Paragon of Sin

Chapter 324: False Worldly Domain

efining an entire planet to concoct. Not a continental flat earth, but an entire planet. It was a very contradictory pill, because you needed to be at least in the Realmlord level to even hope to achieve this in alchemy, so most alchemists at the time felt no need to refine it. Furthermore, it was quickly deemed forbidden by all the hegemonic forces of the era. After all, even Mystic Ascendants had trouble manifesting a planet. A few of them couldn ’t even make continents, let alone a planet or a solar star. It was too much of a hassle, and depleted long term resources for insignificant benefits. ”

After the King of Everlore had tested it, he hadn ’t touched it again, and the recipe was removed from history. The remnant impure pills must ’ve made its way into the San Clan Ancestor ’s hands. Of course, at the time, no one cared. The starfield was filled with Realmlords, even Timelords and Starlords were more prevalent in terms of numbers than the thirty or so Sixth Phase experts of this era. Why would they?

A few flawed pills that cut off the lifeline of cultivators, their ability to advance. No one with sufficient status or talent would ever entertain the idea of using it. 

Wei Wuyin understood this concept deeply. The San Clan Ancestor was truly far-seeing, predicting the inevitable downfall of the cultivation civilization following the King of Everlore ’s departure. There was no wonder why there were only thirty or so Sixth Phase experts but merely two Realmlords. The current era ’s starfield truly lacked the ability to produce one.

”But what ’s the difference between those who use the pill and those who naturally ascend? ” Wei Wuyin asked for clarification. 

Wu Yu was silent for a moment, and then said: ”False Worldly Domains are an apt title for them. A Worldly Domain can fully control the ambient mana, energies, and astronomical forces within its range. But a False Worldly Domain can only control one aspect: energies. Mana is a fundamental aspect of cultivation, so they don ’t have the qualification to even touch it outside of their Sky Ruler means.

”To use the word ’control ’ might not be enough to let you fully understand. Think ’convert ’. A Worldly Domain can convert ambient mana, energies, and astronomical forces into one ’s own power. To face a Realmlord in their Worldly Domain is like entering their personal Realm, their self-created space. You ’ll be facing the entire immediate world, but for a False Worldly Domain, merely the energies of the world can be converted. ”

Wei Wuyin ruminated over this information. He relayed this information to Tuo Bihan, whose closed eyes shot open as he was startled by the explanation. As someone who had touched upon the Realmlord level legitimately, he understood the difference between a False Worldly Domain and a Worldly Domain greater than any cultivator of this era.

If this was the case, then wasn ’t that too frightening?! 

As for Wei Wuyin ’s sudden knowledge of this information he had been ignorant of moments before, Tuo Bihan was aware of Wu Yu ’s presence. He had long since learned that Wu Yu ’s spirit was housed somehow in that unassuming black ring that hung around Wei Wuyin ’s neck.

Seeing Tuo Bihan ’s reaction, he guessed the ability to convert ambient mana and astronomical forces was far greater than simply energy. In fact, it might be the least important one of the three. When he thought about it, his expression became strange.

He waved his hand as his Elemental Origin Intent flared, the ambient elemental energies of the world came under his direct control. A Worldly Domain can replicate Intent, but Intent still exists. In that case, besides their spatial force, what uniqueness did they have?

But it was enough. Enough to claim the entire starfield as their own.

”To think there ’s such a difference. It ’s a little embarrassing, to be honest. ” Tuo Bihan had almost entirely eliminated the two San Clan rulers as opponents in his heart. It wasn ’t even intentional, merely his truest feelings. He glanced at Wei Wuyin, and he felt awed by his ability.

An under-fifty Mortal Sovereign Alchemist that could reform the cultivation foundation of a purist like himself to become a Realmlord. The entire world might think he succeeded because of his own talent, but that was utterly impossible. If it wasn ’t for this little fellow here, he wouldn ’t be able to enjoy the endless cheers and reverence of others.

”Little Boss, what ’s your next move? ” Tuo Bihan had already considered himself Wei Wuyin ’s subordinate the moment he made that choice all those months ago.

Wei Wuyin finished his golden apple, even eating the core. From this, one can see he didn ’t like wasting anything. ”In a month, I ’ll face the Princess of Everlore in an All-Alchemic Clash. Then, I intend to venture into the Gateway Door that had opened. I earned a spot, after all. ” He faintly smiled, not feeling too pressured by the Princess of Everlore ’s upcoming clash.

”…The Gateway Door. Are you certain? ” Tuo Bihan felt that Wei Wuyin didn ’t need to enter any forgotten realm to explore.

Wei Wuyin lifted his gaze towards the ceiling, his silver eyes emanated a mystical shine that radiated beauty. ”I ’m certain. I can see that the Gateway is the location where I ’ll find something I want, something I ’ll need. ” His Eye of Truth could see the trend of the world, and similar to how his Sky Palace was rebuilt with utmost speed after he took action, he could see that the Gateway had something he needed when he decided to enter.

While he didn ’t know what, or even if its a who, but he knew it was there. Furthermore, the entire starfield didn ’t have this something. This only brought out curiosity in his heart that had to be sated. 

Tuo Bihan realized that Wei Wuyin was still a young man, with hot-blood and a desire for adventure. This is what he attributed Wei Wuyin ’s desire to venture into the unknown as. In truth, he had asked the question because he was wondering if Wei Wuyin intended to produce another Realmlord. Because if so, he had a few candidates in mind. Like that little lass, Qin Rui.

Tuo Bihan was just about to speak when his spatial ring brightly lit. He received a transmission message. After reading it, he looked at Wei Wuyin oddly. 

Wei Wuyin felt his gaze and lowered his own, observing the strange expression on Tuo Bihan ’s face. ”What is it? ” 

”The little prince has made his first request. How anxious…haaa… ” Tuo Bihan said with a sigh.

Wei Wuyin ’s left brow lifted. What did Long Chen request?  Just as he was about to ask, he felt spatial force surrounding him. His eyes lit up and he chuckled in amusement, ”Let ’s go then. ”

Tuo Bihan nodded with relief. They both vanished from the Sky Palace, shifting through space.

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