

Behind Long Chen, Na Xinyi bit her lower lip softly as her eyes flashed a complex light. She had given up two of her Primal Yins, damaging her meridians and body as a result. In exchange, Long Chen had reached the Zenith Mortal State with both of his Natal Souls. With that and Wu Yu ’s support, he merged his two Natal Souls and went undefeated as he swept through the juniors and elites of the Haungfu Clan.

It was a moment of unprecedented glory. But in the end…

It wasn ’t hers…

She had chosen this devastatingly damaging method instead of simply giving her body to Long Chen. While it might ’ve been slower, her cultivation base would ’ve jumped also. At least, for a while. She couldn ’t help but look at Lian Yu, Wu Baozhai, Qing Qiumu, Xiao Bing, and Long Tingyu.

They had all ascended into the Astral Core Realm while radiating beauty of the ages, but she had fallen to this position. She didn ’t have Lian Yu ’s mystical healing arts and wholehearted devotion, Wu Baozhai ’s intelligence and management skills, Qing Qiumu or Long Tingyu ’s extreme innate talent, or Xiao Bing ’s background. She was merely a girl with a precious body that men could obtain benefit from.

Even Su Mei, that girl that she had once clashed with in the Myriad Yore Continent, who she had won an exchange against, had surpassed her in a massive way. While her cultivation was still in the Qi Condensation Realm, Su Mei could fight against the top-tier geniuses of the entire starfield with utter ease. 

She couldn ’t help but think…what if…

Just as her mind was lost in this thought, Zen nodded towards Long Chen. ”Then so be it. ”

She sent a transmission message to Tuo Bihan. 

A sensation shook the hearts of everyone present. Some with anticipation, a few with anxiety, and others with complex emotions that were extremely hard to describe. It wasn ’t because of Tuo Bihan, this newly ascended Realmlord! It was…

A flash of silver light burst into existence directly beside Zen. 

”… ” Everyone could only stare in silence as two figures were revealed. Before they could catch a solid look at them, one of the figures started to walk with crisp steps.

Step. Step. Step.

The figure walked upwards, not downwards, approaching the grand throne that overlooked the entire whole like an Emperor. The figure turned to face those below, revealing a faint smile filled with an indescribable yet unforgettable quality. With a slight movement, he sat.

”… ” Everyone ’s breathing seemingly stopped at that moment.

On the grand throne, Wei Wuyin folded his left leg over his right, leaned comfortably back, and said: ”I ’m here. ”

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